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Photographer falls to death down 40ft lift shaft as murder probe launched

A murder investigation has been launched after Galina Karatsiuba, who would photograph half-naked women, plunged 40ft to her death at an abandoned factory in the Ukraine

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Coronavirus surge linked to guards ‘having sex with Brits’ at quarantine hotels

An inquiry is under way to determine whether the huge spike in coronavirus cases in Victoria, Australia, was caused by a bungled hotel quarantine programme which reportedly saw security guards having sex with guests

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Madeleine McCann case ‘90% solved’ as German cops ‘confident’ in prime suspect

Christian B, 43, has been identified as the prime suspect in Maddie’s disappearance from the Praia Da Luz apartment in 2007 – with sources claiming he spoke about keeping a child in his camper van

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North Korea citizens told to eat terrapin by Kim Jong-un amid food shortages

The coronavirus pandemic has led North Korea to shut its border with China, meaning it can no longer receive staples such as cooking oil and rice from its biggest trading partner

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Pregnant beauty salon worker falls to death from apartment after row with dad

Inna Dontsova, 29, was rushed to hospital after the tragedy but nothing could be done to save her – police are probing allegations she had been arguing with her father ‘who wanted her to have an abortion’

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Man loses half his liver to parasitic flatworms after eating raw fish delicacy

A Chinese man, referred to in hospital records as Mr Xie, had a diseased-section of his liver removed only for doctors to discover that it was filled with “countless” lightbulb-shaped eggs

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Loving son climbs hospital wall everyday to spend time with his dying mum

Jihad Al-Suwaiti, 30, from Hebron, Palestine, was spotted climbing a hospital wall every day in the West Bank to see his mother after she was diagnosed with cancer and coronavirus

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Teen’s horrific injuries after ‘boyfriend set her alight and locked her in room’

WARNING DISTRESSING IMAGES Kholofelo Nonyane, 35, allegedly set fire to his 19-year-old girlfriend Karabo Mnisi and then listened to her beg for help in Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Home Improvement News

How to Know if your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Bourbonnais, IL Foundation Repair

Most of the time, we do not perceive that our home requires maintenance until the problems become apparent, and we have no choice but to fix them. The ideal would be not to wait for that moment to come and go ahead to avoid possible complications.

The foundation is the structure that supports all the elements of a building or house – from walls, ceilings, floors, etc., so if they are damaged, your entire home will be at imminent risk.

The foundation of a building is super important. They are the surface on which your house will be built, but they also play a fundamental role in issues such as avoiding humidity, insulating from the cold, and, if well calculated, can resist an earthquake.

Therefore, it is essential to be able to recognize when your home requires foundation repair so that you avoid more severe problems in the future. These are some of the signs that you should take into account when reviewing the state of your home’s infrastructure.

Signs that you need foundation repair

Watch the cracks

Although not all cracks are a sign of structural problems, please pay attention to them because they can be signs that you will need foundation repair. Check every corner of the house for cracks in floors or walls. These are usually located near windows, doors, and wall intersections.

Cracks in the walls of a house, both interior, and exterior, are a sign that something is wrong with the structure. Maybe you trust yourself because you don’t see any cracks in your house walls, but what if they are hidden behind the wallpaper? Check the wallpaper walls for parts with peeling or wrinkles; these are two pieces of evidence that a problem is hidden; maybe it is humidity.

Doors and windows that do not close

The usual thing would be that you did not have to make an effort to open or close a window or door; if this happens, you have before you a clear sign that they need a repair. Other common problems with windows and doors that need to be repaired are that they lock or are uneven. It may be enough to clean the rails in the case of a sliding window or sand the wood in the case of a double-leaf window.

Another detail that can not escape you regarding your home’s doors and windows is that they must open and close properly, not too tight or too loose. If you have any difficulties, you need to contact a specialist to review the house’s foundations.¬† To do this you need to do a Google search.¬† For example, if you lived in Bourbonnais, Illinois, you would do a search for, “Foundation Repair Bourbonnais,” to find the contractor who could fix this issue for you.

tree damage to Bourbonnais foundation

Trees causing problems

Having trees at home is beautiful, but it stops being so when the roots cause problems. Ideally, trees should be planted away from home construction because, over the years, the older a tree is, the roots will have expanded and could cause pipe breaks under the ground, lifting the soil from the house and damaging the foundation.


This is undoubtedly a clear sign that your home needs a thorough overhaul and probably some foundation repair, and it is recommended that you do so. What is a simple leak today, tomorrow could become a big problem of humidity spread by the ceiling and walls.

Mold and damp

Water damage can also affect the structure of your home and lead you to get a foundation repair. The leading cause may be due to drainage failure, so being aware of this problem is very important. If you notice an increase in your water bill, it is essential to contact your plumber for a review.

The ground is flooded

This is another sign that you have to inspect your home to avoid further damage or maybe a foundation repair. If every time it rains, the land around the house is covered with standing water, then you have to check the drains.

This stagnant, flood water can generate more significant problems of filtrations and humidity, which will weaken your home structure, and you will undoubtedly need to carry out a foundation repair.

Mold gap

Molding problems can be many: There is a gap between the trim and the ceiling, a gap in the frame between the windows and doors, and baseboards that peel off or break. You can not miss these problems; you must repair them.

sink hole in Bourbonnais house


Another sign not to be overlooked is sinkholes on the floor. Although they can sometimes go unnoticed, these are very easy to detect with a level. Also, check that there are no spaces where the floor and the wall meet.

Feeling a crunch when walking on a wooden floor is a sign that one part may be loose. Another sign that a floor needs to be repaired is, for example, when walking and feeling an unevenness or seeing that a part looks sunken. A tile floor needs to be repaired when the tiles are loose (you can check it if you put water on the floor and when walking on the tile it is splashing) or if the tiles are broken.

Do I need a foundation repair?

If your house presents any of these signs in its structure, you should get down to work and get a foundation repair. Start asking for quotes for the big fixes and try to repair the minor details yourself to save some money. Love your house and take care of it!

It is essential always to consult an expert regarding the state of the foundation of the house since they are the ones that are capable of giving a proper diagnosis. By following their instructions, you will be able to make a timely repair and avoid putting yourself and your loved ones at risk.

The foundations of a construction are really the most crucial element of any building, regardless of whether it is a house or a tall building. Think that the foundation is the base on which everything will rest. Keeping the foundation in good repair will ensure that your home lasts for many more years, which is the ideal for every homeowner.

Taking care of your home is a task that never ends, so it is essential to have the proper support in case the unexpected happens. In the case of home repairs, although there are many ways to do them without previous experience, in the case of foundation repair, it is always better to go to a construction professional, to avoid losing money and even the home over time.

Automobile News

Why Should a Car or Truck Owner Add a Supercharger Kit to their Vehicle



Superchargers were developed to contend with vehicles that couldn’t generate enough power by drawing in atmospheric air pressure. Turbochargers were another suitable answer to this issue. They are similar to superchargers in some ways but they also differ in others.

The attraction of a supercharger isn’t that difficult to understand. It is designed to give your vehicle more power. You can find these devices in planes. They use superchargers to fly at higher altitudes. Even with the scarcity of oxygen at these high altitudes, a supercharger prevents an aircraft from losing engine performance. They are just as useful to cars and trucks.

They will increase your horsepower, allowing an ordinary vehicle to act like it has a more powerful engine.

What is a Supercharger?

A supercharger is just an air compressor. It is driven by an engine’s crankshaft and connected to the engine with a belt. It generates more power by blowing more pressurized air into the engine. A turbocharger is also an air compressor.

However, rather than the crankshaft, it is driven by an exhaust gas turbine. This difference is very important. As a result of its design, a turbocharger is seemingly superior because it uses the engine’s waste energy to operate whereas a supercharger relies on the engine’s power. However, a supercharger is still an attractive tool that can make all the difference to your truck.

Why Use a Supercharger?

Superchargers have numerous advantages that will appeal to car and truck owners, for instance:

1). These devices don’t have lagging issues. When you step on the peddle of a vehicle with a turbocharger, there is a lag between the depression of the pedal and the response from the engine. This is because the turbine is driven by exhaust gases, but only after they reach a specific velocity.

These gases need a moment to reach the relevant velocity and that creates a lag. Superchargers are not burdened by this problem because their operations are directly linked to the crankshaft.

2). Superchargers are versatile with regards to the types you can acquire. While some of them perform better at a lower RPM, others are the opposite. They function best at a high RPM. This gives you more options.

3). Installation is less of a hassle where superchargers are concerned. Turbochargers have their advantages but introducing one to your car will force you to extensively modify the exhaust system. A supercharger isn’t quite as troublesome. In fact, you can just bolt it on top (or on the side) of the engine. The process is simpler, shorter, and cheaper. The same goes for maintenance.

4). Turbochargers are at a disadvantage because they are lubricated by the engine oil. They need time to cool down. This means idling the turbocharger for half a minute which is bound to cause some inconveniences. Superchargers are more straightforward. They are not associated with any special shutdown procedures.

Though, it should be noted that the devices require certain temperatures to operate optimally, which is why you have to warm them up. But this is a small issue.

As you can see, superchargers have plenty of benefits. Though, one cannot ignore the fact that they have some disadvantages that you have to keep in mind before installing one, for instance:

1). These devices use the engine’s power to operate. In other words, to generate engine power, they take engine power. This makes them far less efficient than turbochargers.

2). You cannot squeeze more power out of your engine without paying some sort of price. Because superchargers are pushing your engine beyond its typical limit, they will generate higher pressures and temperatures.

This isn’t a problem in the short term. But you ran the risk of reducing your engine’s lifespan. Of course, you can avoid this issue altogether by building an engine that is capable of withstanding these pressures and temperatures. This is as opposed to attaching a supercharger to a pre-existing engine.


Choosing a Supercharger

To get the best results, you have to pair your vehicle with the right supercharger. This means taking the following into account:

1). Research

You have to base your choice of a supercharger on the parameters of your vehicle. It isn’t enough to purchase the best supercharger on the market. You have to match the model to the specifications of your vehicle. That means taking the type of engine, the make of the car, the year, size, and various other factors into account.

Superchargers are quite wide-ranging. If you have all the necessary information, it won’t take you long to identify a matching supercharger.

supercharger kit

2). Horsepower

A supercharger will give your car more power. In other words, it will enhance the vehicle’s speed and performance. That sounds like a good thing but it has the potential to attract all kinds of trouble.

For instance, all vehicles have to meet a specific standard to be classified as ‘street legal’. They cannot exceed certain parameters where their speed and performance are concerned. It is tempting to add superchargers that were designed for racing to your ordinary street-legal car.

But the wrong superchargers might enhance your vehicle to such an extent that it fails to meet street-legal standards. You have to keep this in mind before you buy a supercharger. Make sure that your vehicle won’t exceed expected parameters once the supercharger has been installed.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to buy superchargers for racing purposes if that is what you want.

3). Warranties

A warranty is very important because it may reduce the cost of repairing and replacing your supercharger down the line. This is why you should only buy superchargers with a warranty. But you can’t just settle for any warranty. You need the most attractive offers, warranties that could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

4). Cost

Superchargers will cost you several thousand dollars. Because they are expensive, some people are tempted to buy cheaper options. However, cheap superchargers are often defective. You need to look for a product that is competitively priced and whose cost matches its features and offerings.