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What is Isnetworld? Why Does one Need Training for it?

what is isnetworld

What is Isnetworld?

In the constructions industry, you cannot afford to work without compliance. Individual companies seek approval from a third-party pre-qualification service. ISNetworld is one of the providers of such a service. It carries a wide level of compliance levels including environmental, safety, health, and insurance. Even when a company has an ISN rating, evaluation is done periodically in order to determine if the company deserves to retain it.

There are a number of things that could hurt your ISNetworld score. If there was a fatality in your premises in the last three years, it is going to haunt you in terms of securing the right score. This is because such an event shows that the security of your home is wanting. You can increase the probability of getting your score through reviewing the criteria used by the reviewer, and prepare yourself for such data and information early enough.

The fee for a one year subscription for ISNetworld is one year. It is based on the company’s number of employees. The fee is typically in the range of $1,700 to $5,000. A company should also factor in a possible indirect cost. No refund of the fee is given even if you do not meet the passing grade.

How Does ISNetworld Work

ISNetworld starts with the company submitting business data and information to the company. The information is reviewed and then verified to check discrepancies as well as potential mismatch of data and information. Moreover, the qualification process is streamlined in order to make work easier for all the parties involved.

ISNetworld offers tools which can enable you to be more transparent when dealing with the clients. You are also going to be updated on critical information such as changes in regulation, and changes in requirements. ISNetworld will also update you on upcoming events that are going to affect the industry.

ISNetworld has a dedicated customer service. With offices that are located all over the world, you can easily get the right assistance when you need it. Therefore, should you have any problem of any kind, you can easily contact their competent customer service team and surely, they are going to assist you in the best way possible.

Benefits of Isnetworld

The most important factor why you need Isnetworld is to go in tandem with the peers in order to ensure compliance in the construction industry. Many others are taking part in this process, and it is important that you be part of it too. Otherwise, you are going to be left behind in such an important milestone. Getting such certificate may be tedious, but it will give you a competitive edge in the market.

Isnetworld can be used as a marketing tool as you present your company as a company of choice. When clients are looking for a construction company to hire, they can look at the ISN rating when making the critical decision. This is not just to public funding, but private funding too. Therefore, acquiring Isnetworld certification helps you in the bidding process and gives you a competitive edge among the competitors.

When you are dealing with international clients, then you need to consider Isnetworld as an opportunity of making you easily identifiable. International clients may get worried about losing money in investing in another country. This is because it is difficult for them to initiate legal action against you. This certificate can help you to convince such global clients that their investment is safe and will bring in returns.

There are industries which are critical in nature. Such industries require a Isnetworld certificate as evidence of quality assurance. Industries which almost always will require Isnetworld in include the oil and gas sector. When a mistake is done in such industries, there are grave consequences that follow.

For example, the stories from the The Deepwater Horizon oil spill will inform you on how important it is to be compliant to high safety standards. Some environmentalists state that it is the largest environmental disaster in the American history. The spill led to many settlement claims to an extent that a special fund was established. Such incidences can be prevented through signing up for ISNetworld and following up their recommendations.

By wearing the ISNetworld membership badge, you are going to feel proud, and your employees are going to feel proud to. As a matter of fact, such a badge can help you attract highly talented staff from the US and indeed, from the world over. When job seekers are seeking a job, they think about the future on top of the present, and want to work in a highly prestigious workplace.

Most of the times, businesses make decisions in order to attract the clients. Whereas this is good, you need to think about yourself too, and about your employees too. If you acquire a Isnetworld certificate, you are going to improve the internal business processes. What this means is that you and your employees are going to work in a more professional environment. In connection to this, there will be reduced employee turn-over.

ISNetworld allows you to manage your data from a central position. In addition to that, the application process is streamlined. Moreover, the internal safety programs are improved for the benefit of the company. The end result is that the administrative burden of the company is reduced.

ISNetworld plays a critical role in benchmarking with the peers. In addition to that, members are able to submit major events, which in turn, give them an ideal opportunity for networking. Such networking drastically improves the prospects of the business.

Why Does one Need Training for it?

In order to exploit the opportunities that come with ISNetworld membership badge, it is important that you train for its benefits and process. This will help you understand the challenges that come with the process, and prepare yourself for the right requirements and documents.

If you train for Isnetworld, then you will be able to transfer the knowledge to new employees as they get hired. They are going to help understand the process, and appreciate the efforts that come with the process.

Seeking the help of experts in Isnetworld certification

The process of getting Isnetworld certification can be over-whelming. With that, you might consider seeking the help of experts in this process. First of all, the experts are going to help you understand Isnetworld.

It is the experts who understand the small things that matter, and it is them who know the barriers towards the certification. Therefore, they will help you navigate the process in the best way possible. If you do this on your own, you are going to waste time and resources.

You are going to choose a firm which has the right training and experience in compliance in general and ISNetworld in particular. Such a firm has experienced different challenges in the process, therefore, they have learnt from past mistakes. Such experiences are going to benefit you. Again, it is assumed that you will choose a company which is within your budget. You need to make the right choices carefully because you will need the chosen company for a long time.

An expert is going to understand your specific needs and preferences, and therefore, he or she is going to offer you customized or tailor-made services. In the case the experts notice certain weaknesses that you need to address, he or she is going to help you in the same. Moreover, the expert may feel that you need to make some drastic changes regarding the review process. The experts have been in the industry for many years, and therefore, they will be able to give you the right information regarding your company.

The professionals are going to help you understand the scoring system so that you can understand how you can achieve the maximum score. There is a point scale, on the scale A to F. You need to score at least a B. Some clients are going to ask for a higher score. Therefore, the higher the score, the better the opportunities that come with ISNetworld. Some clients can be picky and only want to take the best contractors available.

The criteria which determine the final score looks at a number of things include the following:

-The safety information of the contractor

-The management program of the sub-contractor

-Statistics regarding safety

-A review of a written program



The experts are going to help you prepare and send the right documents. If the right documents are not submitted, and submitted in time for that matter, then the process is going to take a longer time prior to approval. The following are the main documents which are required in Isnetworld:

OSHA 300 & 300A logs, 3 years (for a new company, this is not mandatory. However, if you do not submit it, your grade is going to be affected, and your approval chances get lower)

-Safety programs (EMR, RAVS® 7-30)

-Insurance certificate and compliance on the same

-Any other documents which may be deemed necessary

The experts are also going to assist you in the process itself, which involves the following steps:

-Answering a questionnaire (this is not a short questionnaire, it is a whopping 800-2000 MSQ®. It is therefore important that the experts guide you in this).

-Uploading of the required and the right documents

-Submitting of the review

-Monitoring of the account

-Reviewing any rejected documents

Take the example of a case where you do not meet a certain requirement or the other, your expert can help you to seek more time to fulfill the requirement. You are going to justify why you need more time, and state how you are going to fulfill the requirement in question. Of course, no short-cut and you have to use the right process if you are to get the certificate in the long-run.

The construction industry is fluid. The authorities are seeking improvement every singer year, and therefore, the recommendations for best practices keep on changing. The best thing is to seek the help of experts who understand the changing rules. They are going to update you in real time on the changes and help you to adapt to the same. You can then take your time to fulfill the requirements of the changes.

Some experts are going to offer you a free consultation and a free quote so that you can take your time to decide if you can go through the ISNetworld process with them. They will explain to you what they do, and you will make an informed choice.

isnetworld certification process

The Use of Technology

Many business processes can now be done online, and the ISNetworld process is not an exception. You can use an app in order to engage with ISNetworld. Such apps do understand the importance of security and appreciate it as much. Some of the things that you can do through the app include the following:

-Checking on the details of compliance

-Presenting the score card to investors, Hiring Client, and other interested parties

-Viewing and adding evaluation details

ISNetworld software helps users to connect with suppliers not just in the country, but all over the world. It is compatible with SaaS software, iPad, and Android.

The good thing with technology is that it becomes better and cheaper with time. It is hopped that technology will avail better and cheaper solutions about the use of ISNetworld. Such technology should take the issue of security more seriously in order to ensure that the data and information by the clients is safer.


The ISNetworld membership is worth it and carries a high rate of return on investment (ROI). It carries many benefits both for the present and the future of the company. However, it is good to consider hiring an expert who is going to help you make informed choices in applying and maintaining the certification. Overall, ISNetworld Training will go a long way in attracting employees, clients and investors for your business.