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Like with most cities during 2020, much of the Indianapolis News stories during the year were quite depressing and not what we want to remember. In this roundup of the year’s news, we have managed to find some happier stories from Indianapolis.

Indianapolis News January 2020

Roger Penske Indianapolis

Indianapolis Motor Speedway has New Owner

The purchase of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, together with all its subsidiaries was announced the first week in January, with Roger Penske taking ownership of this iconic sports venue. Penske was invited to take ownership by the Hulman family. Penske has a formidable record at the track, having won 18 Indianapolis 500s. It is hoped that Penske will revitalize this business.

WFYI Indianapolis Jan 6.2020


More Power for Renters Thanks to Mayor Hogsett

Newly sworn-in Mayor Hogsett on his second term made an impact early in 2020 with a new proposal that would punish Indianapolis landlords who evict renters who appeal for help from attorneys or officials. This proposal fixes the situation where renters have little in the way of rights when bad landlords retaliate against renters.

Indy Star Jan 15.2020

Indianapolis News February 2020

New Indianapolis Motor Speedway Boss to Overhaul Speedway Experience for Fans

Just one month after taking ownership Roger Penske announced new plans to make dramatic changes to improve the user experience of fans. The project, four years after a massive facelift, is intended to concentrate on improvements to the race day experience. Penske refused to disclose the cost of the improvements.

Indy Star Feb 14.2020

New Strategies to Curb Illegal Gun Owners

In response to the quadruple murder that took place recently, Mayor Hogsett took action to keep violent offenders and those who carry guns illegally off the streets in Indianapolis. The mayor described the new measures as game changes in the battle against violence. The measures will include

· The expansion of Crime Gun Intelligence Center

· The expansion of community violent crime prevention funding

· Beat policing

The mayor warned offenders that if they have an illegal gun that they will be found, arrested, and prosecuted to ensure they end up in federal prison for a long time.

Fox 59. – 19 Feb 2020

Indianapolis News March 2020

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Roger Penske wants Formula 1 Back at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Things are still looking up at the Speedway, despite COVID-19 setbacks. Penske has announced that he is going to try and convince Formula 1 to return to Indianapolis. He also wants to return NASCAR and IMSA to the tracks road course and allow under 15s to enter free. Experts suggest that if the plan succeeds, the soonest date for the return of Formula 1 would be the 2021 season.

The Drive – 12 March 2020

Colts Owner, Jim Irsay Donates $1 Million for Gleaners Food Bank

It’s always good to see the wealthy putting something back into the community and Jim Irsay from the Colts have done just that. Following his challenge to fans to raise $200,000 for Gleaners, Team owner Jim Irsay honors his promise to donate an extra $1 million himself.

As a response to residents in need due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gleaners is working hard to feed children off school, and families who are out of work. 18 March 2020

Indianapolis News April 2020

Mayor Joe Hogsett

$2.6M Fund Assists E-Learning in Indianapolis Schools

Mayor Joe Hogsett announced a $2.6 million fund to help low-income students and their public schools in Marion County switch to online learning due to the pandemic. Money from the fund will provide computers and Internet access for students and set up a statewide e-learning laboratory so teachers can be taught the best E-learning practices. Laptops and Internet access were at the top of the want list from schools.

WFYI – 8 April 2020

Indiana National Guard Honors Essential Workers with a Flyover

The Indiana National Guard conducted flyovers in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis to salute the essential workers in the pandemic. Four aircraft from the 122cnd Fighter Wing will fly over most of the hospitals in the designated areas. The flyovers were visible anywhere within three hours of the flightpath.

Indy Star – 27 April 2020

Indianapolis News May 2020

Indiana Police Get Body Cameras

Indiana Police Get Body Cameras

Indianapolis Police are provided with body cameras after shootings. The department has already been taking part in a body cam pilot program and now the mayor says an effort will be made to buy body cameras for every policeman/ The provision of cameras was just one aspect of the reform of the police in Indianapolis. Other changes have been introducing implicit bias training.

WFYI – 12 May 2020

Indianapolis Airport

Indianapolis Airport – Drop in Passenger Flights

Indianapolis International Airport forecast that it could take up to three years before flights are at the same level as before the pandemic. The activity has been reduced to as little as 5% of the pre-pandemic levels. Recently it has only operated flights to just 14 of the typical 53 destinations it used to offer. Overall, passenger traffic is down by 49% year on year.

WFYI – 11 May 2020

Large Warehouse Project Plan

Plans for a large warehouse project in suburban Indianapolis Announced, with a nearly 1 million square foot warehouse to be constructed. The Whiteland Town Council approved the $55 million scheme which was formerly part of the Whiteland orchard. The land has been vacant for many years.

WFYI – 26 May 2020

Seahorse Biologist Wins Indianapolis Prize

Amanda Vincent, the first Biologist to study sea Horses in their natural environment has been awarded the Indianapolis Prize. Her win recognizes her work in trying to protect the 47 species of Sea Horses that currently exist. It also recognizes her role as co-founder and director of Project Seahorse. The award worth $250,000 is presented by the Indianapolis Zoological Society. The prize is awarded every other year.

Indy-Star – 12 May 2020

Indianapolis News June 2020

Indianapolis to Remove Confederate Monument in City Park

Mayor Hogsett announced that the memorial to Confederate prisoners that died at a Union prisoner of war camp is to be removed from a city park. The monument was originally located in Greenlawn Cemetary but was moved to the park a century ago. The monument is to be dismantled but no organization has stepped forward to claim it. The mayor stated that the monument served to highlight the city’s embrace of the Kly Klux Klan a century ago.

USA Today 4 June 2020

The Colts

Indianapolis Colts Fight Systemic Racism

Indianapolis Colts announced steps to fight systemic racism and other discrimination, to ensure equity, diversity, and inclusion are considered by the team activities. The team will take its work into the community to counter these issues. They are difficult topics to discuss but as a corporate citizen, the Colts have to promote these ideals. 18 June 2020

Doctors Join Black Lives Matter Protest

Indiana doctors and medical professionals have added their support to the Black Lives Matter movement. About 1,000 protesters gathered outside the Eskenazi hospital wearing their white coats. They were there to protest about systemic racism, which they described as a public health crisis. Azu, an Indianapolis physician said that inequalities occur when the black communities do not have access to healthy foods and do not have access to safe sidewalks to walk.

Indy Star – 3 June 2020

Indianapolis News July 2020

Indianapolis Indians

Indianapolis Indians Considering Name Change

Indianapolis Indians have launched an inquiry into whether their name is an “Appropriate” team name. The team has been known as the Indians since they were formed in 1902. It was also reported that Native Americans from Indianapolis will host two discussions about the team name, which they consider offensive.

Indy Star 28 June 2020

Novartis Indianapolis

Novartis to build Indianapolis Factory

Novartis is to build a 50,000-square-foot factory in Indianapolis to manufacture radioligand therapies, which is part of Cancer treatments and nuclear medicine. The factory is due to be completed in 2023 by the swiss Drugmaker and developed by top Indianapolis Architects. Radioligand therapies are used to precisely target tumors and destroy them.

Biopharma Drive – 2 July 2020

indianapolis archdiocese sued

Indianapolis Archdiocese sued over response to Liability Insurance Form

An insurance company sued the Indianapolis archdiocese after it failed to disclose that a Catholic Priest had faced accusations of child sexual abuse. Rev. David J. Marcotte had faced accusations of sexual abuse months before the insurance application was filed. As part of the application, the Archdiocese had been asked if they were aware of any fact, that may suggest any claims were likely to be made. The archdiocese answered that it did not.

WFYI – 16 July 2020

Indianapolis News August 2020

New Golf Venue to be Built in Downtown Indianapolis

A brand new Golf venue is to be built in “A riverside location” in the center of Indianapolis. The venue will be along the lines of the famous Top Golf venues. FlyingTeeis opening in March 2022. The venue budget is $28. The venue will include tee boxes on multiple levels, point-scoring games, a big-screen TV system, and a chef-driven selection of food, top drinks, and a pro-shop.

WTHR – 6 August 2020

Indianapolis Zoo stages Zoopolis 500 Event

Indianapolis Zoo, staged one of the slowest races this year as it held the Zoopolis 500 event. Zoopolis 500 features tortoises racing against each other. Families learned all about the endangered animals as they cheered their favorite tortoise to success. Winning Tortoises got to feast themselves on a plate of fruit. The Zoopolis 500 has been a featured event at Indianapolis zoo for the last 40 years

Fox 59 – 19 August 2020

Indianapolis News September 2020

soapbox derby grandmother

Indianapolis Soapbox Derby Makes History

Indianapolis, home of the Indianapolis 500 hosted another race, a Soap Box derby. The race was extra special because one of the drivers smashed records by becoming the oldest competitor ever. 59-Year-Old grandmother Debra Houston competed in the National Derby Rallies’ national championships in Indianapolis after being invited by a youth worker. Debra is well used to facing challenges and is currently undergoing chemo appointments, she had two appointments the week of her big race.

WGN9 – 6 September 2020


Indianapolis News October 2020

Library Misspelling

Street Markings outside Indianapolis Library were Misspelled as “Librarey.” Perhaps the most awkward place to make a spelling gaffe in writing street markings must be right outside the Library, but workmen managed to misspell the word when preparing signage that directed people to an area reserved for library vehicles.

Fox 23 – 15 October 2020

Indy attraction Pass Launched

Visit Indy has launched a new attraction pass that gives access to five of the city’s top attractions. The pass costs $52 for adults and $42 for children for the one day pass, or $90 for adults, and $68 for children for the three-day pass, which works out at a saving of around 50%. The pass covers admission to:

  1. • Conner Prairie
  2. • Eiteljorg Museum
  3. • Indiana State Museum
  4. • Indianapolis Zoo
  5. • The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Tourism results in $30 visitors who generate some $5.6 billion of income for the city annually.

WCiA – 14 October 2020

Indianapolis News November 2020

Downtown Indianapolis Businesses Board up

Indianapolis has joined the growing list of cities that boarded up the downtown area, in preparation for the Presidential Elections. People are worried that the intense passion that has been generated by the election might become violent and businesses have chosen to protect themselves in this way. It has been a tough year and many people are stressed for a variety of reasons and the election might just be the spark that sets off the violence.

WTHR – 2 November 2020

Indianapolis News December 2020

Indianapolis Sparse crowds Celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve, typically the second busiest night of the year for bars was not the usual night of celebration for many people. Only St.Patricks Day sees bigger crowds in the city bars. But this year, the COVID-19 Pandemic has finished the year in the same way that it has hit the hospitality trade all year.

Even though they are disappointed, most people understand that the restrictions are the right thing to do. Not only in Indianapolis, but across the country, many people are hoping that 2021 is a better year than 2020 has been.

WishTV – 321 December 2020

Well, that is our rundown of the Indianapolis News in Indianapolis for 2020, We have tried to steer clear of the pandemic and elections as much as possible, the year has been depressing enough without reminding ourselves of these disturbing news items.

Business News

What is a Food Service Consultant? What Do They Do?

food service consultants


Most individuals are oblivious of the copious drudgery encountered in running food courts and other food businesses. The general perception of customers on these establishments is the common means of to end. However, you will be puzzled once you realize that running such businesses is not a simple art. Food business CEOs know the strain and struggle! There are hundreds of things that take the wrong path and consequently devouring your business.

Difficulties start from planning the menu, accounting, and even figuring out your food facility. Doing all by yourself is a recipe for failure, and that’s where foodservice consultants come in. You can’t empty by the Atlantic by a tablespoon; you need every tool from your arsenal! In this case, food service consultants will provide everything at your disposal, making your food court thrive.

Who is a Food Consultant?

Foodservice consultants are individuals specialized in scopes of work, for a fee, they work as clients’ advocating their goals and comforts. In food services, they offer proficient insights on the hospitality restaurant designs, the layout of facilities, and how to choose the right kitchen equipment. Others may also offer advice on menu choices, accounting, obtaining ingredients, or upsurging service speed. With all things reflected, food service advisors are crucial in the general management of the food service industry.

What Does a Food Consultant Do?

A food service consultant can be hired to work directly with a designated client. On the other hand, others work as subcontractors hired by the architectural department overseeing the project.

Despite the workplace variations, a food service consultant’s work is solely to help the client. Still, in terms of work, a food service consultant expertize is ideal for firms’ management advice. That may be business plans, menu recipe development, human resource templates, cost analysis, and control.

Additionally, given that there are complex projects, foodservice consultants can help the managing committee set the project goals, make basic specifications to allow RFPs developments, and vet bids.

Significant numbers of foodservice consultants are from FCSI, making them qualified since they have passed the industry-based knowledge exam. They have professional skills, and they abide by ethical and professional conduct. FCSI consultants have a continuous education system, and they have a worldwide network with other consultants.

Independent consultants don’t sell equipment. However, other consultancies deal with equipment. They have a continuous relationship with clients and thus the knowledge of the pertinent equipment needed. Some consultants also become turnkey executors working on covering designs, starting from the equipment staging, installation to the startup.

Upfront payment to hire a dealer designer consultant is usually less and sometimes evens none. The dealer gains profit from the specified equipment. Of course, you may incur extra expenses on the equipment. Despite all these, an independent consultant designer may not get competitive bids for the specified equipment; it can be a wash! Nonetheless, should you be using a dealer-based firm, they will specify their arsenal equipment. With all these at your disposal, how do you get to choose the right food service consultant?

food service consulting firm

How to Choose a Food Service Consultant for Designing Functions

1. You Have to Get Informed

Lenny Condenzio, the COO of the FCSI based in Boston, says that food executives find it hiring a food service consultant because of ” lack of experience and being unaccustomed to new trends. They are vulnerable and oblivious of the right questions to ask the team selecting the designers. He advises that one should get in touch with the food service professional peer associations. Since they have timely based workshops on service consultants’ selection

2. The Vetting Process

Failure to vet the food service consultant designer before contract signing is a recipe for catastrophe. Many food service managers tend to pick whomever the architect brings. It’s a wrong pick since you will stay with your restaurant or kitchens for the span of years. You, therefore, have to do your homework, ask them for their resume with the references. The consultant that you look for must be fully and actively involved in the foodservice division’s professional organization.

How Does the Food Service Designer Consultant Work?

1. They Ensure Continuous Communication With the Project Team.

Whether it’s the architect, clients, or the construction engineer, open communication is the principal task of the foodservice consultant designer.

However, running the task at hand varies depending on whether the architect or the client hired the consultant. Usually, the architect harmonizes the team, though the client can suggest if the consultant should be the oversight personnel. However, the common goal is one efficacy. Kristin Sedej, the FCSI principal, says at Chicago, “We neither are engineers nor architects. Nonetheless, we need to work together to satisfy clients’ expectations.”

Additionally, Robert Doland, the FCSI principal at Jacobs’s land in New York, says his work is divided into two. That is between working with the client and as a subcontractor for the architectural firm. Should he be working with the architect, he limits contact with the client. “The architects focus on information flow and data coordination and not the food service’s inner functioning.”

In both cases, their sole goal is to explain to the client about the work scope and help them understand how to work with the professional team. As a foodservice consultant, given that you are hired, you have contractual obligations to that person. Architects hire foodservice design consultants as they have the best drawings and have minimal problems in the construction field.

Therefore, as a food consultant, the only diligence required is advocating for the clients’ best interests. Additionally, a good foodservice design consultant must also communicate and educate the client throughout the process.

2. They Make Documented Reports.

In consideration of all these, the documentation of all decisions is also a service provided by the consultant. According to Gene Clark, the president of food service equipment in Lancaster, a food service consultant’s job is not to tell the project team the DOs and DONTs. Instead, he says their work is to document all the ongoing conversion in the entire process mainly.

Also, they ensure that the documented reports are well communicated and understood by the professional team. Should the client need to make revisions, the documented reports come in handy. They are a useful aid in explaining the impact of revisions on time and budget shifting.

3. They Deal with Revisions and Improvisations.

Even the most well-thought projects are inevitable to changes along the way. There are consistent changes in the still growing multi-operation food courts or even the restaurants. With these phlegmatic natures, Schmitt suggests that an agreeable contingency fund must be established. That way, provide that there are changes that need to be done; the grim situation will be dealt with without affecting the planned budget.

The primary course of revisions and redevelopments are the changes done on the managerial bodies. Whether it’s the administrator, the food managing company, or the executive commis chef, the newly appointed members in charge will want a different working kind of an environment. A large project design can take up to almost two years, and staff changes in many foodservice operations are quicker. It calls for flexibility from foodservice consultants; they will issue designs that will allow for future swapping reinventions.

Food Service Design Consultant

Other Fields of Food Service Consultants Include:

1. They Offer Food and Nutrition Services

When it comes to food and nutrition, the consultant helps the food companies’ clients and organizations build menus and recipes. Such consultants have an educational background in health, fitness, and diet. They offer compendious analysis on the client’s menu at hand, making suggestions on what should be added, changed, or excused. Archetypal, their workplace is confined to specific geographical locations and offices.

2. Bringing your Food Court up to Speed

Food service consultants analyze competitors. They give you insights on what they are doing to get customers and the quality of service they provide. Foodservice consultant will also tell you about the best menu and recipe in town. With such info at your disposal, your food court gets well braced up for competition.

3. They Help in Inventing New Products, Recipes, & Offering Food Recommendations

Food service consultants are mostly nutritionists, meaning they can help you develop unique recipes. Their expertise in food companies is essential, provided that a new food product is being made. They research the additives and ingredients required in the process. On food recommendations, they provide advice concerning food handling, storage, and expiry dates.

In addition to all these, food service consultants generally focus on foods’ nutritive values. It’s a powerful means of making customers contented and, to an extent, makes the food appealing to more people. The foodservice consultant will also provide the food specification showing its compositions.

They tell the exact number of protein, vitamins, calories, and other proteins in the food.

Since people are becoming more aware of food and health, such aid is substantial and critical.

The General Process of Picking a Food Service Consultant

1. Look at their Certification and Affiliation.

The primary step is ensuring that the person you are considering for hire is certified. They should also be members of a high rated food organization. There are many foodservice organizations, highly-reviewed with a positive reputation. Memberships to such bodies are given following strict criteria and stringent rules. There are also examinations given meaning, and their members are qualified.

Additionally, these organizations, whether local or even international, are vetted and worldwide connected to other consultants. Choosing a member from these organizations exposes you to a higher success probability.

2. Check their Food Service Qualifications.

The field of food consultancy is ever advancing, and so to speak, it’s now a full discipline and no longer a small expert niche. It’s imperative that you should hire someone qualified in food management and hospitality. If you go for a certified consultant, consider yourself to be having a well-trained, qualified consultant.

3. Make Inquiries on the Area of their Expertise

The next step is to become aware of the specialized area of work of the foodservice consultant you are hiring. There are experts affiliated in specific fields and types of restaurants. So, given that you are running a fast-food chain, your consultant for hire must be experienced in the fast chain field.

A Food Service consultant is specialized in managerial tasks, accounting, and facility planning, and food quality too. It is up to you to identify the scope of work in which you need a consultant.

3. Consider your Budget and Fee

Another critical factor to consider and yet the determining constraint is the budget. You can evaluate and center on the choices depending on your budget and the FSC fee. It not logical to hire a highly paid consultant while you have the liberty to choose whomever you see as qualified for your endeavor.

Do you Want a Nutriment Overhaul Adviser?

To determine whether you require a food service consultant, you must answer the question about your food facility’s success. Do you need to be successful? If yes, then employing a food service consultant services is a must.

You are already going through various expenses: kitchen equipment, table, staff, and decors, among others. It’s such a significant investment, but the question, are you willing to let all of it fade by failing to pay for a consultant’s advice?

Having a food consultant can heavily impact your business. With their aid, you can modify your food court; make its design and layout resplendent. You also get to update your menu and be in a competitive mood. Voila! You still get the best kitchen crew, and anything you want can be done. It sounds like a perfect investment.

The Bottom Line

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, running a restaurant, food court, and food facility without enlisting third parties’ advice is hectic. Hiring a foodservice consultant determines how serious your business is and how long you want to stay in the game. No reason can deter your business progress. Realize your objectives and shield your hoards by employing the expertise of a food service counselor. Their expertise is the spark you need to hitch your wagon into a star!

Construction News

What is Specialty Welding? How is it Beneficial?


what is specialty welding

Welding is a vital skill for both industrialists and metal fabricators. It encompasses over 50 binding techniques, and they are categorically classified. Undoubtedly, standard welding has a variety of applications in industries.

Overall, metals or alloys are the sole materials. Whether it’s in the field of automotive or product making, they must be used. Specialty welding is among the high valued fabrication technique used by fabricators. Its results are different from standard fusion.

Moreover, it’s ideal for the production of explicit merchandise. Starting from manual and automated to orbital welding, here is everything you need to know about specialty welding.

· So, what’s specialty welding?

Specialty welding is any form of welding requiring special skills to perform. Anything to do with joining different types of materials falls under this category.

It’s, however expensive, compared to other welding types. From a general perspective, it’s invoked to suit the notion of achieving specific results and exceptional products.

Still, on the differences, this requires a high level of experienced experts. It’s a consequence of the unique and demanding equipment used. Therefore, the welder must be well aware of what they are doing and if it’s in line with clients’ goals.

· How is specialty welding unique?

The special linking of metals demands a bunch of unique skills, an uncommon phenomenon across many welders. These are not the skills that anyone who does metal binding as a hobby possesses.

To perform this special welding, one must have in-depth knowledge and experience. Moreover, handling of the machine requires intimate comprehension of the tools at your disposal.

Due to the high skill demand, companies do credential and certification-based hiring. The certifications not only prove a skillful repertoire but also portray that the welder has safety training. It gives the company’s staff confidence in incurring less or no injuries.

Moreover, it’s the only type of welding that is defined by weld materials. The welder selects tools that are compatible with the present fabrics.

At times, manual welding may be insufficient. Following this reason, the materials to be welded are infused by automated machines. The involved machines are set to produce specific results. They also require less human labor.

· What does the speciation, IT-23 TO P-91, mean in specialty welding?

There are plentiful calculations in the field of specialty welding. A welder needs to account for what they are doing on metal fabrications. The metals involved may be alloys. Therefore, welders need to make the right calculations to maintain the alloys’ strength and longevity.

The ASME gives welding numbers to the pertinent welders indicating the alloy’s strength. Additionally, they carry suggestions concerning the procedural approach when working with the alloy.

The T-23 to P-91, in this case, is a unique code for materials that need superior groove welding. The materials must be handled carefully by welders to reduce the heat damaging and improve the infusion after fabrications.

The broad compositions of these materials are steel alloys, used by industries in production lines. Welders are therefore needed to be keen on these codes to make a durable end product.

Moreover, specialty welders must consider the rate of heat effects on the weld area after fusion. The ASME numbers allow the expert to choose the compatible quickly. Furthermore, they ensure those fusion methods are in line with the weld material. The numbers also help in abating quality crosschecks after the project. They are vital in ensuring the welder uses approved and ideal fabrications procedures.

specialty welding services

· What are the Services encompassed in special welding?

Many companies are offering unique metal infusion services. For this reason, you must know what type of welding you need before approaching. When requiring metal fabrication, three services are at your disposal. However, each of them comes with upsides and shortcomings.

Anyhow, choosing the service you want shall depend on the project that you are to undertake. Your project’s location is also a key determinant. Notably, the type of materials involved will significantly determine the service.

The types of specialty welding and their benefits include:

1. Manual welding

The Manual welding services call for significant experience in fabricating metal. It’s one of the prominent types of bonding explicitly designed for broad-spectrum fabrication.

Manual arc fabrications involve joining two or more metal materials by the use of electrode rods. The rod is positioned between the metal plates. As the electrode melts, it fills the space within the metals. Manual is one of the direct ways of metal fusion.

However, to achieve a super quality end product, high-level artistry and steady hands should is a must. The welders’ skill repertoire defines proper fabrication after welding. On the other hand, inferior skills will lead to feeble fusions on the final product. Despite all these, there is a sufficient guarantee when using the manual welding service.

What are the upsides of manual welding service?

1. They are ideal for two metals that have hard to get to areas during welding.

2. Allows the welder to change positions during welding freely

3. They perform best for irregularly shaped materials.

4. It does not need many machines to be performed, and it’s simple to set and execute.

Shortcomings of manual welding

1. It requires more staff for significant operations.

2. Its labor cost is expensive.

3. The work fruition is prone to rejection due to erroneous mistakes.

4. The weld’s precision relies on the steadiness of the hand of the wielder.

5. When using it, staff changeover is high as many employees quit.

2. The automated welding services

The consistent progress in technology has made it valid for clients to access automatic welding services. However, not all welding works go with mechanical fusion services.

Most companies opt for the automated course due to its efficacious and cost-effective promise. The fundamental base of the automated service comprises of the semi-automated procedure. And at times, complete computerized procedures are also invoked. The project you are undertaking and the materials involved define what to opt for.

a) The fully automated welding service

When it comes to the complete automated fusion procedure, machines are designed to start and complete the project. One device harmonizes the welding materials to the binding machine.

The binding engine, in return, uses the programmed settings to weld the provided materials together. Again, there is another device situated at the end of the machines, as mentioned above. Its work is to exclude the finished product from the weld interface solely and put it aside. The process repeats itself.

b) The semi-automated service

Unlike fully automated, this process requires an operator to load welding parts to the machine. The operator also controls the machine functioning on the welds and removes the end product. Depending on the project’s sensitivity, having an expert to monitor the process will be sufficient.

Automated welding machines work as long as their parts are assembled before the project’s commencements. They are advantageous since they require petite human resources to function at full aptitude. Moreover, using them as a company will consequently uphold high efficiency and lessen costs for production.

The other positive impact of the automated procedure is on welds. They guarantee little to less human error on welded zones. As a result, your end product will pass the authenticity test and abate losses incurred on corrections.

3. The Orbital welding services

Orbital metal fabrication is still under the category of automated welding. However, it’s advanced since it requires to resound precision and super techniques.

The method dates back to the 1960s, where it was used in the field of aerospace by aeronauts. It’s a high-end model of welding, precisely best functioning for welds that need trifling margin inaccuracies.

Undoubtedly, Orbital metal fabrication is beneficial compared to manual welding. There is also no need to hire someone to monitor the project. You can hire a certified mechanical technician to ensure the project runs appropriately.

pressure welding services

· What’s the mechanism involved in orbital welding?

The procedure involves parts to be welded being put in the machine and clamped to prevent drifting. The orbital’s machine electrode is at the center

of the metal conjunction.

The orbital head moves around the parts melting the electrode, thus joining the two metals. The movement of the head and power supply is done automatically through the control and settings panels.

· Things to give a closer look before choosing automated welding

Both the Orbital and other automated procedures come along with downsides. Brushing through, they may be disguised. You must give a close look at their advantages and disadvantages.

a) Benefits of automation

1. Requires little labor since most work is automated

2. They are helpful in large scale projects.

3. They ensure the final product is up to standards.

4. The machine operations do not call for skilled welders.

b) Downsides of automated welding services

1. Investing and setting them up is costly.

2. Changing the location of the machine is difficult.

· Assessments and Reviews

Governing bodies conduct asses the welded products to ascertain their quality. The review enforces all the welds in plants to conform to the set standards. They also check the strength and safety of the final products. It proves whether or not the product can fit the heavy use within the plant.

With all things considered, audits confirm that all welds meet standards. It’s even keener for manufactured products for consumers. Consistent compliance is the goal of audits in welding operations. Keep in mind that low-quality products can lead to electrical or chemical catastrophes in manufacturing plants.

Moreover, the assessments confirm if the company or the specialty welder is complying with ASME or American Welding standards. These standards specify the alloys and metals to be used and what methods need to be used.

The stipulated rules are focused on materials and expert level to ensure the welder’s safety. Product specifications are also encompassed within the rules.

Furthermore, the metal fusion field Is wide, containing design varieties. Right processes and methods will abate accidents and low output.

· Certifications for specialty welding

Not all welding projects require certified technicians. However, in projects where a high-quality product is needed, certifications are a must-have. The certificates are an indication that the welder conforms to the national safety welding standards.

Generally, companies use certified welders. The notion of hiring uncertified welders is diminished. They are susceptible to non-efficacious outcomes or even property damage.

· What are the alloys used in welding?

Lots of specialty fabrics are Super Duplex stainless steel or Inconel. The super-duper duplex has additional chromium-nickel alloy, infused with both molybdenum plus austenitic-ferritic.

It’s a tensile material, resistant to corrosion; thus, it’s used in plants for piping purposes. As an alloy of chromium and nickel, Inconel, on the other hand, has broad industrialized uses. It can withstand extreme temperatures.

Additionally, Inconel is trademarked by the Special Metals Corporation, featuring 18 different alloys. The alloy’s larger proportions nickel, chromium only makes up for a smaller percentage. Inconel is mostly used in the oil and gas industry due to its high melting point.

· Safety measures to take in the specialty welding field.

The unique material infusion procedures involve the production of toxic fumes. There are also other injuries caused by falling objects, electricity, and heat. Welders are required to put on protective clothing that precludes fume inhalation.

The gear, especially helmets and eye-protective glass, should also sustain impacts from falling objects. Rubber sole boots are also ideal for preventing electrocution. Moreover, if operating in high temperatures, fire resistant gear comes in handy.

The final safety step is the ventilation; longer durations spent working in manual welding cause’s buildup of intense heat. A well-ventilated workplace that’s air-conditioned will minimize fumes and heat.

Moreover, Safety inspectors should also do safety Checkups to ensure the wires are thoroughly insulated. If not, they must see that they are protected and kept out of harm’s way.

On the other hand, the equipment involved should be under regular maintenance. That will help in preventing frequent malfunctions. Lastly, all equipment involved must be switched off. Turning them off while not being used will abate injury risk.

In retrospect, specialty welding is an advanced form of welding. Unlike the other forms, it demands great skill and even certifications to be performed. It’s ideal for companies looking for a positive product reputation. Despite facing a labor shortage crisis, automated welding will suffice for any large-scale department.

Home Improvement News

What is Sandblasting? How can it Clean a Floor?

sandblasting concrete floor


Sandblasting is a method used by industry experts to force solid particles across a surface using compressed air. The system uses four components: the dust collector, sandblasting cabinet, air source, and blasting media.

The dust collector removes dust from the cabinet while the sandblasting holds the object. And the materials being used are known as the media. This method can be used to remove rust, paint, and residue from oxidation. It’s also ideal for removing years of dirt accumulation and preparing surfaces for painting and recoating.

Overview of sandblasting

It’s no secret that sandblasting leverages the abrasive properties of sand but you expect fewer imperfections and flaws. Plus, it can wear away any unwanted material to create a smoother surface. This process works the same as highly pressured sand.

How sandblasting is performed

The first step is to pour sand into the sandblasting machine – it has a chamber where sand is poured. Then, it’s connected to an air compressor that propels the sand through the nozzle. And depending on your needs, you can set the pressure at 50-130 pounds PSI. After that, the sand is blasted on the area to create a smooth surface.

sandblasting paint from concrete flooring

Benefits of sandblasting

The main advantage of sandblasting is that it smoothens the surface of the object. It’s also a great way to remove oil, rust, and any other contaminant from the floor. As the particles strike the surface, you create a more even texture.


This technique has a wide variety of uses. It helps to refine surfaces to create a good looking product. You can also use the method on string surfaces like tabletops.


While sandblasting is used by professionals, it’s not a strenuous method. You just lay a tarp underneath the surface you want to blast. After that, you should remove the material and clean up the tarp.

Gives excellent results

Sandblasting is an effective method that helps to improve the appearance of a surface. When used for actual repair damage, you create a perfectly polished product.


Sandblasting is non-toxic and environmentally-friendly. Also, the material used in the process doesn’t cause any harm when exposed to the environment. And unless outside pollutants are used, the product is safe to inhale.

Other benefits include:

  • Helps to clean paint in driveways
  • Can be used on walls
  • Can create architecturally designs on a concrete surface

Cons of sandblasting

There are a few downsides to using the technique. To start with, this method is not fit for all surfaces because it uses abrasives. Some are very rough and may wear the surface in question. Secondly, the process projects particles at high speed and may generate a lot of heat. It also requires some precautions. For instance, the operator has to cover the body to ensure safety.

Sandblasting methods

Dry sandblasting

It uses pressured air with abrasives (only air goes through the nozzle)

Benefits of dry sandblasting

It’s cost-effective – this method doesn’t involve any additional equipment and is comparatively less costly.

Versatile -it doesn’t require any special preparation. If dust is a concern, you can consider another suitable encapsulation method.

Wet sandblasting

It’s the use of steam of water and other abrasive materials. The process involves mixing water through:

  • Water injection nozzles
  • Wet blast rooms
  • Halo nozzles
  • Modified blast pots

The wet sandblasting method offers several advantages. First, the users experience low dust levels, better ergonomics, and increased visibility. And because of the quieter nature and built quality of the machine, there’s less hearing loss.

Equipment used in sandblasting

Because the method uses high-pressure, it can suit a variety of surfaces. The equipment used can remove contaminants such as grease, stripping rust, and old paint. Some of the components used include:

Blast cabinets

It uses a siphon feed system and a balancing pressure regulator. This is a leak-proof container for storing the workpieces. Some are made of plastic and other steel. Similarly, some come with steel doors, while others are made of plastic. But the most important thing to look at is the design. And the reason is straightforward – this is where the work will take place.

Construction matters

Because the design puts the weight you carry inside, you should not sacrifice quality. Those that are less sturdy can be dangerous and frustrating to work on. Of course, you want to avoid those that wobble to ensure the precision of work.

Steel doors

You should invest in a blast cabinet that is fitted with steel doors. You should also ensure there’s no hole between the cabinet and the air outside as it can hold debris. If you’re not careful, this can be messy and dangerous. You should avoid plastic doors at all costs as they increase the potential of leaks. The tight seals and latches are critical.

Airblast rooms

The rooms are environmentally-controlled and highly efficient.

Bulk blasting systems

These are large sandblasting units that are either truck-mounted or stationary to ensure portability. The two things that come to mind are pressure and siphon.

Siphon feed

This is a tube that moves fluids from one container to another through atmospheric pressure.


As the air moves through the system, it connects to the pickup tube. This is a tube that sits within the abrasive media before connecting to the gun. The pickup tube connects to the abrasive to allow the media to flow up.

Airblast tumble equipment

It uses oscillating nozzles and separators inside a chamber

Cryogenic deflashing systems

It allows surfaces like plastic, diecast, magnesium, zinc, and rubber to be deflashed with precision.

Choosing sandblasting abrasive media

Sandblasting uses advanced equipment, but it can’t work without abrasive media. The system uses a mechanical feed that sends media to the spinning wheel and then into the treatment surface.

The abrasive materials used can be ceramic, plastic/metal, organic, minerals, etc. Each chemical base performs specific tasks and has abrasive properties. The key properties of sandblasting media are:


Hard particles like steel will penetrate deeper into materials. Therefore, you should ensure blasting media hardness is compatible with the surface you want to work on. How hard the medium is will impact the surface will determine how the particles go on the surface. This can be helpful when removing grease and paint.

While it may sound logical to use the hardest material when blasting, there’s a limit. Some can fracture on impact, so less energy is transferred to the surface. Nevertheless, you should wait for minimal impact.


The size of the media particle is determined by holes per square inch. You should measure particles based on the `mesh’ size. For example, a mesh size of 10 has ten holes per inch. A quick logic here is that bigger particles will do more work and may carry more momentum. If you use a lower number of particles per inch, the results may not be thorough.


The shape of the media particle determines the final finish. Ask any blasting professional, and they will tell you that round particles are less abrasive than course ones. The sharpness of the angles also matters.

There are four categories of shapes in sandblasting: round, angular, sub-rounded, and sub-angular. A coal grass will fit into the angular category. On the other hand, sub-angular materials can include plastic, garnet, and olivine. Examples of round media can include silica sand and smooth grass beads.


Dense media particles mean that you have more mass in a lightweight material. With the right media density, you can perform the job efficiently without compromising on the surface.

When sandblasting, there’s a wide range of assortment that you can choose from – garnet, aluminum oxide, glass beads, etc. The material you choose should be likened to the use of the sandpaper. As the media gets into contact with the surface, it impacts the surface. This could be wood or rust on a metal panel. It’s worth mentioning that it’s the media that gets the work done.

The common sandblasting media include:

  • Glass beads
  • Walnut shells
  • Plastics
  • Corn cobs
  • Silicon carbide
  • Steel shot and grit

Best practices when choosing the best sandblasting medium

If you need to strip off paint, glass beads can be a sure bet. They leave surfaces looking smooth and are reusable – this is a money saver.

For aggressive etching, you can try a touch material like silicon carbide. Being one of the toughest materials on the market, it makes the process of removing paint a breeze.

If you want to remove paint from a steel surface, you should use another tough steel material. A round steel shot can be better as it does a better job of paint removal.

Finally, if you want to do the job of another abrasive, soft wins out. If you use a harsher material, you may undo the underlying substrate.

Types of sandblasters and how they work

Pressure blaster

A canister that contains sand is attached to the top that holds a supply of sand. And when the trigger is pulled, more sand leaves the hopper into the barrel. When you pull the trigger and release it, the barrel closes to keep the remaining sand in the hopper.

Siphon sandblaster

A gun is connected to two hoses and a sand reservoir. When air kicks on, you create suction that goes through the gun. This type of operation is affordable, not to mention that the sand can easily be collated to the reservoir. If you need a large area cleaned, you can’t go wrong with a siphon sandblaster.


This is a gravity-fed gun where the sand is directed in the panel. On top, there’s a hopper that holds the sand. Once you pull the trigger, the sand is pulled out of the barrel. The opening between the sand and the barrel and the hopper will keep the sand inside.

How sandblasting can clean the floor

Sandblasting can be used on surfaces such as:

  • Brick
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Stone
  • Graffiti
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Flooring

When you use sandblasting on the floor, you can remove old layers of varnish. If you have a wooden floor, you can trip the elements of the wooden material under low pressure.

Using sandblasting on wooden floors

Brushing a wooden floor can make it look older than it should. But did you know that sandblasting can give your floor extra character and atmosphere? You can remove dents and scratches that give the floor an authentic look.

finished sandblasting room

Sandblasting concrete floors

You can use sandblasting on concrete driveways and patio walls to achieve the perfect texture. Sandblasting also ensures stones are buried beneath the cement are restored to their former glory. During the process, an abrasive material travels at a high velocity such that it generates friction on the surface being prepared.

But restoring the concrete to its original form requires you to carry out specific procedures. And depending on the condition of the concrete, you may require to use sandblasting equipment. Specific sections of the concrete may require a unique type of cleaning.

While you can use any blasting tool to give your floor light cleaning, you’re better off with high-performance sandblasting equipment if you want to achieve varying depths.

Sandblasting to expose the concrete

Sandblasting is an ideal method of restoring concrete and relaying a new one. You can use this technique in:

  • Non-slip applications
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Patterns
  • Removal of unwanted coating, oil, paint, and any undesirable chemical

Benefits of sandblasting concrete floors

  • Ensures consistency of cement and stones – compared with unconventional methods
  • It prevents irreparable damage
  • Can restore concrete to its original form with minimal effort
  • It’s a time-efficient solution – sandblasting is economical compared to ripping up concrete and adding a new layer.

Sandblasting for skid-resistance floors

Did you know that you can achieve a skid-resistance floor and still achieve a decorative finish?  A sandblasting Jacksonville company showed us this.  You can use the method to improve surfaces like bike paths, runways, pavements, etc.

Sandblasting can also help you achieve a unique look on your tiled floor. When you use the right technique, the tiles will remain in top-notch condition for many years to come. Also, depending on your needs, you can give the tiles a chalkier finish. It’s all about bringing out the lighter gray tones.

Wrapping it up

Sandblasting is a big project. While this may sound intimidating for some homeowners, you should work with a professional. In reality, only a few busy DIY homeowners need a sandblasting device. You can now remove rust, paint, and residue from surfaces quickly and efficiently,

Sports News

What Kinds of Designer Bags are Allowed into NFL Stadiums?

NFL Game Day Designer Bags

NFL Gameday Bag Basics

To increase the security of NFL games the league has decided to make changes as to what it allows to be carried into the arena. One such change has been what kind of bags are allowed to be carried into NFL stadiums. There might be some slight variations so fans should always visit the websites of their favorite team and learn more about this issue there. In this article, we will cover the most basic rules and bags that are allowed into an average NFL arena.

Firstly, the NFL as a league would prefer if fans would avoid bringing any type of bag altogether. But since that is very unlikely they have formed guidelines as to what is allowed and what not.

These are the types of bags that go against the basic NFL bag policy:

  1. Purses larger than a clutch bag
  2. briefcases
  3. backpacks
  4. fanny packs
  5. computer bags
  6. luggage of any size or sort

This is the description of what an allowed bag might be:

  1. Bags have to be clear, see through. The material has to be PVC, plastic, or vinyl. The maximum allowed size has to be 12 x 6 x 12 inches.
  2. The bags can have logos on them, but only on one side of the bag.
  3. No part of the bag can be hidden by any extra pocket.
  4. The league also allows for 1-gallon ziplock bags, but only those that can be reused
  5. In addition to a clear bag, you are also allowed to bring in one gameday designer bag, a clutch bag.
  6. The maximum allowed dimensions of said clutch bag can’t be more than 4.5 x 6.5 inches.
  7. Said clutch bags can be with our without a strap

What Prompted the NFL to change its Game Day Designer Bag policy?

The league reviews its safety protocols every year. They have reached a conclusion that limiting the type and size of allowed bags will have many advantages. For example, it will increase the safety of the fans. In addition to that, it will also help speed up tailgating, as well as the entry into your desired NFL arena.

In general, with these changes, you should be safer, and you can rest assured and know that waiting to get inside the arena will never be as quick as itis now.

Were there any events that forced the NFL to change its policies?

Sadly, the events of the Boston Marathon were a stark reminder to all of us that there is danger around us even in the most common things and most average-looking people. The NFL as a league always reviews its safety policy after every single season. The events of the Boston Marathon might only be a slight nudge towards this line of thinking and these changes, but they are not the sole influence upon these new rules. There was serious discussion throughout the NFL safety personnel about bag restrictions even before the tragic events of the Boston Marathon.

NFL Designer Bag

Is the Ban on Bags Something prevalent in Other Sports and Leagues?

They are less and less gameday designer bags in most sports. There are sporting events, such as games by the University of Michigan, Penn State, and Michigan State University. As you well know, to get into an NFL stadium, you need to pass a security check that usually entails, a metal detector and pat-downs. If we limit the size and types of allowed bags, that means that there will be fewer things to check and everyone will be able to enter the stadium at a faster rate than in previous years.

What are the concrete ways in which this will improve public safety?

This will lead to the creation of a secondary security perimeter around the arenas. This means that there will be security personnel dispersed around the said perimeter. They will check for any form or type of item that is against these new security guidelines. This will make everything easier for both fans and the security personnel

If everyone carries the designated clear bags, they will be easy to check even without a detailed inspection. A trained security professional will just inspect the bag with a couple of glances and you will be allowed entry into the tailgate area of the stadium. Another inspiration behind this new policy of almost exclusive allowance of transparent bags is the NFL’s cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security. They have a new initiative called “If you see something, say something”. This new NFL Policy is a way in which the NFL tries to help the Department of Homeland Security deal with easily recognizable threats.

Is this mostly a way for the NFL to increase revenue?

One could be cynical and conclude that. But it is not totally true. Fans are still allowed to bring in their own bags. What the NFL regulated was the size and material, as well as color, or the lack of. But for fans who wish to buy certified gear stuff, such as gameday designer bag, they will be able to buy those at specially designated areas around the NFL stadium of their favorite NFL team.

Is there a maximum number of bags that can be carried inside by one person?

Yes. With the instructions by the Department of Homeland Security, the NFL has reached the conclusion that the most one person can bring inside an NFL stadium is one bigger, see through bag and one clutch bag. If you want you can also bring in one ziplock bag that is not above one gallon in volume. And the ziplock bag has to be reusable and resealable.

All of these items are easy to purchase and they are even easier to search. This will help the fans move along and progress to their purchased seat much faster than in previous times. Everyone is a bit nervous before a game, players and fans alike. This is especially true if it is a playoff game or a game that decides if your team will have a postseason or not. With these new rules, you will blaze thought security and have more time to discuss the game before it starts with the people you are with or the people who sit next to you.

NFL Game Day Clutch Bag

Clutch bags – Your only Gameday designer bag option

While there was a time in the past when you could show off your style while in attendance of an NFL game, those times are now over. The only option for a flashy gameday designer bag is a clutch bag. For those unfamiliar. a clutch bag is simply a smaller designer bag without a handle. This means that the only way to hold it properly is to clutch it. While most clutch bags come without any form of support, some also come with a chain. The NFL allows both types of bags if they are 4.5 inches times 6.5 inches maximum.

While a lot of people might be unfamiliar with this fashion a time it is far from new. It was invented during the 1920s or as some like to call them the “Roaring 20s”. That era was a lot like the time that we are facing now, They also had a pandemic and people were a lot more open to social gatherings once the pandemic was all over. In a way, it is a fashion full circle for the NFL to allow the clutch bag as the only designer item in its games, around 100 years after it was first introduced into high society life.

Much like the NFL during the reign of its current commissioner, the clutch bag has had its ups and downs in the eyes of the public. But it has never ceased to stop being a staple of the fashion industry.

What are the standout brands that make clutch bags?

While there is a large discussion about tastes in fashion, there are still brands that manage to get the adoration of the vast majority of the global public, be it intuned with the fashion industry or be it just a random person who lives to look lavish whenever they leave the house.

When it comes to creating clutch bags, the biggest names most certainly are:

  1. Gucci
  2. Chloe
  3. Saint Laurent

Now, most adorers of those three mentioned above will argue that their brand reigns supreme, but let’s just all agree that supreme beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Are clutch bags too high end for an NFL game?

In this day and age, it is not. Although, there was a time when clutch bags were exclusively something you would wear while attending a fancy dinner or some sort of ceremony in a fancy nightdress. Evening clutch bags are still the norm that everyone needs to own, but you also need to add more diversity to your closet. There are more and more subtypes of clutch bags in this era. And if you want to visit an NFL Game you can combine the fancy with the casual. We would suggest that you set a minimum at one amazing evening and one trendy daytime clutch bag. What is the upper limit? That is for you to decide.

Best gameday designer bag money can buy

In this part of the article, we will look at some of the best and most sought clutch bags that can also pass as a gameday designer bag. Many of these are a clear designer bag.  The list includes:

  1. Gucci GG Marmont Clutch
  2. Black Prada Zipper Leather Clutch
  3. Valentino Garavani Rockstud Leather Clutch in Black
  4. Jimmy Cho Titania Jeweled Satin Clutch Bag In Blue

1 Gucci GG Marmont Clutch

You can not go wrong with a Gucci fashion item. For many decades now, Gucci is a staple for all those who like to be bold and stand out in their fashion choices. The Gucci GG Marmot clutch bag is not an exception. If you select this bag as your gameday designer bag you will definitely stand out as someone highly sophisticated and in touch with fashion. It can also double as both an evening or a high-end trendy daytime clutch bag.

This black leather on the outside and microfiber on the inside clutch bag was made in Italy by the greatest living leather workers and fashion designers.

2 Black Prada Zipper Leather Clutch

There probably is not a more classic combination than Prada and the color black. This high-end clutch bag is not an exception that that rule. One thing about this delightful, fancy clutch bag is that goes with almost every type of outfit or occasion. This is most likely to that formulaic Prada look that has been winning people’s hearts and emptying people’s wallets for decades. You can also use it in a wide variety of ways. Some use it as a makeup bag exclusively, while others like to use it as a wallet.

This clutching was made by the Saffiano leather, one of the best calf leathers available both in Italy and globally. It comes with a zip which is a lot more welcome than a magnetic clip that a lot of other brands tend to use.

3 Valentino Garavani Rockstud Leather Clutch in Black

This rock-studded clutch is those with a little bit of edge in their fashion sense. Much like the rest of the clutch bags that we covered in this article, it can also cover both as an evening or casual clutch. Another made in Italy clutch bag that is created by very fine calf-leather.

4 Jimmy Cho Titania Jeweled Satin Clutch Bag In Blue

If you gift one glance to this stunning clutch bag your heart will be won over in an instant. This Jimmy Cho clutch is the definition of style and elegance. Can you imagine anything more classy, elegant, and high-end that blue satin combined with a lovely jewel in the middle? Neither can we. If you want to attend an event looking like a Hollywood diva from the golden age of Hollywood, this Jimmy Cho clutch bag should be your first overall pick.

Jimmy Cho really went all out and included satin not just to the outside of the clutch but also the interior. In addition to all that fancy, it also has a very functional interior slip pocket.

Construction News

What is Isnetworld? Why Does one Need Training for it?

what is isnetworld

What is Isnetworld?

In the constructions industry, you cannot afford to work without compliance. Individual companies seek approval from a third-party pre-qualification service. ISNetworld is one of the providers of such a service. It carries a wide level of compliance levels including environmental, safety, health, and insurance. Even when a company has an ISN rating, evaluation is done periodically in order to determine if the company deserves to retain it.

There are a number of things that could hurt your ISNetworld score. If there was a fatality in your premises in the last three years, it is going to haunt you in terms of securing the right score. This is because such an event shows that the security of your home is wanting. You can increase the probability of getting your score through reviewing the criteria used by the reviewer, and prepare yourself for such data and information early enough.

The fee for a one year subscription for ISNetworld is one year. It is based on the company’s number of employees. The fee is typically in the range of $1,700 to $5,000. A company should also factor in a possible indirect cost. No refund of the fee is given even if you do not meet the passing grade.

How Does ISNetworld Work

ISNetworld starts with the company submitting business data and information to the company. The information is reviewed and then verified to check discrepancies as well as potential mismatch of data and information. Moreover, the qualification process is streamlined in order to make work easier for all the parties involved.

ISNetworld offers tools which can enable you to be more transparent when dealing with the clients. You are also going to be updated on critical information such as changes in regulation, and changes in requirements. ISNetworld will also update you on upcoming events that are going to affect the industry.

ISNetworld has a dedicated customer service. With offices that are located all over the world, you can easily get the right assistance when you need it. Therefore, should you have any problem of any kind, you can easily contact their competent customer service team and surely, they are going to assist you in the best way possible.

Benefits of Isnetworld

The most important factor why you need Isnetworld is to go in tandem with the peers in order to ensure compliance in the construction industry. Many others are taking part in this process, and it is important that you be part of it too. Otherwise, you are going to be left behind in such an important milestone. Getting such certificate may be tedious, but it will give you a competitive edge in the market.

Isnetworld can be used as a marketing tool as you present your company as a company of choice. When clients are looking for a construction company to hire, they can look at the ISN rating when making the critical decision. This is not just to public funding, but private funding too. Therefore, acquiring Isnetworld certification helps you in the bidding process and gives you a competitive edge among the competitors.

When you are dealing with international clients, then you need to consider Isnetworld as an opportunity of making you easily identifiable. International clients may get worried about losing money in investing in another country. This is because it is difficult for them to initiate legal action against you. This certificate can help you to convince such global clients that their investment is safe and will bring in returns.

There are industries which are critical in nature. Such industries require a Isnetworld certificate as evidence of quality assurance. Industries which almost always will require Isnetworld in include the oil and gas sector. When a mistake is done in such industries, there are grave consequences that follow.

For example, the stories from the The Deepwater Horizon oil spill will inform you on how important it is to be compliant to high safety standards. Some environmentalists state that it is the largest environmental disaster in the American history. The spill led to many settlement claims to an extent that a special fund was established. Such incidences can be prevented through signing up for ISNetworld and following up their recommendations.

By wearing the ISNetworld membership badge, you are going to feel proud, and your employees are going to feel proud to. As a matter of fact, such a badge can help you attract highly talented staff from the US and indeed, from the world over. When job seekers are seeking a job, they think about the future on top of the present, and want to work in a highly prestigious workplace.

Most of the times, businesses make decisions in order to attract the clients. Whereas this is good, you need to think about yourself too, and about your employees too. If you acquire a Isnetworld certificate, you are going to improve the internal business processes. What this means is that you and your employees are going to work in a more professional environment. In connection to this, there will be reduced employee turn-over.

ISNetworld allows you to manage your data from a central position. In addition to that, the application process is streamlined. Moreover, the internal safety programs are improved for the benefit of the company. The end result is that the administrative burden of the company is reduced.

ISNetworld plays a critical role in benchmarking with the peers. In addition to that, members are able to submit major events, which in turn, give them an ideal opportunity for networking. Such networking drastically improves the prospects of the business.

Why Does one Need Training for it?

In order to exploit the opportunities that come with ISNetworld membership badge, it is important that you train for its benefits and process. This will help you understand the challenges that come with the process, and prepare yourself for the right requirements and documents.

If you train for Isnetworld, then you will be able to transfer the knowledge to new employees as they get hired. They are going to help understand the process, and appreciate the efforts that come with the process.

Seeking the help of experts in Isnetworld certification

The process of getting Isnetworld certification can be over-whelming. With that, you might consider seeking the help of experts in this process. First of all, the experts are going to help you understand Isnetworld.

It is the experts who understand the small things that matter, and it is them who know the barriers towards the certification. Therefore, they will help you navigate the process in the best way possible. If you do this on your own, you are going to waste time and resources.

You are going to choose a firm which has the right training and experience in compliance in general and ISNetworld in particular. Such a firm has experienced different challenges in the process, therefore, they have learnt from past mistakes. Such experiences are going to benefit you. Again, it is assumed that you will choose a company which is within your budget. You need to make the right choices carefully because you will need the chosen company for a long time.

An expert is going to understand your specific needs and preferences, and therefore, he or she is going to offer you customized or tailor-made services. In the case the experts notice certain weaknesses that you need to address, he or she is going to help you in the same. Moreover, the expert may feel that you need to make some drastic changes regarding the review process. The experts have been in the industry for many years, and therefore, they will be able to give you the right information regarding your company.

The professionals are going to help you understand the scoring system so that you can understand how you can achieve the maximum score. There is a point scale, on the scale A to F. You need to score at least a B. Some clients are going to ask for a higher score. Therefore, the higher the score, the better the opportunities that come with ISNetworld. Some clients can be picky and only want to take the best contractors available.

The criteria which determine the final score looks at a number of things include the following:

-The safety information of the contractor

-The management program of the sub-contractor

-Statistics regarding safety

-A review of a written program



The experts are going to help you prepare and send the right documents. If the right documents are not submitted, and submitted in time for that matter, then the process is going to take a longer time prior to approval. The following are the main documents which are required in Isnetworld:

OSHA 300 & 300A logs, 3 years (for a new company, this is not mandatory. However, if you do not submit it, your grade is going to be affected, and your approval chances get lower)

-Safety programs (EMR, RAVS® 7-30)

-Insurance certificate and compliance on the same

-Any other documents which may be deemed necessary

The experts are also going to assist you in the process itself, which involves the following steps:

-Answering a questionnaire (this is not a short questionnaire, it is a whopping 800-2000 MSQ®. It is therefore important that the experts guide you in this).

-Uploading of the required and the right documents

-Submitting of the review

-Monitoring of the account

-Reviewing any rejected documents

Take the example of a case where you do not meet a certain requirement or the other, your expert can help you to seek more time to fulfill the requirement. You are going to justify why you need more time, and state how you are going to fulfill the requirement in question. Of course, no short-cut and you have to use the right process if you are to get the certificate in the long-run.

The construction industry is fluid. The authorities are seeking improvement every singer year, and therefore, the recommendations for best practices keep on changing. The best thing is to seek the help of experts who understand the changing rules. They are going to update you in real time on the changes and help you to adapt to the same. You can then take your time to fulfill the requirements of the changes.

Some experts are going to offer you a free consultation and a free quote so that you can take your time to decide if you can go through the ISNetworld process with them. They will explain to you what they do, and you will make an informed choice.

isnetworld certification process

The Use of Technology

Many business processes can now be done online, and the ISNetworld process is not an exception. You can use an app in order to engage with ISNetworld. Such apps do understand the importance of security and appreciate it as much. Some of the things that you can do through the app include the following:

-Checking on the details of compliance

-Presenting the score card to investors, Hiring Client, and other interested parties

-Viewing and adding evaluation details

ISNetworld software helps users to connect with suppliers not just in the country, but all over the world. It is compatible with SaaS software, iPad, and Android.

The good thing with technology is that it becomes better and cheaper with time. It is hopped that technology will avail better and cheaper solutions about the use of ISNetworld. Such technology should take the issue of security more seriously in order to ensure that the data and information by the clients is safer.


The ISNetworld membership is worth it and carries a high rate of return on investment (ROI). It carries many benefits both for the present and the future of the company. However, it is good to consider hiring an expert who is going to help you make informed choices in applying and maintaining the certification. Overall, ISNetworld Training will go a long way in attracting employees, clients and investors for your business.

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What is Spray Foam Insulation and How is it Beneficial?


Did you know that 40% of a building’s energy is lost through air infiltration? Instead of spending increasing amounts on electricity bills, it makes much more sense to pay greater attention to insulation, and the best form of insulation for your property is going to be Spray Foam Insulation.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

This product is also sometimes referred to as “Foaming Insulation,” The materials come in two substantial containers, one drum contains Iso and the other Resin. The two materials are kept apart until it is time to apply the insulation. At that stage, the suitably qualified installer for foam will mix it and apply it using a warmed hose and a special gun that mixes the two streams to make the foam. In just a few seconds this foam will expand into the selected void into which it is being pumped.

Two Types of Spray Foam Insulation

There are two variants on Spray Foam home Insulation products. The first is called “Open- Cell”, and the second is called “Closed-Cell.”

Open Cell Insulation

Open Cell insulation is generally used for interior applications. A typical use would be for use in wall cavities. Roof cavities, attics, walls in your basement, and so on.

Open Cell insulation is permeable to water and assists with the management of moisture it has other benefits too:

· Does not attract mold

· It is a great product for dampening sound

· It has a lower per square foot cost

Closed-Cell Insulation

Closed Cell Insulation has the highest R-Value (I will explain that term in a moment). The R-Value is around 6.2. This product can be used in both interior and exterior applications. As well as its superior insulation qualities, because it rejects most water it is suitable for flood-resistant applications and is listed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a flood resistant material. Other advantages of this type of insulation are:

· It can be applied when temperatures are much lower

· Increases the strength of the wall and its ability to deal with the impact

· Because it has a Higher R-Value, it fits better insulation into a confined space.

spray foam insulation benefits

Eight Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Cooling and Heating Benefits

Spray Foam Insulation can find its way into tiny cracks and as it does so it not only stops airflow through those cracks, it stops water seeping in as well. But the main benefit is that it stops heat and cold movements. If you live in a cold climate, this insulation will result in a sharp reduction in your heating bills, and if you live in a warm climate it should reduce your air conditioner use. Spray Foam insulation may cost more to install but it will recover that money in utility bill reductions.

Pollen & Allergens

Something not often mentioned is the fact that Spray Foam insulation, which blocks all those cracks, reduces the amount of pollen that finds its way into the house with the airflow.

Bug, Insect, and Small Rodent Protection

Seal all those small holes and cracks and a side effect is that you bar entry to small critters and insects that use them to enter the home. Many bugs find their way in through these tiny entrances in an uninsulated home.

Mold & Mildew

Both Open and Closed foam insulation assists in preventing the entry of moisture into the home. Closed foam insulation installations will have even less moisture entering. Less moisture means there is less chance of the build-up of mold or mildew, which can be serious health risks.

Stronger Walls

Once the foam has been set, it will actually strengthen the walls so that they will exceed the standards set by the building code. It is like pumping strong glue into your walls.


Fiberglass insulation will sag and move over the years, and Styrofoam sheets will break in no time. They will need to be replaced. Spray Foam insulation will last much longer than other forms of insulation and the higher cost of installation will eventually be saved.

Green Solution

Spray Foam insulation reduces electricity use, reduces mold and mildew, lasts longer, and therefore uses fewer materials than alternative modes of insulation. It is by far the greenest solution to choose.

Noise Reduction

Not only are you going to have better temperature control, a reduction in mold and mildew, fewer bugs, but you will also have a house that is protected from extraneous noise. Spray Foam Insulation is very effective at reducing noise transmission in and out of the house.

Alternatives to Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation is not the only possible insulation that you can choose. It is always suggested that you consider all possible solutions before making a choice.

Foam Board

Foam board is best for walls that have yet to be finished, it’s inexpensive, and will reduce heat loss through various materials, including wood.

Blanket Batts & Rolls

Fiber rolls such as fiberglass, or plastic fibers. This can be installed as a project by the homeowner and is fairly cheap. The material is sized so it will fit between roof joists or wall studs.

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers (also known as reflective barriers) are not measured in R-Values as they work differently from other insulation. Insulation reduces heat loss in the home but radiant Barriers are used to reflect external heat and stop the house from becoming warm, in hot climates. This brings us on to how insulation works.

How Insulation Works

Most Insulation materials function by slowing conductive heat flow. It also will reduce convective heat flow. Radiant Barriers and other reflective insulation will work by the reduction of radiant heat gain. Insulation works by reducing the flow of heat into the house in warm climates or out of the house in cold climates.


Earlier I promised to explain a bit more about R-Values. R-Value is a measure of how well a two-dimensional barrier resists the conductive movement of heat. The R-Value is a term used in the building industry for what is generally known as “Thermal Resistance.” The higher the R-Value the more effective insulation the material is. Here are some examples of the R-Value per-inch of insulation in common insulation materials:

Insulation Type: R-Value per Inch:

Loose Fiberglass 2.2 – 2.9

Fiberglass (batts) 2.9 – 3.8

Loose Cellulose 3.1 – 3.8

Loose Stone Wool 2.2 – 3.3

Stone Wool (batts) 3.3 – 4.2

Cotton (batts) 3.0 – 3.7


Cementitious 2.0 – 3.9

Polystyrene 3.6 – 4.3

Phenolic 4.4 – 8.2

Polyisocyanurate 5.6 – 8.0

Polyurethane 5.6 – 8.0

You can see from this chart that foams have the highest value and are therefore the most efficient insulators.

spray foam DIY

Using Canned Spray Foam Insulation

Applying some canned spray foam insulation is not so complex as insulating a whole wall or loft and can be tackled by the DIY enthusiast. It can be used to seal any holes, cracks, or gaps in your home. It is not a complex task and can save you a lot of money.

The most common place where there will be air leakage is where different materials meet. For example, between a door frame and a wall. Here are the top 10 Common places where heat loss can occur include the following:

1. Bricks, siding, stucco, and foundations

2. Where Pipes, wires, and conduits penetrate

3. Holes made during installation of Electric, gas, and air conditioners

4. Door frames and window frames

5. Baseboards

6. Electrical sockets

7. Cable TV and phone line entry points

8. Heat, dryer, and air vents

9. Where water pipes pass through walls, including outdoor water faucets

10.Around the attic hatch door

Tips for Using Spray Foam Insulation Cans

· When using Spray Foam Insulation cans or a spray foam insulation machine, make sure that before you start, that you read the instructions clearly. The spray is going to set very quickly and undoing errors can be difficult.

· Always wear safety goggles and gloves.

· Cover the surrounding areas with newspaper or a drop cloth.

· The sprays are usually flammable so ensure you keep them away from naked flames.

· Do a quick test of using the spray onto newspaper in the garage before using it. This helps judge flow rates.

· If you overfill an area, then you can use a serrated utility knife to carve off the excess once it has been set.

· Fill openings about 50% as it will double in size.

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

There are three common types of spray foam insulation material. Each has its own unique benefits and also slightly different methods of application:

High-Density Foam

High-density foam is 3lb per cubic foot and is a closed-cell foam. The R-Value typically starts at R-6.5. It is frequently used for exterior use, such as roofing.

Builders will often use High-Density spray foam when they need high R-Value and strength. High-density spray foam can extend the life of a roof and make a big difference to energy costs. It also serves to offer protection from high winds to the roof.

Medium Density Foam

Medium density foam is 2lb per cubic foot and is a closed-cell foam. The R-Value typically starts at R-5.7. Commonly used for Interior wall cavity fill.

This variant is applied as a low or high-pressure two-component spray foam. It can help keep buildings cool in hot climates or keep them warmer in cold climates. It is used as an interior wall cavity fill. It is used when there is a need for the maximum R-Value. It is not affected by rain that is wind-driven and can act as a vapor and water barrier.

Low-Density Foam

Low-density foam is 0.5lb per cubic foot and is an open-cell foam. The R-Value is going to start at about 3.6 and it is often used for Interior Cavity wall fill.

It is also commonly called “Open-cell foam” and is used to create constant insulation and air sealing barrier. The set foam is slightly more flexible than the other two variants. It is also very effective at absorbing sound.

Types of Rigid Foam Insulation

Another common type of foam insulation is Rigid Foam Sheets. This is supplied in sheets that are ready to use. There are three main options for the type of foam used in insulation:


Typically called Polyiso. This variant has the highest R-Value of all the rigid foams commonly used (R-6.5 to R-6.8). Typically, this type of foam will also come with its own reflective barrier on both sides, so that it can also serve as a radiant barrier. This has the bonus of giving a clean appearance.

Extruded Polystyrene

This type of rigid foam is normally blue or pink in color. This has an R-Value of R-5, and will not absorb water, coming with a smooth plastic surface.

Expanded Polystyrene

This is the cheapest type of rigid foam insulation and has a much lower R-value (R-3.8). It is also a much more fragile material and is easily damaged. However, if the area you plan to use does not have a lot of traffic then it can be adequate.

spray foam insulation

Why Choose Spray Foam?

Spray Foam forms a continuous insulation and barrier that seals the property from the airflow. It is used for both walls and roof insulation.

Gaps, holes, and air leaks are a major factor in heat loss from a building and they result in higher than necessary electricity bills. Almost half the electricity bill is the result of heating and cooling costs, depending on where you live. With Spray Foam insulation you can downsize your air conditioner by a third.

Spray Foam Insulation can provide a “cool roof effect” to any roof if topped with a reflective surface.

Spray foam roofs have a lifespan that should exceed thirty years and additionally strengthens the roof from damage caused by high winds. It has been demonstrated that roofs treated with Spray Foam suffer far less damage. This makes Spray Foam Insulation less of a cost and more of an investment

I hope that you have found this brief explanation of the benefits of spray foam insulation t be useful. It is a product that can really save you money.

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What is Project Management and How can it be Beneficial?

What is Project Management


Project management is an umbrella term that covers planning, task management, risk management, etc. And the person responsible for overseeing everything is a project manager – from execution to completion.

Whether you’re building a website or pursuing any other task, you need to manage a project. In a nutshell, management involves the following:

  • Planning
  • Build-up
  • Implementation
  • Closeout


When you mention planning, the first thing that comes to mind is scheduling. It’s about defining the fundamentals, problems to solve, and the team to get involved. First, you should pinpoint what you want to fix. To increase the chances of success, you must look beyond the symptoms. If you’re not careful, you could end up wasting time and money. And you don’t want to create a problem that is too simplistic or complex.

Define the project objectives

The most challenging task for any stakeholder is setting the expectations into coherent and manageable goals. Once you have set them, you can explicitly state whether the expectations have been met. However, you should revise the objectives in the planning phase. Don’t forget to gather all the information you need.

Determine the scope

Most projects fail because they take more than the budget. If you underestimate time and money, a significant part is likely to be overlooked. To avoid surprises down the road, you should determine the scope and develop estimates. Also, you should create a work breakdown structure to:

  • Highlights the tasks and work that need to be done
  • Break down tasks and subdivide them further
  • Estimate how long the project will take

With thoughtful planning, you can determine the skills you need for a specific project and what needs to be done.

Prepare for tradeoffs

Don’t let critics get in the middle of critical activities. The key to project management success is to establish a level of quality that meets the needs of your critics. What’s more, you should keep everyone informed of what you expect in terms of cost, quality, and time.

definition of project management


This is a crucial step in the management process. It involves bringing your team together, setting estimates, and schedules. Your task is to assemble the skills needed and get the right professionals for the job.

Assemble the team

In any project management task, the skill level matters. This is where you breakdown the structure used during the planning phase. You should bring people with specific skills to tackle the project. Another important thing to put into consideration is budgeting for training.

Assign tasks

Now that you have a team to work with, you should list the team and talk to every person about what needs to be done. This approach helps to build cohesion and communication.

Create a schedule

Now that you have the resources and time, it’s time you get down to work. But most projects come with fixed dates – regardless of the resources available. To ensure you create a schedule that works, you should pay attention to the deadlines and check when the deliverables will be ready.

To meet the goals of your Calaveras County project management, the dates should not be changed. You can work backward from any drop-dead deadlines.

Kick-off meeting

This is where you hold a special meeting with everyone on board. You should go over the details of the meeting and review the timeframe. Besides that, clarify the roles of responsibilities.

You should also encourage other team members to pinpoint where problems can occur and suggest any improvements. And you should take them seriously. You may be surprised that some team members have more experience than you do. Be sure to adjust the activities and estimates accordingly.

project management budget

Develop a budget

What does it take to develop a budget? This is an important area in management. What does it take to do the actual work? Generally, you should break down the costs into the following categories:

  • Travel
  • Personnel
  • Training
  • Supplies
  • Overhead
  • Space
  • Research

Once you have entered the figures into the standard categories, you can ask the project manager if there are any costs you may have forgotten. Some of the costs that are often overlooked are legal, accounting, and support. Don’t overlook licensing and insurance?

It’s worth mentioning that a budget is always the best guess. Therefore, you should expect members to deviate from original estimates. Also, you should stay flexible within the limits of time and the total money available.


While the implementation phase is the most gratifying, it can also be frustrating. The details can be tedious and overwhelming.

Monitor the process and budget

Whether you have a normal control process or you just want to do regular check-ups, you should maintain a bigger perspective. That way, you won’t get engulfed by the details of your project management. And because there’s no single approach that works in all project activities, you should have a system that works for a specific case.

Another area that is often overlooked is changes in data and information. You should look for signs where you can initiate corrective action. Make sure your project management team can respond quickly when need be. If the team doesn’t respond timely, more problems could arise. Also, be sure to watch the real numbers as they roll in. Project management is all about explaining why some numbers occur. Some of the costs that are unavoidable include:

  • Fluctuations in currency
  • Consultant fees to resolve any unforeseen problems
  • Costs due to changes in schedule


Throughout the project, the stakeholders want to know the progress. You should consult them and give regular updates on the status project. This is a critical part of project management. You never know – they can be very resourceful when real problems arise.

Hold meetings

Every week, you should hold meetings with the team – for good reasons. You can get immersed in project details and forget the important activities. When you meet periodically, you will stay focused. This is essential to your project’s success.

Project management is about setting goals. So, every time you meet, you should have a metric to gauge your performance. Most of the meeting should revolve around:

  • The production numbers
  • Revenue goals
  • Metrics that gauge performance

Another agenda for the meeting should be checking whether you have achieved the targets or you missed them. You can ask the project designer to gather information on a biweekly basis. This will help to double the output. To keep the momentum going, you should follow up the to-do-list. If there’s some success, don’t forget to celebrate.

This helps to rekindle the team’s enthusiasm, and you can focus on larger objectives.

Manage the problems

Ask any person who is skilled in management, and they will tell you that some problems can have far-reaching consequences. The most common issues are:

  • Scope creep
  • Time slippage
  • People problems
  • Quality issues

Don’t forget to pay attention to emerging problems like loss of enthusiasm, irritability, and increased tension. When you spot such issues, you should get to the root cause of the problem. If you’re not careful, a small irritant can lead to a disaster.


The way you handle the end matters. How do you make big things happen?

Evaluate project performance

Before you close the project, the team must meet its goals and those of the stakeholders. Also, you should compare the progress and everything that you agreed on from the beginning. This will give you an idea of how well the project performed. After that, you should discuss the findings and reach a consensus. Make sure everything is clear such that they can use the same yardstick to measure success.

Close the project

This is where you wrap things up. If the project was successful, it’s time you celebrate. And if the project took longer than you expected, you should not let the cost overtake the estimates. You should always recognize the team’s accomplishments.

Post evaluation

In every project management, you should debrief with the team. A post-evaluation is the time to discover new things, not blaming each other. If you don’t open the window to the team members, they may try to hide the problem. The goal post-evaluation is to come up with ways on how to handle things better.

How project management can be beneficial

Project management is everything you do to complete a specific task. If you’re the team lead or project manager, you should know that every project requires basic planning. Not to mention, you should create reliable processes. Some of the key things to keep in mind include:

  • Project scope
  • Deliverables
  • Stakeholder expectations

Here are the benefits of project management

Improves productivity and reduces the workload

The ultimate goal of every project is to improve efficiency. With good planning, you can create templates and processes that you can count on. They help to mitigate risks and improve efficiency. Besides that, project management helps to mitigate risks automatically. Some of the ways you can improve efficiency include:

  • Breaking down the project details into simple tasks – due dates, task dependencies, etc.
  • Create a project plan – it should include all the information from stakeholders and timelines.
  • Create a change policy – if the clients want to make some changes, you should ensure there’s something they can refer to.
  • Get your teams feedback – you should ensure the team can assess the plan and update it
  • Use the best methodologies for tracking

Improves customer satisfaction

As a project manager, you’re responsible for keeping everyone happy. And this is a tricky thing to do. If you can add a little magic to the mix, you’ll meet and exceed customer satisfaction. In the initial stages, you should be careful about the objectives you want to achieve. Be sure to set clear deliverables.

There are many tactics you can use to boost customer satisfaction. The first thing you should do is to communicate effectively. In the initiation phase, make sure the clients understand the objectives, and you can meet their project expectations.

The next action is to monitor risks and mitigate them. Once you create the breakdown structure, you should prepare a plan and make sure you don’t go above the budget.

And finally, prepare the necessary documentation. Some of the documents you should prepare are a project charter, change policy, project business care, and project initiation document.

Project management boosts collaboration

In every project, the team should know what needs to be done. When every team member understands their duties, the project will run smoothly. So, how do you improve collaboration with project management?

You should also define everyone’s role accurately. And once you delegate the tasks, make sure everyone understands them. You may want to check with them periodically and offer the appropriate feedback.

You should also create communication plans for your stakeholders. What drives them? In addition to that, you should analyze the clients and top management. This will ensure no one is left in the dark.

Helps with problem resolution

Project management can help to resolve the current problems. After all, there are so many issues involved. As you use this approach, you should know how to face every problem with ease. There’s a structured way of organizing work and identifying problems before they wreak havoc on your project.

How do you resolve problems with project management?

  • You should establish the risk management process
  • Note the areas that need change
  • Create communication plans and stick to them
  • Update your project and make the necessary changes

project management team

Improves performance

Project management helps to improve performance and track the results of your project. If you can measure a project, that means that you can improve on it as well. Without a well-structured process, you can leave every member of the team wondering what went wrong. Apart from that, you should ensure you have the tools to track and measure the results.

With proper management techniques in place, you can create a tool for task management and reporting. If you spot any problems, make sure you come up with a solution to make improvements. Don’t forget to create a document that highlights the solution to all the problems.

Gives a competitive edge

Project management is not just a tool to use within a workplace – it helps you secure a spot in the competitive marketplace. Of course, it allows you to map a strategy to stay ahead of the game.

If you’re a project manager, you should approach every project with some planning. You should see project management as a roadmap that can take you from point A to B. it’s also a roadmap to boost efficiency and save costs.

You can now embrace project management in your organization.

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What is Abatement and Why is it Important?

what is tax abatement

Tax abatement is typically the act of authorities, mainly the government, of forgiving tax payments for businesses over a certain period. It is utterly a deferral exemption that is outdone at a later stipulated date. The abatement amount is calculated as a tax payable percentage or dollar amount on the parcel getting the Abatement. A state can grant Abatements to businesses to enhance economic development, improve infrastructure, construct public places, and rehab blighted zones.

Abatements are now prevalent, and it’s one of the most efficacious tools for attracting businesses in some states. Given that a state decides to choose abatements to attract business opportunities, it will have to force the neighboring states to adopt the same policy. If not, they will lose businesses and firms as they tend to flock where they are exposed to more benefits. Consequently, the decision of the business’ location becomes contemplation, on where the company will not only best operate but also receive most handouts.

Understanding abatements and how they function

The full or partial Abatement of property tax offered for some parcels comprises the state’s economic programs’ components. The Abatement is aimed at advancements and not land. That ay policy drafters use them in augmenting attractiveness of specific investment locations, rehab spots, and economic developments.

On most occasions, tax abatements are constrained to one parcel. They are offered after bureaucratic and political reviews. Since the abatements are limited to rehab spots or real estate, they come with benefits such as a double albeit taxation rate and a less financial strain of a full doubly rating system.

It is these dual rating consequences that establish abatement utility as an incentive for development. Even though all these abatements differ between developments and land rather than the uses of the property. This is the typical case with many states’ classification systems, thereby creating differential relief exceptions.



How do the tax abatements work?

Abatement is an improvisation on tax strategies used by governments and tax authorities to promote certain investments in capital equipment. They are usually discretion subsidies given on a case-to-case basis to a specific company. They are often offered as entitlements endowments, which is a typical case with the multiple enterprise zones.

· Chattel abatements

Abatement is a taxation strategy used by various authorities to encourage specific activities, such as capital equipment investments. A tax incentive is a type of tax abatement.

Tax Diminutions are habitually used in assets. Various states have chattels tax diminution suites that jettison or pointedly lessen assets levy expenditures on chattels for years or even spans. These suites aim to lure buyers to locations with inferior demand. Other states may offer abatements in a designated location, while others may offer them state-wide. Some cities may also limit abatements to low to middle-class property managers. However, many suites lack return restraints.

Moreover, you may also an already abated property or even buy one eligible. Thereon you can make the necessary improvements and personally apply for an abatement. However, buying an already abate property is much easier as you will find the heavy-lifting at present done, and yours is to move in.

Tax diminutions, archetypally, won’t utterly exclude the tax bill that you have to pay for your property. It will still be required from you to pay for the property value before its advancements. However, the savings can be significant. For example, the OR housing Bureau claims that its tax abatement programs save property owners $170 in a month and about $2200 a year. The total savings, therefore, amount to $21,000 in 10 years period. In the absence of Abatement, they will spend $3,100 in a year. It’s consequently sufficed to say that tax abatements are there to lessen economic strains.

With tax abatement, a property must remain occupied with the same owner to ensure qualification consistency. Should the property be sold from owner-occupant to other occupants, the Abatement will remain with the property. The abatement duration does not start over after the property changes in terms of ownership. If the stipulated abatement period was ten years and the previous owner had used 8 years, for you, it will only suffice for only two more years.

To find out about property tax abatements in your area, you have to search for the related area with the property you want to buy on the internet. Thereon you can check and see if the related area governments provide property abatement. If it’s in a large city, you have to search the city and vicinity name with the real estate listings along with the property abatement name. Erudite real estate agents will always enlist these features when listing the properties.

what is property tax abatement

Significant Takeout

Tax diminution is the tax relief granted by the state’s government or municipalities of specific real estates and some lucrative business opportunities.

Real estate tax attenuation may abate property taxation for a specific duration and give trade enterprises breaks. Real estate tax abatement alleviates a home’s property taxes for a period of time or grants tax breaks to businesses. Abatement aims to promote the development and economic advancements within the state and the community in general.

Two Examples of Tax Abatement

Frequently, local authorities are surged to engage and attract customers within their community. To meet this desire, the government can choose to allow Abatement, which is typically in the form of partial and temporary reduction of business taxes. An example of this is the Ratner steel company, which was enabled to buy a $2.5 M steel cutter. In this case, the Abatement means that the company will not pay taxes for the first year’s equipment. In fact, its tax payment starts after five years. Consequently, the company gets to expand its portage and even create extra job opportunities.

The other form of tax abatement is property abatement. Should you doubt your property evaluation, resulting in over taxation, you can seek Abatement through local tax assessors. Other states also grant property tax abatement to property owners who promote the historic appeal in their related locations. Moreover, properties containing non-profit businesses also get Abatement based on the managerial tax-exemption status.



Why is Abatement substantial?

Naturally, the government can only grant business tax abatement if the business is important to the community. It is not uncommon to find factories or warehouses, and new retail locations are given tax relief. In return, they make significant investments in the city.

If the corporation that gives tax abatement receives the property abatement, it also creates a retail location in the related area. Consequently, it ends up making job slots. To an extent, it alleviates public goods by promoting convenience in the city. Suppose Target Corporation is given tax abatement on real estate taxes. As a result, the company creates various retail within the local community. Consequently, more job slots are created. Additionally, it increases public goods by making the city more convenient.

what are tax breaks

Other benefits of Abatement include

1. They create and strengthen business networks.

An already established business can expand once a new business is opened. The high number of patrons enables other companies to develop like Nashville Abatement by improving capital investments and employing new personnel.

2. They increase tax revenue.

During the business’ tax abatement period, the government still gets revenue from other expanding businesses. When the abatement period is over, the government also taxes the now expanded business. Additionally, the newly employed personnel also spend their wages at local retail stores. This boosts the sales tax receipts, which may construct new homes, increasing property tax receipts. It is much advantageous as it occurs without the government increasing the amount of tax rates.

3. Creates positive tax receipts progress after the Abatement’s expiration

After a business is deep-rooted in the community, the created facilities, advancements, and expansions are well taxed. Revenue from the expanded business is more compared to smaller firms. Consequently, this makes a long-term revenue source for the local authorities.

4. It’s a flexible tool for economic advancements.

Abatement is portrayed to be a flexible choice if juxtaposed with other economic growing equipment as infrastructure advancements and other building ventures can become ongoing costs. In this case, should Abatement be void, it will be economically unfeasible for investors to build and expand their faculties.

· How do states adopt policies?

The adopting of economic advancement policies is based on tax abatements as well as tax incentives. The police coerce the states to contemplate what they must do to encourage sole sectors’ growth. Once a verdict is reached, the state’s economic development director drafts the policies.

As long as the business is content with the drafted abatement policies, the business owner, state manager, and economic director make agreements pertinent to the state council. These policies are all about enabling the state to set limits to make the state council think before crossing.

However, states are susceptible to break even after granting the abatements. The forgone amount through tax revenue on the business and other operational expenses must be exceeded with the tax revenue elevation from the economic impact of the business.

Should the state decide not to make exceptions on the drafted policy, the tax abatement shall be offered under the stipulated policy. In this case, the stipulated terms can be that the business should avail a certain number of job slots or increase the value of properties within the state. If the number of job slots and property taxation is high, the tax ablation percentage also goes high. Despite all these, the percentage of tax abatement decreases with time (agreeable period), and eventually, the business begins to pay tax.

downside of tax abatement

· Potential downsides of abatements

Well, tax abatement lowers your property taxes, makes you do business in a new or rehabbed property. However, that’s not a reason if to blur the drawback side. It’s lucid that a few things can go wrong.

The primary cause for concern is on the tax abated properties that are based in non-optimum neighborhoods. The main target for tax abatement is to urge people to move and develop these areas. However, that draws a big question mark, and the working of the revitalization, on the other hand, is uncertain. Given that the neighborhood fails to improve, your property value ceases or remains flat. In return, it perpetuates difficulties with selling, and it can be possible because of your more significant losses.

Should you extend your residence period in these areas after the abatement period, increasing house expenses will be inevitable. It’s, therefore, imperative to monitor the deadline and make plans for an extension. When selling the property, you will have to list it at a lower price to increase taxes.

Furthermore, tax ablation does not give you an insight into the property tax expenses. In fact, your tax bill can be phlegmatic during the abatement time.

As you are partly paying your property tax, variations in the tax rate or even property reassessment could negatively impact your tax bills. Even though you are being taxed a lower amount, you should check on the changes over some time, and they may sum up to large bills. Some property value changes could also positively impact taxation, which can be to your advantage.

In conclusion to drawbacks, the local authorities may denounce your Abatement. The common underlying reason for this is usually when an individual becomes delinquent on property tax payments. To be responsible and to ensure consistency on abatement, you must pay taxes and ensure you don’t skip any. Should be your mortgage company paying taxes for you, check all the monthly statements keenly to ascertain if the bills are being paid.

The Bottom Line

Tax abatements are the perfect equipment for economic developments. They show that the city is pro-business and, at the least, is trying to step up and spur developments. On the property abatement, it has made significant taxation reliefs. In return, the real estate sphere is growing. The total impact of Abatement is positive on economic growth. Its chances of fading are minimal, and it will be there until other alternatives rise. Given that one city offers them, others will follow suit and create an economic-competitive society.

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What is Hot Stick Testing and Why is it so Important?

Mobile hot stick testing

What is a hot stick?

An active electric power supply is very hazardous. Line crew should be kept safe when performing service tasks during hot stick testing. This line personnel works in energized high-voltage power lines. A risky mission, therefore, they require the best protection. Mostly, the line power status is always unknown. They need to be protected from electric shock by performing hot stick testing. Its central importance is the welfare of the technicians.

A hot stick is a tool that provides safety to the line crew. The testing process is used to determine a live wire status before the workers indulge in their tasks. It’s a high quality, fiberglass and foam-filled long pole that maximizes mechanical and insulation strength.

Line crews for cable companies require this testing process in their line of work. The fiberglass is the key feature that provides an excellent insulator. It doesn’t conduct electric currents down the device.

Types of a hot stick.

There are two types of devices for hot stick testing:

• Telescoping

• Shotgun.


Telescopic testing is perfectly designed for speed, long reach, safety, and convenience. This hot stick is made of hollow sections. These sections are covered with fiberglass for high dielectric and greater strength that meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. Its retractable ability makes it an ideal tool that can be in any compact space.


This hot stick is made of a sliding lever mechanism. During hot stick testing, helps a technician to open and close the hot shotgun stick. For this reason, the user easily attaches it to a detachable ring and closes it. This type of hot stick got its name from the pump-action shotgun. They both look almost the same.


Hot stick testing helps isolate and insulate the technician from the blast, electric shock, or arc. Typical procedures that will require this testing procedure:

· Voltage measurement

· Any modifications or repairs to energized equipment

· An operation of cutouts and disconnects

· An application of safety grounds

The hot sticks testing depends on the task to be performed and the location of the technician. Generally, any time the hot stick procedure is happening, the line crew should put on protective clothing. Besides a face shield and rubber gloves, flash suits are the most recommendable. However, before the process, a thorough inspection should be conducted to ensure no physical damage is observed. That has a significant impact on the insulating ability, thus posing a threat. In case of permanent damage like a split or a crack, it is advisable to replace it.

showing what a hot stick test is

What is hot stick testing?

According to OSHA, all fiberglass-reinforced products (FRP) should be electrically every two years. The only reason that can stop the process is when the device has not been repaired. The technician should ensure the tool has no defects since during hot stick testing, they pick contaminants, making them less safe and more conductive.

A tool should have a contaminated surface or internal conductivity during the testing process to fail the dry test. There has never been a hot stick testing that ever failed this dry test, even using hot rods that were chosen due to surface abuse or heavy scarring. On the other hand, heavily scarred sticks can fail the wet tests, despite cleaning and even applying silicone oil or wax.

In case a hot stick surface wet-out after water is applied, it shows that the device requires maintenance. Silicone or waxing may help in case the stick is still in excellent condition.

During the wet hot stick process, applying too much water causes a false failure due to water collecting along the stick’s bottom. However:

• The testing is recommended after every 24 months.

• FRP tools will require a wet hot stick testing for a minute at 75,000 Volts per foot. The process verifies the device’s integrity and its whole working length.

• An alternative Watts-loss, performed at a very low voltage, is also an acceptable hot stick testing method.

• Never perform a wet hot stick process on wood devices. This is so wood tools are advised to stay far away from water.

To optimize the effectiveness and safety when dealing with high-voltage electric lines, technicians must understand how to do hot stick testing keenly.

Here are the most beneficial ways of hot stick testing techniques to inspect before working with activated lines:

Hot stick calibration.

Hot sticks testing calibration and maintenance ensure that they are efficient. According to OSHA standards, hot stick testing and inspection should be done periodically. Frequent inspection and calibration guarantee reliability and accuracy of the hot.

Testing and Maintenance.

• Daily scheduled and checks routine inspections.

It would be best if you inspected and tested your hot stick before and after use. Checks are done if the surfaces have any cracks, scratches, dents, burn marks, excessive wear, blistering or electrical tracking. In addition to that, the process regularly ensures the volts are at the required level.

• Regular Cleaning.

Cleaning protects the device from surface contamination to keep the technician safer from electric shock. Use disposable silicone wipes to clean and remove moisture on the surface for the hot stick procedure. It should be done before and after using the stick.

• Wax your hot stick after cleaning.

Using fiberglass wax, apply only two after every clean to retain its finish. It will maintain a glossy feel and protect your device. This is important to the safety of the technician and the use during the process.

• Handle with care.

Ensure the device is not contaminated. Handle the hot stick carefully from getting in contact with dirt; it can cause defects.

• Store your hot stick correctly.

Protective bags and tubes are readily available to store your hot stick tool in a secure and safe place, even when transporting them. Store in storage racks to keep them in excellent condition.

Hot stick cleaning.

Every hot stick device should be clean before and after use daily. They should be visually inspected and wiped properly before any task is undertaken. Any contamination or defect will adversely impact the mechanical integrity or insulation qualities of the hot stick testing. After every service, inspect and clean your device as prescribed by OSHA.

According to OSHA, every live-line device will be visually inspected and wiped clean for any defects before and after use each day. Technicians’ safety comes first; hence hot stick procedure is imperative. Keep it tidy to ensure the surface has no contaminants. The contamination may be brought by:

• Conductors and carbon tracking

• Wind, rain, snow, and other weather states

• Storage grease or daily dirt and greases from

For hot stick cleaning, a silicone wiping cloth is used to wipe the device after the process. This adheres to OSHA rule since the tools are not cleaned in any case; they shall be at service. The silicone film on the sticky surface will repel contamination and water to ensure dielectric properties are maintained. It will be safe enough during adverse and wet conditions.

On the other hand, if the contaminants are more challenging to get rid of, using a hot stick cleaner can be the solution. But if it still doesn’t clean the surface well, an all-purpose cleaner is recommended.



The extended hot stick procedure period leads to scratches, nicks, scrapes, and exposure to other elements. Here, wiping out the surfaces might not improve the appearance of the device. However, it does not mean it should be discarded unless it’s mechanically faulty.

This is whereby the use of a refinishing kit comes in. The equipment helps restore it to a new condition. A refinishing kit takes at least 24 hours of drying time. It is an excellent opportunity to refinish your hot stick testing tool with downtime during the rainy season. At the same time, refinishing your hot stick device, it is advisable to disassemble them.

Disconnect tools, heads, and other parts. After which you use a sand-paper to get rid of old finish and surface scratches. Then you clean and wipe dry the hot stick tool to rid any contaminants or dust with an item of lint-free clothing. Spray the stick with a cleaning solvent to remove any residue.

The refinishing kit will only work well with fiberglass hot stick devices. Once you have done the refinishing process, apply two coats of wax to your hot stick equipment to slow down contaminants’ formation. It becomes more comfortable to maintain and clean—the lifespan of the fiberglass increases.

Hot stick visual inspection.

It is necessary to keep hot stick procedural tools safely to avoid disasters like cracks and chips. Most technicians have been trained to inspect their hot stick devices before they get to work keenly. They keep track of the tools’ condition and check on any visible damages.

• Hot sticks must be cleaned and visually inspected daily before and after use.

• Store the hot stick tools away from ozone, sunlight, or chemical or substance that threaten the device.

• The hot stick devices must be transported in special storage tubes or bags.

• This visual inspection’s main reason is to identify any mechanical functionality, damage, or insulated integrity.

• Technicians must check for any defects before and after use.

The critical point is to listen to your instincts. In case you have any burning questions concerning a hot stick testing tool integrity and safety, that device should be thrown far away from service until further testing and inspection. In other cases, the device can be repaired or refinished. It is always advisable to retest after every repair.

Inspecting gloves is crucial when working with tools.

The gloves you use during the hot stick process are crucial. Properly inspect and clean those rubber gloves; it saves lives. The gloves defend you from the electric shock. Any volatile chemical or physical damage degrades it to the extent of offering little protection.

During the inspection, you use your rubber gloves to look for:

• Splits, cuts, or holes

• Cracks

• Grooves

• Creases

• Blooms or swells from chemicals

• Punctures

hot stick testing cracks


These blemishes are caused by ozone exposure. Natural rubber will provide excellent protection, but it starts to degrade and crack if exposed to ozone. Always learn to keep your gloves in an approved storage container.

Splits, cuts, or holes

It would be best if you always looked out for cuts, splits, or hole blemishes. They are brought by cable ends, wood splinters, and hot stick tool edges.


In the hot stick process, grooves cause heat exposure or rope burns. Those leather gloves must be remarkably intact to avoid damaging the rubber gloves.


With hot stick tools, you will come across creases that appear after the gloves are left inside out for long. Some are stored while unnaturally folded. For best results, leave the cuffs beaded out to get rid of creases.

Swells and blooms

These are from oil exposure or chemicals. Always wipe off oils and chemicals on the hot stick procedural tools. Otherwise, the usability of the rubber gloves will be degraded.


If you want to know how to inflate your rubber gloves properly, check for inner pictures or leaks, follow the steps below:

• Hold the edges of your gloves.

• Stretch and roll the bead onto itself.

• Put the glove on your body, roll the bead as you press down to ensure air doesn’t escape.

• Ensure there are no leaks. Any minor hole could allow electricity through.

• In case there are no leaks, release air, then turn the rubber glove inside out. Entirely turn the fingertips before you begin inflation. It makes sure they don’t pop out when bead rolling, not to allow enough pressure to build inside the glove.

• Continue listening to the process of the leak as described earlier for the interior of your glove.

In conclusion, this should always be tested before every use of rubber gloves. More so, wearing those gloves during hot stick testing is essential for your safety. Every linemen’s welfare is paramount. Therefore, be careful with the integrity of your hot stick testing line tools.