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Fort Lauderdale News January 2020

great white shark caught

Great White Shark Caught on new year’s Day.

A group of fishermen just off the coast of Fort Lauderdale were totally surprised when a Great White Shark took their bait on New Years Day. Ten fishermen on the charter boat had not caught a thing for over three hours when suddenly a 13ft Great White Shark grabbed their bait and started an 80-minute battle to land it. The estimated weight was over 1,000 lbs.

January 02-2020

sewage leak

Rising Sea Making the sewage leaks in Fort Lauderdale Worse

Following six sewerage spills from rapidly decaying pipes, more than 126 million gallons of raw sewerage has been released into canals and rivers. Global warming makes decaying sewers worse in coastal communities, as the rising sea levels are pushing corrosive saltwater into the pipes and occasionally pushing groundwater up above ground. Commissioners have agreed to invest more than $65 million in trying to solve the problem.

January 09-2020

Fort Lauderdale News February 2020

Spirit Airlines Fort Lauderdale

Spirit Airlines Expands its Florida Operation

In a bid to brand itself as “Florida’s Hometown Airline,” Spirit Airlines are adding more flights to the existing Fort Lauderdale airport and introducing a new route to Oakland. Spirit is the only one of the major airlines based in Florida.

February 09-2020

dengue fever fatality

26-year-Old Canadian Woman Dies from Dengue Fever in Fort Lauderdale

The 26-year-old Canadian caught Dengue fever in Jamaica and was flown to Fort Lauderdale for treatment. She had been attending a friend’s wedding in Jamaica when she fell sick. Dengue Fever is a Mosquito born disease that is common in some parts of the world.

February 13-2020

1.8 million sewage spill fine

Fort Lauderdale Faces a $1.8 Million Penalty

Following a series of massive sewerage leaks, Fort Lauderdale faces a $1.8 million penalty after sewage discharges that allowed toxic sewerage to discharge into the city’s waterways. The State of Florida has responded by slapping the city with a massive fine for allowing this environmental catastrophe to occur.

February 18-2020

Fort Lauderdale News March 2020

Cruise Industry in South Florida Hit Hard by Corona Virus

Cruise Industry in South Florida Hit Hard by Corona Virus

The cruise industry is in chaos following the announcement by the State department that people should not book cruises during the Corona Virus scare. Some of the biggest effects will be in Florida, where ports like Fort Lauderdale receive huge financial benefits from the cruising industry. Over 422,000 are employed in the USA in this industry, and more than 33% are from Florida. With no end in sight, there is a concern for the future of some cruise companies.

March 09-2020

spring break cancelled in Fort Lauderdale

Corona Virus Has Put an End to Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale

Usually, Fort Lauderdale is a major destination for Spring Break. In 2018 Miami was in top place as No1 destination for Spring Break, for Lauderdale won Booziest’s title. However, in recent years there has been opposition to the wild parties, and it is said that they are driving trade away from the beaches. This month the Mayors of Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale issued a joint ruling to protect the population from Corona Virus that forces bars to close at 10 pm and restrict themselves to half capacity, with a top limit of 250 revelers. They both also shut down the most popular parts of the cities’ beaches.

March 18-2020

Fort Lauderdale News April 2020

Spirit Airlines bail out

Spirit Airlines to Receive $330 Million Aid From the Federal Government

Spirit Airlines started the year, so optimistically is close to receiving $330 million state aid to help stop the collapse as part of the government aid following the Corona Virus Pandemic. The airline\s closure would have a massive effect on South Florida and hit many jobs in Fort Lauderdale. The airline industry has seen a 97% drop since government restrictions to fight the virus.

April 21-2020

Food Distribution Still Needed for Families

Food Distribution Still Needed for Families Across South Florida

Thursday, Fort Lauderdale News saw food distribution continuing across South Florida to alleviate the hardship caused by the Pandemic. Many people have been out of work now and have no paychecks coming in. Many people waited for hours to collect the food offered, some people waiting since 4 am. The food is being supplied by an organization called “Feeding South Florida.”

April 23-2020

Fort Lauderdale One of the Worst Hit Cities by Corona Virus

Fort Lauderdale One of the Worst Hit Cities by Corona Virus

A massive 22 million jobs have been lost in the USA due to the Pandemic so far. 20 cities have been identified as being the worst hit, and Fort Lauderdale comes in at number 20. The job losses in fort Lauderdale are mostly tourist industry related. There are worries that even after the Pandemic recedes, that recovery will take a long time.

April 30-2020

Fort Lauderdale News May 2020

Long Lines Still Occurring at Food Distribution Sites

Long Lines Still Occurring at Food Distribution Sites

Long lines continue to be seen at Food distribution points around Fort Lauderdale. People are beginning to line up before 5 am. There are people with all types of vehicles coming to get the food. People from all types of trade and professions have been thrown out of work, and there is a need from all sectors of society.

May 07-2020

carnival cruises

Carnival Cruises Announce Limited operations Beginning in August 2020

Some good Fort Lauderdale News at last. After halting operations because of the Pandemic, Carnival has now announced that limited cruises will recommence from Miami and Galveston. Although no date has been announced for any Fort Lauderdale cruises, it is seen as a sign of hope that trade may soon begin once more.

May 08-2020

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show’s economic impact has been remarkable and has had more impact than the Superbowl. The 2019 show showed an increase of $857 million over the 2015 show.

May 26-2020

hurricane season 2020

Forecasts of a Busy Hurricane Season Ahead

Forecasters at Fort Lauderdale have announced in Fort Lauderdale News that the 2020 hurricane season may be notable. They are expecting between 13 to 19 named storms to arrive. With the Pandemic in full force, authorities still suggest that people in evacuation zones should make arrangements to stay with friends and family rather than make their way to official shelters, which may not be the healthiest place to be during the Pandemic. At least three of the predicted storms are expected to be major hurricanes.

May 22-2020

Fort Lauderdale Announced State of Emergency

Fort Lauderdale Announced State of Emergency

Fort Lauderdale announced the State of Emergency and introduced a curfew following civil unrest in the city. The curfew goes into effect on 31st May and prohibits all pedestrian and vehicle traffic within the city boundaries. Only emergency workers and a few other exceptions are exempt.

May 31-2020

Fort Lauderdale News June 2020

Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Had History of Using Force

Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Had History of Using Force

The Fort Lauderdale Police Officer who was suspended for shoving a protester has a history of using force/ Steven Pohorence has drawn his firearm at least once a month since he was hired, but he has never fired it. Pohorence was captured on film, shoving a female protester who was sitting down.

June 04-2020

Jim Kiick passed away

Former Miami Dolphins Star Dies in Fort Lauderdale

Jim Kiick, a former member of the famed 1972 undefeated team, died in Fort Lauderdale at 73. He is remembered as being part of the “best backfields in NFL History.” He made the American All-Star Team in just two seasons.

June 20-2020

Fort Lauderdale News July 2020

Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant permanently canceled

Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant Ends After 30 years.

Every December for 30 years, the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant has been held. Like many events, it will not be held in December 2020, but the First Baptist Church has decided that it will not return in 2021 or ever.

July 02-2020

Kangaroo Captured After Hopping on Fort Lauderdale Streets

Fort Lauderdale Police captured, arrested, and placed a leash around the kangaroo’s neck before placing it in the back of a cruiser. Police have no idea where the Kangaroo came from, but it seems healthy enough and is handed over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission in whose custody it remains.

July 16-2020

Three Women were Arrested after Fight with Spirit Airlines Staff

Three Women were Arrested after Fight with Spirit Airlines Staff

Three women passengers on the Fort Lauderdale and Philadelphia flight. The Philadelphia residents were filmed throwing items, including phones and plates, at the airline staff. They also punched and kicked the staff several times, causing them minor injuries.

July 16-2020

viking cruises

Viking Announces They are Back with 2021-2022 World Cruise

The World Cruise from Fort Lauderdale operated by Viking is back, and Viking has announced 2021-2022 World Cruise details. The cruise takes 136 days and has overnight stayed in 11 cities around the world. The cruise hosts 80 guests. This is seen as a hopeful sign by the Cruise industry based in For Lauderdale.

July 30-202

Fort Lauderdale News August 2020

roger stone commuted sentence

Trump Commutes Sentence of Advisor

Roger Stone, a long-time friend and associate of President Trump has had his sentence commuted for crimes related to Trump’s alleged Russian connection. The issue is extremely divisive, with Trump supporters saying there never was a connection but opponents insisting. The President’s intervention closes the case against Roger Stone. The case was being tried at Fort Lauderdale Courthouse.

July 10-2020

South Florida Women in Sex Trafficking Case

South Florida Women in Sex Trafficking Case

Two women, a nineteen-year-old and her 21-year-old friend were both in jail after being arrested for trafficking two fifteen-year-olds. Both of the fifteen-year-olds had been reported by family members as missing. They were caught after a sting operation at a Fort Lauderdale hotel. When questioned, the first 15-year-old claimed that a man had forced her into prostitution but later admitted that it was one of the two women.

August 27-2020

Fort Lauderdale News September 2020

fort lauderdale bars reopen

Fort Lauderdale Bars Reopen

After months of withdrawal from their favorite bars, Fort Lauderdale bars were packed following the announcement from governor Ron DeSantis who lifted all restrictions on bars and restaurants in Florida. It was an unexpected announcement that was aimed at relaunching the State’s economy. The announcement also ended all fines related to COVID-19 and stopped local authorities from capping bar capacity at less than 50% of normal.

September 26-2020

Brad Parscale Theft

An investigation into Fort Lauderdale Resident for Claimed $40 Million Theft from Trump Election Campaign Funds

Brad Parscale, a Fort Lauderdale resident, is being investigated to steal between $25 million and $40 million from trump’s election funds. He is also accused of taking another $10 from the Republican National Committee. Parscale has been committed to a hospital after an occurrence at his home. His wife had fled the family home, dressed in just a bikini, saying that her husband had just tried to kill himself.

September 29-202

Fort Lauderdale News October 2020

Joe Biden signs went missing

Fort Lauderdale Homes are Missing Vote Biden Signs

A thief in a white van is going around and stealing Vote Biden signs from people’s front yards. When the thief was caught in the act, he admitted it was him and begged that they tell nobody. He also offered $20 to each house owner if they didn’t tell anyone. They declined to accept the bribe and told the authorities.

October 13-2020


Firefighters Mow Lawn of Veteran

In Fort Lauderdale, firefighters and paramedics assisted an 80-year-old veteran, who retired from Premium Appliances Fort Lauderdale store to mow his lawn after they had been called to his house and treated him for heat exhaustion on October 12th. This is the kind of attitude that is inspirational and shows how many good people there are around.

October 15-2020

Fort Lauderdale News November 2020

Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood Still Has Flooded Streets

Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood Still Has Flooded Streets

We reported back in January how the ancient sewerage services of Fort Lauderdale has caused untold damage through the release of vast amounts of sewerage into the waterways and flooded some street. In November, we are still reporting that some streets in Melrose Park, Fort Lauderdale, still have flooded streets following Tropical Storm Eta.

November 11-2020

Fort Lauderdale Science Museum Reopens

Fort Lauderdale Science Museum Reopens

The South Florida science museum plans a limited reopening at weekends in December and a full opening in January. The popular attraction. The museum’s second time has reopened since the Pandemic began, and the museum insists they will follow CDC guidelines.

November 30-2020



General News

Best Ways to Keep your House from being Robbed

house burglars


You can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your family, assets, and your items of value. Nonetheless, there are multiple ways you can use to keep your house from being robbed. House break-ins can be devastating. It creates a state of paranoia, your privacy gets violated, and above all, everything of value that you hold dear is at stake! It’s an absurd experience; however, house robbery can be prevented. Herein are ways of protecting your house from inside and outside. Whether you are on vacation, too, this guide will come in handy!

Ways of protecting your house from outside

When it comes to house robbery prevention, the exterior layout of your house can work to the advantage of the burglars or work against them. Of course, your primary target is to create difficulties for the robber to get in, but how so? Here are easy ways of protecting your house from outside.

1. Take a walk around your house and explore the possible vulnerabilities.

Use a thief to catch a thief! How? It would help if you had a burglar’s eyes in detecting spots susceptible to house invasions. Sufficed to say if your eyes can spot weaknesses on the windows, a thief will use it, so secure and strengthen it. And should you be unable to identify the weak spots, use the cops to your aid?

Moreover, when looking for weak spots, try to identify precious items that are visible from outside. Don’t tempt burglars the more or give them multiple targets. Instead, you should disguise items that can attract them. These small adjustments can keep away burglars and prevent a potential home robbery.

2. Trim shrubs on the entrances

Shrubs on your house’s entrance can be hiding spots for burglars. Should you not trim it, you will fall victim to a home robberyEliminating hiding spots will work against your enemy; they won’t have good vantage points to do surveillance on your house. Without proper surveillance and the right hiding spots, the chances of a house robbery being successful are minimal. Moreover, since you are working against the thief from getting into your house, you can plant thorny shrubs on a window or bar them with spikes.

3. Create the right fence.

If you lack one, doing the installation will perform the tasks of keeping you safe from a home robbery. You can use an open chain-link or metal fencing that is inserted into concrete. If you are using solid fences, burglars will easily climb, so consider putting sharp pointed tops on them. And you can integrate it with electricity at night. If you are uncomfortable with the ugly outlook, take a look at barbed-wire fences.

4. Install motion sensor lighting

Having motion sensors installed around your house and, more specifically, on entrances will keep an invader away even before getting near the house. You should therefore add lighting with motion sensors in dark spots of your house. If you are renting an apartment, talk to your landlord about the installations.

5. Make a good relationship with your neighbors.

In neighborhoods where people live in a utopia, house robberies are less to none. They can easily spot a stranger since they are familiar with each other. So why don’t you build a good relationship with your neighbors? Neighbors can also be valuable assets when it comes to offering an extra eye on the outside. They will be around when you are engaged in different locations and alert you should there be ongoing suspicious activities.

Together with your neighbors, you can light the entire street and even form a neighbor watch program. With the program, you can contact the police to give you a lecture on how to detect a suspicious stranger. Thereon you can know what to do if you spot one. A neighborhood that can tell when a burglary is in progress is well forearmed. Once this is into the attention of potential thieves, they will keep their distance.

6. Lock your gates, garages, and fences

Is it worth to invest in a high-quality padlock? Yes, and if you doubt, you will get certain after falling victim to a house robbery. If not being used, your garage should always remain locked as some can be used to access your house. With gates, locking them will prevent stalking burglars from accessing your house.

breaking into a house

Ways of protecting your home from inside.

In as much as you have protected your house exteriorly, you can’t be too confident if the same is not done on the inside. For this reason, you should ensure that the security inside your house (the targeted zone for a house robbery) is enhanced. Below are some ways of enhancing your house security.

· Always close your windows and doors.

An open door or a window on the exterior of your house can be a burglar’s warm entrance. You should keep them shut, even if you are inside the house. When it comes to enhancing your house security from within, you should update window locks. Burglars always identify weak spots (on windows) from which they can access your house. The exterior door, on the other hand, should be secure with deadbolt locks. If your door opening mechanism is by sliding, you should put vertical locks in place or wooden rods to prevent them from being lifted.

Above all this, you should never leave your door open when you are away, even if it’s for a short duration. More also, lock your doors consistently when it’s raining. Burglars don’t take-offs due to non-conducive weather changes; beware lest you become a victim of home robbery!

· Get the locks renewed if you are renting a new place.

As a renter, you should ask the landlord to change the locks. You should trust no one. For this reason, even if the previous tenant returned all the keys, you are not sure if more copies were made and distributed to malevolent hands. I live in West Palm Beach and I hired a locksmith West Palm Beach FL to change my locks – and I am so glad I did. Remember, it’s best to be safe rather than paranoid about a stranger getting into your locked house and hence a house robbery.

· Keep the property of value in safe or lockboxes.

Should your safe be small and bot pinned on the wall or floor, consider bolting them on the floor. If you choose to mount it on a wall, ensure that it’s not readily displayed. More also, you can drill a hole inside your wall and stash the safe in it. A house robbery is not planned according to your house layout since the perpetrators are not familiar with your house’s layout.

Consequently, they will get away with easy to find things, and if your safe is not pinned, you will suffer the consequences. Should you opt for a safe, only issue the passcode to trusted parties (a family member or a loved one). You should not leave copies of written passwords in an open location.

· Don’t stash your spare key on flower vases outside or on mats.

Of course, thieves are smart enough to look under the mats and flower vases! You should be smart and leave your keys with a trusted neighbor. If your

neighbors are far from you, consider using a lockbox that’s far away in a discreet zone of your asset.

· Do a security system installation.

Security systems feature multiple components with different functions. The most significant ones are the outdoor motion detectors and sensor alarms attached to exterior doors or garage doors. The outdoor motion sensor also alerts neighbors of a home robbery; hence it’s multipurpose.

On the other hand, security cameras will keep away house invaders since they’re a symbol of a well-secured house. Apart from alerting the neighbors, alarms can be in line with police patrols and 911. It’s all up to your advantage if you want to minimize house robbery vulnerabilities.

home protection from robbers

Protecting Your Home While You’re on Vacation

At most, what we all know is that robberies escalate in holiday seasons. It’s an optimal time for any burglar since no one is inside the house; the robbery becomes even more comfortable! Even though your house is vulnerable during these times, you still have to make your house safe. You have to make burglars go through difficulties and eventually give up. Here are some ways you can protect your house when you are on vacation.

Repeatedly, check all the windows and doors before your departure.

Since you won’t be around anytime soon, it’s imperative to ensure your house is well-locked. You also have to leave the blinds and curtains (some) unclosed to give the burglar an illusion that you are house. There is a high tendency of thieves targeting a closed house with dropped curtains and binds.

Communicate to your neighbors to create a semblance of live-in while you are away.

Having your neighbors do your trash cans, pick any of your delivered packages, and check your mailbox can also keep burglars away. Should these measures not be taken, the piled mailbox and non-used trash bins will attract potential robbers. Given that you will be away on an extended vacation, you should tell your neighbor to leave footprints or car tire tracks from your house. With the illusion that someone is in the house, a house robberycan be well prevented. Also, paying someone to do your lawn and trim your fence when you are on extended summer vacation will work against burglars.

Above all, leaving your keys with a trusted neighbor instead of stashing them under a mat will be a wise move. Leaving the key behind will help during emergencies, but it’s far more essential to prevent house robberyYour neighbor will have to check your house regularly to see if anything is bizarre.

They can also check if door alarms are functioning as well as the lighting systems. It will be wise to provide a means by which you can be contacted while you are away. As a home robbery preventive measure, this act/relationship should be cultivated among neighbors, and so to speak, you should always do the favors when your neighbor is in need.

Set your light timers

You should choose a few rooms that can be seen from the outside and make sure they remain lit. Once done, any potential house robber brushing through the neighborhood will know that you are inside the house. The outdoor lights, specifically on entrances, should also be switched on by timers every night or evening. And for a fact, a well-lit and bright house will keep house robbers away and attract good guests.

Disengage your garage’s automatic opener once you have locked it.

Here is yet another straightforward but always forgotten way of keeping your house safe when you are on vacation. In as much as garage doors seem impenetrable, there are automatic ways of opening them from outside. You must take extra steps to secure them. Since you are out on vacation, you will not need the automatic opener anytime soon. Why should you not disengage it and fortify your security further?

Keep the vacation details to yourself.

It’s not an uncommon thing to find posts on social media concerning personal vacation plans. Sufficed to say it’s a trend, and if you are not aware that you are exploiting your vulnerabilities, you will probably go down the same road. Online stalkers from social media can use such posts to their advantage and rob you when you are away. You should, therefore, avoid telling your social media friends that you are away from home.

On the other hand, you should not leave the “not at home” message on the phone answering machine.

To sum up, house robbery may never be outdone in society, but it does not mean that you have to stay vulnerable. Why do you have to live in a paranoia state when you can follow the above steps and ensure that you are well protected? Call these steps into action, and reduce the chances of a crook getting into your house by 50 %.


Business News

Best Styles and Techniques for Restaurant Design

amazing Restaurant Design


If you want your restaurant to give you more space and a modern feeling, you should keep tabs on the latest design trends. But choosing the lighting plan or color pallet is no easy feat. But don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll discuss the best styles and techniques for restaurant design.

Let’s dive right in!

Restaurant styles

Rooftop dining

Rooftop dining

Whether the temperature is warm or cold, rooftop dining has become a common restaurant trend. And let’s face it – most customers enjoy dining outdoors. Besides, customers can get beautiful views that elevate experiences. If the rooftop space allows for a sunset view, you should not let it go to waste.

You can also use umbrellas or plants to liven up space. Other details like décor and ambiance can make a big difference. And to ensure the atmosphere is cool and relaxing, you can add a swimming pool in the available space.

Mixed and matched furniture

These days, you can decorate your restaurant with furniture sets. While some people follow a specific trend, most of these spaces can combine elements from multiple styles, periods, and places.

When you start decorating your restaurant with furniture, you open an opportunity to add smaller pieces, objects, and antiques. Some of the tips you can use to mix your furniture include:

  • Limit color palette – the easiest way to make your dining room look coherent is choosing a variety of styles.
  • Pay attention to space – you can add contemporary art to add interest in your space
  • Use the power of repetition – your restaurant will look more polished if you mix different styles. For example, nautical pendants can be placed over the table naturally to create continuity.
  • Choose an inspirational piece – the curves of the coffee table can be repeated with rounded chandelier globes, curvy chairs, or fish scale pattern.

plants and green space

Plants and green spaces

The concept of displaying greens in the outdoor sitting area has brought a new meaning to the outdoor space. It not only brightens up space but also brings the feeling of rejuvenation. There are many benefits of green spaces like:

  • Aesthetic
  • Green space brings a sense
  • Gives a sense of social space
  • Brings a space for playing, meditation, and resting

For example, the Amara Restaurant Miami can capture a paradise-like ambiance using organic materials. It has incorporated shades of blue and plenty of interior vegetation. Some of the elements in restaurant design create a typical Miami Beach house.

Adding wood elements

More restaurants are gravitating to the elements of indoors and outdoors to carry out a more natural feel. You can use a wooden textured lamp, bud vases, or wooden chairs to make the restaurant easier. Still, you add wood elements like benches, a new hostess station, etc.

Show-stopping lighting

This is a crucial aspect of restaurant design. Most restaurants use task-style beams and ambient illumination to bring show stop lighting. A restaurant could have commercial space, but customers want to feel at ease in their surroundings. You’ll find restaurants that focus the lighting on food with low-level lighting.

handmade tableware

Handmade tableware

Artisan goods have made their way in restaurants as part of their design. Most restaurants have taken a step further to support small businesses and shops that make handmade plates, glassware, utensils, and more.

Use of high-grade furniture

Another common restaurant design is the use of high-grade furniture. The use of carefully-selected chairs, tables, and ascent pieces cannot be underestimated.

For instance, David Collins Studio features furniture pieces that resonate with the ethos of a chef. Another good example is Kerridge’s Bar and Grill. It features comfortable bar stools. This restaurant also has chesterfield-inspired banquettes. But that doesn’t mean that dining chairs and tables are different.

With elegant console tables, the vase can be a helpful reminder that the furniture extends beyond the chairs and tables.

All-occasional seating

Many restaurants allow for versatile lounge and sitting options. You can also get interior design trends that serve multiple purposes. Some of the sitting options available include getting lounge chairs with overflowing pillows.

Another common restaurant design is the use of communal seating styles. Some restaurants have an individual booth for more intimate seating. Since the social norms and preferences change, the design and function vary.

To ensure the functionality focuses on dining and not just functional seating, you should use a thoughtful approach.

Local flavor

A major shift in restaurant design is the use of local flare. Some restaurants use antique finishing that is created within the community. The design could feature local artist work, antique furnishings, and materials sourced from the local environment.

open kitchen restaurant

Open kitchens

An open kitchen has become a non-traditional alternative and allows customers to watch behind the scenes. Just like having food in concept-prepared kitchens, customers want to have their own experience. If you’re getting ready with a restaurant design, you want to be part of the experience.


Most commercial restaurants are now using luxury vinyl tiles and planks. It’s a great option for restaurants dining rooms, lobby areas, and other rooms where customers place their orders before seating.

Because vinyl is durable, it can withstand daily wear, spills, and messes. What’s more, it’s simple to use and maintain. Best of all, it can be placed with minimal disruption.

With LVT, you can choose a large variety of restaurant designs, textures, and colors.

On-the-run plus dining in

Most eateries are no longer sit-down restaurants. It’s estimated that 30% of restaurants use third-party delivery services. Ordering pickups and online ordering have become part of restaurant design. With such kind of convenience, you should have a seat at the bar.

Users can opt for an option and specify the pickup time. You can make an order and wait for a designated spot. If you’re in a rush, you don’t have to order in-person.

Social impact

Social media has made a shift in dining establishments. This means that visitors can get a feel of the restaurant before they step on the door. You can also look at the design aesthetic, you can have a separate social media account.

texture in a restaurant

Texture, texture, texture

A common design trend shows a greater focus on mixing and layering different textures. The texture can easily be incorporated with a unique finishing. You can also pair the various fabrics mixed with concrete lighting fixtures. To complete the space, unique décor, wall treatments, and artwork.

The texture is part of adding texture to the design. It’s highly functional, drives traffic, and has strong aesthetic qualities. You can use options like natural water, and other obstruct finishes. Still, live wall treatments water features to enhance your dining spaces. You can use lobbies with textured and natural visual.

Avant-garde design

There are many interior design styles you can use in restaurant design. With Avant grade design, the local cuisine with classic style. The local cuisine can be served using rougher materials. In some restaurants, the menu suits the interior walls – solid wood furniture, dim lighting, and brick walls. Another feature is the great ice black counter creates the perfect scenario for a dinner date.

Techniques for Restaurant Design

There are many things to consider to determine how suitable your space appeals to the budget customer. Here are a few techniques to follow:

Divide the space

The shape of the property will determine the factors that influence and divide space. When viewing a property for the first time, you should examine the space wisely and choose ideas in front of the house. You can also make a mental image at the end of the result. If you think it has potential, you can get a picture of a mental image of the result.

theme of a restaurant

Focus on restaurants’ theme

In any restaurant design, the theme matters. Keep in mind that it’s the decorating that makes your space cool and unique. To ensure your space is appealing to the target guests, you should create an appealing theme and a list of things customers like. Some of the questions you should incorporate in your restaurant design theme include:

  • What sports are they into?
  • What colors attract them?
  • What style of music appeals to them?
  • What kind of jobs do they have?

Still, you can go for a classic rock theme. If your customers love glamor and luxury, you should go for them too.

Strive for comfort

While you can use different colors to attract customers, it has nothing with making your customers comfortable. Why not strive to make your customers comfortable? Some of the recommendations can include:

  • Avoiding wobbly tables
  • Spacing the tables to make them easy to navigate
  • Use the right lighting to create a better mood
  • Setting the mood to a level that invites
  • Make sure everything is clean

Add a bar

You can improve the experience in your restaurant by adding a bar where customers can wait while waiting for service. If you have a large room that suits your guests, a full bar can take a lot of space for your dining.

Waiting area

You can include a waiting area as part of a restaurant design. The waiting area should accommodate the required number of customers you expect in your restaurant.


The layout of the seats should allow fresh air to circulate in the restaurant. Generally, the seating arrangement will depend on the amount of space you want to create for your customers. Today, casual restaurants focus on creating more seating capacity while fine restaurants emphasize ambiance.

best restaurant decor


Elegant décor will not only boost the general theme of the restaurant but also adds to the atmosphere. Generally, good color lighting represents luxury. The theme should be in line with the colors you want to select. Most family restaurants are designed with vibrant colors that add hues. If you’ve decided on a historic theme, you can include distinct historic paintings, art, vintage furniture, and more.

Restaurant Design Tips

Settle on styles and themes

If you’re just getting started, a restaurant that features red and white tablecloths is believed to be Italian. Similarly, a Chinese restaurant design emphasizes minimalism and simplicity. You can also go for a movie-themed design – the sky is the limit.

Choosing the colors

If you want to have the best styles, you should choose the colors wisely. Depending on your needs, you can choose shades of red, brown, green, blue, purple, etc. A fine dining restaurant can also have warm earth tones like deep red or brown. Most people use white to make your space feel bigger.

Focus on the restaurant design layout

The best way to make use of the available space is to focus on layout. You should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the atmosphere sophisticated?
  • Will the restaurant have an outdoor setting?
  • Do you want to create a cozy atmosphere?
  • Do you want a space where you can create additional seats?

designing a menu

Designing a menu that identifies your brand

A restaurant menu cannot only be limited to decorations only – it can be part of the architecture. You can also get a list of the dishes you sell. You should make sure the design is part of the concept and should have a sizable on-page menu.

Use light to create an intimate atmosphere

The mood of the restaurant matters a lot. When you do interior design, low light can contribute to an intimate atmosphere.

Restaurant bathroom design

In any restaurant design, the bathroom comes to the center stage. This is where the level of attention flourishes. For instance, stone and marble will give a luxurious finish that can add warmth. Another fundamental area is lighting. When you undo all the hard work, you can get the perfect ambiance during dining.

Since lighting is so important, you should strive to add the perfect level of ambiance. You can use eye-level scones that give flattering illumination without the shadow that comes with overhead lighting.

Restaurant design to create a more natural environment

Most restaurant designs include the concept of wooden assents to create an inviting aesthetic. You can also create a warm but inviting atmosphere that makes customers feel at home. It’s worth mentioning that restaurant trends keep changing, so you must stay up-to-date to ensure customers keep coming back for more.

Final thoughts

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed several restaurant design trends. But one common characteristic is the freedom of expression and originality. We see fewer cleanup spaces and a trademark of minimalist architecture. The current trends are aiming for wooden textures, great staircases, leather furniture, to mention a few.


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The Biggest Court Cases of California in the Last Decade

California Court House



The US has received its fair share of big cases, and California Court Law is no exception. A big case is defined as such due to the big number of following, perhaps a big amount of money involved, and the sensitivity of the issue in question. Issues such as abortion tend to divide the public down the middle. One’s stand on abortion depends on various factors such as religion, culture, socialization, and one’s beliefs on what liberty is.

Similarly, issues such as racism are complex and deep rooted. For example, a white person could easily be accused of racism when as a matter of fact, he is not. Similarly, black people have been disenfranchised and have historically been excluded from the economic and social mainstream opportunities. The Tuskegee experiment is a testimony to how deep racism and social injustice can go.

California is a favorable state to live in. The people are generally liberal. People come from all over the US, and all over the world, to try their luck. Hollywood and Los Angeles is a symbol of rising from an ordinary status to a global icon. In addition to that, the state is known for having immense business opportunities in different sectors of the economy. Some such as agriculture and entertainment do particularly well.

With the immense educational, business, and social opportunities, comes the possibility of conflict. Individuals and businesses in California, upon not agreeing on various critical issues, go to court. Now days in Los Angeles you can simply hire a Los Angeles ADR attorney and keep yourself out of court, but that has not always been the case. In other words, going to court signifies the failure of dialogue.

This article will look at the biggest court cases in California in the last decade.

Courts in California

Courts in California

The California Supreme Court is known for being diverse and conscious of different demographic and cultural groups. Variables that define the diversity of the court include political preferences, race, and sexual orientation. The California Supreme Court has been credited for coming up with a significant number of unanimous decisions. This gives the outcomes of such court cases more legitimacy and less controversy.

Besides the Supreme Court, the court case in California is generally strong. An increasing number of people trust the court system in seeking justice and compensation. In short, people who feel aggrieved can fairly seek the intervention of the court.

The Biggest Court Cases of California in the Last Decade

People vs. George Diaz

People v. Diaz

The People v. Diaz was decided on July 30, 2008 by the Court of Appeal, Second District, Division 6, CA. The main argument of the court case is on legality, or lack of it thereof, of getting information from phone text messages when a person is arrested.

In the case, a person is arrested and taken to the nearest police station. When the arrested person is being interrogated, an officer reads the text messages from the phone of the arrested person. He finds an incriminating message written 6 4 80 (an informed officer interprets this as the sale of ecstasy).

With that scenario then, there are a number of issues which arise from this particular case, and these include the following:

-Diaz invoked the Fourth Amendment stating that the search and seizure was unreasonable.

-There were feelings that a mobile phone could contain very person information which is of personal nature (and not related to crime)

The argument of the Supreme Court, California, was that the seizure of the mobile phone was not unlawful. The court stated that there were other incidences where a person was arrested, and the objects confiscated in order to preserve evidence. In other words, an arrest could as well allow a search.

California Mortgage Fraud

United States v. Ronald Rodis

Two men from Orange County, California, duped the public by stating that they could modify their mortgage terms, and they did this by posing as a successful and reputable law firm. The two men were Ronald Rodis and Charles Wayne Farris.

By the end of the court case, Ronald Rodis had no option but to surrender his practice license. He had lost any legitimacy any way and with his image tainted, he had not met the minimum standards required for practice. In addition to that, he was sentenced to 41 months in prison. Moreover, Rodis had to pay a restitution amounting to $3.8 million.

Charles Wayne Farris received a 47 months prison sentence and was ordered to pay a restitution amounting to $3.5 million. Farris was working as the Managing Director of the law group. Because Farris is not a lawyer, he had to rely on the credentials of Rodis who was a lawyer, and had a valid license.

The two defendants had set up Rodis Law Group. They had realized many people were struggling with mortgage payments in the year 2008 and 2009. The two offered home owners an opportunity to negotiate their terms of payment in order to ease their burden of payment. Little did they know that they were creating more problems.

Depending on the severity of the case, the defendants would charge a cost in the range of $3,500 and $5,500. In the year 2008 and 2009, many home owners were facing the harsh reality of foreclosure, and they needed urgent assistance in order to save their property.

Rodis made use of radio adverts in order to reach out to as many homeowners as possible. He stated that his law group had experienced attorneys who would help in lowering the interest rates of the home owners and in some cases, lower the principal amount.

The reality on the ground was that they were not in a position to assist the struggling homeowners, and they were just defrauding them. It was just a tele-marketing operation. It was all a lie, all along. It is estimated that by the end of the scheme, 1500 people had fallen victim to their fraud, losing a total of $9 million.

The defendants did not disclose the name of the true owner of the scheme, even after much persistence from the authorities. The mastermind and the true owner of the scheme was Bryan D’Antonio who had previously carried out a medical billing fraud. He received a jail time of 97 months after pleading guilty to the fraud.

California vs. Conrad Murray

California v. Murray

The court cases revolving around celebrities receive a lot of attention. In fact, such celebrities record an increase in sales at that particular time of the court case, and when the case is fresh in the minds of the people. Such court cases are followed, not just in the US, but also globally.

The court cases revolving the fans are compounded by the influence of fans that stand in support of their celebrity. In most cases, such fans wait outside the court case and wait for the outcomes of the proceedings. The fans expect a judgment in the favor of the celebrity and they try to influence the outcomes through sensationalism. Whereas American judges can survive the onslaught of the fans, it is not the same in some countries where judges are threatened.

On June 25. 2009, the world came to a shock when it was reported that Michael Jackson had died. In that night, Michael Jackson was intoxicated with benzodiazepine and propofol. The medics arrived at the scene, treated the celebrity, but he soon died at Ronald Reagan, UCLA Center.

The person of interest in that case was Conrad Murray, his personal doctor. A computer forensic expert from the DEA obtained some evidence from Murray’s iphone. It was found out that Michael Jackson had a lot of trust in Conrad Murray to an extent of trusting him with his life, and could let him make any decision he deemed fit.

Michael Jackson had a very busy life. He was booked for shows, not just in the US, but all over the world. His life was full of rehearsals. Whereas the success in his music career was not in doubt, it took a heavy toll on his personal life. For example, he faced many nights of insomnia.

This is where Conrad Murray came in. He had to make the pop star sleep and get enough rest for the purpose of upcoming engagements. Murray told the court that Michael Jackson had to take drugs in order to sleep, and depended on this as much. In the aftermath of the death of Michael Jackson, Murray was taken to a court in Los Angeles, California.

Murray defended himself by stating that he had made attempts to wean off Michael Jackson from depending on sleeping pills. The jury deliberated for 8 hours. Consequently, Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and was to serve 4 years in jail. His license in Texas was revoked, and his licenses in Nevada as well as California were suspended. Murray served two years of the four, thereby benefiting from parole. Joseph Jackson, Michael Jackson’s father, filed charges against Murray claiming wrongful death, but would later drop the charges.

Attempts to protect Murray were made by his attorney throughout the proceedings. Whereas the attorney thought of appealing the court verdict, a lot of emphasis was placed in reducing the jail term that Murray was facing, and the attorney succeeded in this.

The death of Michael Jackson continues to elicit a lot of emotions to the present day, with the American and global community torn down the middle. On one hand, there are those who argue that Murray was simply doing his work, and that it is Michael Jackson, himself, who asked for sleep aid. On the other hand, there are those who cry foul over the possibility that Conrad Murray behaved unprofessionally.

Golden State Killer Trial

The Golden State Killer

The investigations started way back in 1970s when California received various complains involving crime. By this time, the crime incidents were attributed to different people. As it is the case anyway, a suspect is going to make a mistake, and his name will start popping up in the list of suspects that authorities prepare and update. The following were the characteristics that define the most likely suspect:

-White male

– 5 ft 10 or thereabout

-Blood type: Type A

-Strong physical agility

-Brutal sex

-Preference for prostitutes

-Hates women

-Probably understands how the law enforcement works

In most cases, serial killers start their crimes at a time when the technology is not overly sophisticated. But by the time they mature in their acts, the technology is advanced. In the case of Joseph DeAngelo, the authorities uploaded a DNA profile, and Joseph DeAngelo was the main suspect. With authorities strongly suspecting him, they collected his DNA sample from a garbage can, and another DNA sample from his door’s handle.

The arrest of Joseph DeAngelo would come in 2018 after years of dodging the authorities. Joseph DeAngelo made a deal with the prosecutors to admit to murders in order to be saved from a death penalty. For his cooperation, he received life in prison instead. The judgement was read by Judge Michael Bowman. In his case, there is no possibility of applying for parole. Joseph DeAngelo apologized to “everyone Ive hurt.”

The case of Judge Michael Bowman is an example of the many cases in the US which involve serial crimes. Such crimes are difficult to manage as they often involve a sociopath. Such individuals have mastered the art of getting away with crime.

Such crimes are described as being performed by people who are without a soul. For example, in the case of Joseph DeAngelo, he blamed an inner person known as Jerry who pushed him to commit the murders. He says that he tried to get him out of his life, without any success. The acts of serial killers gravely affect the lives of individuals, and by extension, their families.


The significance of landmark and big court cases is that they set precedence. The cases that come after often cite such cases. Another significance of the landmark court cases as that the sanctions given as a result of wrong action are an act of deterrence. In other words, future crimes are prevented. Overall, big cases in California offer a research and learning platform of the issues which affect the people of California the most.


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