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How to Tell if the Interior of your Home Needs to be Painted?

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Maintaining your home comes with a plethora of advantages. It drastically increases the aesthetics of the home and maintains its elegance and comfort. When you need to sell your house, a well maintained house, and its components therein, will give you a competitive edge among your competitors. Well maintained homes fetch a higher price and secure a buyer sooner, than poorly maintained home.

Fortunately, the interior of the room is not exposed to as many factors as the exterior. Again, interior painting has a bigger impact and is not as expensive as its exterior counterpart. In addition to that, it takes longer for interior painting to fade in quality. For instance, if there is a natural disaster, the exterior painting may lose its quality and appeal in a day. Therefore, you do not have a reason to neglect painting the interior.

One of the most common questions that home owners ask is how to tell the home needs to be repainted. The answer to this question depends on several factors. This article will guide you in how to tell if your home needs interior painting.

How to tell if the interior of your home needs to be painted?

It is advisable that routine painting of your home is done every five to seven years. However, this general proposition does not necessarily apply to every part of the house, or in every circumstance. Some parts of your home are high traffic areas. These include the entry doors, the corridors, and the hallways. The higher the traffic of a certain part of your house, the sooner the need to do a re-paint.

Similarly, children and the pets can dictate the need to paint the walls. This is because of the wear and tear, and the scratches thereon. The children’s area is a high vulnerable area as your children use your home to explore the world and grow. Your children’s bedroom is as well as a playground. The bedroom is a low traffic area, and might withstand painting every eight years.

The kitchen and the bathroom have a higher level of exposure than other rooms. At the same time, the kitchen could be a place with clutter. Such settings tend to ask for painting more frequently than others.

You do not have to do a comprehensive renovation of your bathroom; you can just do the painting. Simply, your bathroom could just need appropriate shade of the paint as well as the right finish of the paint. The bathroom is exposed to dump and humid conditions. Sink splashes as well as hot showers contribute to a higher level of moisture. Therefore, careful decisions have to be made on the best way of handling this.

Some home owners will do painting in order to bring about change in the look of the home. Changing the setting of the room brings about a fresh taste and a new home style. You do not have to stick to the traditional American painting style. Some Americans prefer exotic styles of home design because of their unique appearance. Discuss with your painting contractor about the need to try something new and refreshing.

Painting the ceiling is part and parcel of painting the interior. When you notice yellow spots on the ceiling, then it is time to think about painting the ceiling. If the painter does the right thing, then the painting of the ceiling can last as long as ten years.

Most of the home owners forget the interior trim when they are painting their house. The doors, baseboards, window trim, and any other type of decoration, can fades in quality with time.

In the modern American society, changing homes is a reality. For example, an employee based in Woodland, CA could be told that there is no more work in Woodland, but the same company can offer him a job in Chicago. Similarly, you may want to go to a place with a lower cost of living, and this will warrant that you sell your home in order to get another one. Whatever the case, be prepared to change homes any time. Whereas you may not foresee this, people have desired to sell their Woodland home within a short notice, and you would need to have it repainted so you would have to scramble to find Interior Painting Woodland CA.

interior painting contractor

One of the best ways of preparing yourself is to do the painting of your home in the right way. Making use of neutral colors is better than the use of screaming colors. Bold colors are not known to attract buyers of a home. For example, the use of red colors, used dominantly, can alienate a new buyer as he will worry about the cost of changing the color entirely. Colors such as pastels, white, beige, and light brown, appeal to a wider variety of clients. Much as you will make your own decisions, involve the opinion of the painting contractor.

The type of paint that is used in the painting will have far reaching consequences on the durability of your work. Oil paint can carry a high level of volatile compounds and does not dry easily. When you breathe in volatile compounds, they could have a negative consequence on your health. It is known to yellow over the course of time. Latex paint is credited for durability as well as the ability to withstand moisture.

If mold has grown in your home, do not paint over the growth. Instead, think about the best way of sealing it first. In addition to that, seal it for future protection. Proper ventilation of the room will protect you against the mold.

The choice of your paint could be a matter of security. For example, American homes that were built prior to 1978 could still have lead paint. Absorption of lead leads to behavioral and psychological problems to the children. Extreme cases of inhaling lead in the form of duct can lead to impairment.

Therefore, if one suspects lead paint in his or her home, it is time to seek the help of a painting contractor who can help in managing it. You can send a sample of a paint chip to your contractor, and he will help determine a case of lead. What is important is to reduce exposure to lead early enough, and therefore, avoid possible health problems.

How to hire an interior painting contractor

The internet is saturated with information on Do It Yourself painting. Do not be misled by such sources of data and information. You may be saving a lot of money in painting the home through DIY, but you do not have the necessary skills and experience to realize optimal quality outcomes more so in the long run. It is better to leave your painting work at the hands of the professionals who are well versed with what high quality painting entails.

There are many providers of painting services in the market. However, if you choose the wrong one, you are going to frustrate you, and you are going to lose money and time. Whereas you may have legal redress, such a process is time consuming and expensive. Again, the outcomes of a court process may not necessarily favor you. Therefore, you need to make a careful decision in choosing your painting contractor.

The first thing that you should look for is the qualification and experience of the contractor. Obviously, you do need maximum quality for your work, and this has to be done by a competent team of painting professionals. Professionals in painting go through a thorough career preparation. Painters in Florida have to contact the Construction Industry Licensing Board for proper preparation of fitting the painting market in the state. The board sets the appropriate exams and qualifications.

Another critical consideration entails the past projects of the painting contractor, and by extension, his or her reputation. If the contractor is a member of a trade association or Better Business Bureau, then that is a plus point in choosing the right company. Again, check the online reviews and evaluate how the company has interacted with the clients. Some states do have ways of naming rogue business traders, and you need to check if that is available.

interior paint contractor

When you want to have the job done well, make sure you specific questions, and ensure that the answer given is satisfactory. For example, ask the contractor the kind of paint he uses, and the number of coats that are going to be applied. Peeling or flaking of the paint shows that the quality of the paint used was a low quality one in the first place. If you find that the contractor is not going to do a good job, you need to withdraw from dealing with him prior to signing the contract. Once you have signed any contract, it is not easy to dis-engage yourself from the agreement as it can be legally binding.

Insurance is an important part of any business. This is because you will be assured of compensation should things go wrong. At the same time, require that employees under the contractor are insured. This will protect you from any liability should any of the employee face injury. It should be noted that a lawsuit is a possibility even when you might not be in the wrong. Therefore, the best thing is to envision every scenario.

You should never hire a professional who is not licensed. In addition to that, it is not enough to ask for the license, but about the type of license. Licensing depends on several factors including if it is for commercial or residential purposes, or if it is for big jobs or small jobs. At the same time, be sure to check if there are any unresolved complaints on the part of the contractor. In connection to this, ensure that you are dealing with a current license.

A competent painting contractor should be in a position to give you a formal estimate or quote. Whereas a cost over-run is a possibility, a competent professional should avoid such situations as much as possible. However, be sure about the related cost of the painting. For example, some contractors are going to ask for payment in removing furniture.

The issue of a warranty is a matter of paramount importance. It will help you have a peace of mind on the painting process. It is advisable that you evaluate three bids and come up with the best one.

There are several sources of a painting contractor, and these include the following:

-Asking for a referral from friends and relatives (this is the most reliable and trustworthy one as the chances of getting the wrong lead is very low)

-Your general contractor can help you choose the painting contractor

Google search (the assumption is that the higher the rankling of a website, the better it is. However, one should take this assumption with a grain of salt)

-Local listings of the services provider

-A scour or ride in your neighborhood will help you identify a brick and mortar painting business

There are some red flags that should help you realize that a certain painting professional is wanting. If the contractor cannot provide references, then it is time to re-think about that engagement. At the same time, if the contractor quotes very low fees compared to the market, then know that he could compromise on quality. Whereas the budget is a big consideration in any home improvement endeavor, you should never compromise on quality. Remember, you are going to get what you are paying for, and that is the tradition in the market. After all, once you are through with the painting, you do not need to paint soon.


By thinking about painting your home, you are going to rejuvenate it. Painting your home will help you in immense ways. As far as you choose the right contractor, you will have an optimal painting process and favorable outcomes. Overall, painting of the interior is good for the esthetics, keeps the home refreshed, and carries a high return on investment.


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How to Know if your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Bourbonnais, IL Foundation Repair

Most of the time, we do not perceive that our home requires maintenance until the problems become apparent, and we have no choice but to fix them. The ideal would be not to wait for that moment to come and go ahead to avoid possible complications.

The foundation is the structure that supports all the elements of a building or house – from walls, ceilings, floors, etc., so if they are damaged, your entire home will be at imminent risk.

The foundation of a building is super important. They are the surface on which your house will be built, but they also play a fundamental role in issues such as avoiding humidity, insulating from the cold, and, if well calculated, can resist an earthquake.

Therefore, it is essential to be able to recognize when your home requires foundation repair so that you avoid more severe problems in the future. These are some of the signs that you should take into account when reviewing the state of your home’s infrastructure.

Signs that you need foundation repair

Watch the cracks

Although not all cracks are a sign of structural problems, please pay attention to them because they can be signs that you will need foundation repair. Check every corner of the house for cracks in floors or walls. These are usually located near windows, doors, and wall intersections.

Cracks in the walls of a house, both interior, and exterior, are a sign that something is wrong with the structure. Maybe you trust yourself because you don’t see any cracks in your house walls, but what if they are hidden behind the wallpaper? Check the wallpaper walls for parts with peeling or wrinkles; these are two pieces of evidence that a problem is hidden; maybe it is humidity.

Doors and windows that do not close

The usual thing would be that you did not have to make an effort to open or close a window or door; if this happens, you have before you a clear sign that they need a repair. Other common problems with windows and doors that need to be repaired are that they lock or are uneven. It may be enough to clean the rails in the case of a sliding window or sand the wood in the case of a double-leaf window.

Another detail that can not escape you regarding your home’s doors and windows is that they must open and close properly, not too tight or too loose. If you have any difficulties, you need to contact a specialist to review the house’s foundations.  To do this you need to do a Google search.  For example, if you lived in Bourbonnais, Illinois, you would do a search for, “Foundation Repair Bourbonnais,” to find the contractor who could fix this issue for you.

tree damage to Bourbonnais foundation

Trees causing problems

Having trees at home is beautiful, but it stops being so when the roots cause problems. Ideally, trees should be planted away from home construction because, over the years, the older a tree is, the roots will have expanded and could cause pipe breaks under the ground, lifting the soil from the house and damaging the foundation.


This is undoubtedly a clear sign that your home needs a thorough overhaul and probably some foundation repair, and it is recommended that you do so. What is a simple leak today, tomorrow could become a big problem of humidity spread by the ceiling and walls.

Mold and damp

Water damage can also affect the structure of your home and lead you to get a foundation repair. The leading cause may be due to drainage failure, so being aware of this problem is very important. If you notice an increase in your water bill, it is essential to contact your plumber for a review.

The ground is flooded

This is another sign that you have to inspect your home to avoid further damage or maybe a foundation repair. If every time it rains, the land around the house is covered with standing water, then you have to check the drains.

This stagnant, flood water can generate more significant problems of filtrations and humidity, which will weaken your home structure, and you will undoubtedly need to carry out a foundation repair.

Mold gap

Molding problems can be many: There is a gap between the trim and the ceiling, a gap in the frame between the windows and doors, and baseboards that peel off or break. You can not miss these problems; you must repair them.

sink hole in Bourbonnais house


Another sign not to be overlooked is sinkholes on the floor. Although they can sometimes go unnoticed, these are very easy to detect with a level. Also, check that there are no spaces where the floor and the wall meet.

Feeling a crunch when walking on a wooden floor is a sign that one part may be loose. Another sign that a floor needs to be repaired is, for example, when walking and feeling an unevenness or seeing that a part looks sunken. A tile floor needs to be repaired when the tiles are loose (you can check it if you put water on the floor and when walking on the tile it is splashing) or if the tiles are broken.

Do I need a foundation repair?

If your house presents any of these signs in its structure, you should get down to work and get a foundation repair. Start asking for quotes for the big fixes and try to repair the minor details yourself to save some money. Love your house and take care of it!

It is essential always to consult an expert regarding the state of the foundation of the house since they are the ones that are capable of giving a proper diagnosis. By following their instructions, you will be able to make a timely repair and avoid putting yourself and your loved ones at risk.

The foundations of a construction are really the most crucial element of any building, regardless of whether it is a house or a tall building. Think that the foundation is the base on which everything will rest. Keeping the foundation in good repair will ensure that your home lasts for many more years, which is the ideal for every homeowner.

Taking care of your home is a task that never ends, so it is essential to have the proper support in case the unexpected happens. In the case of home repairs, although there are many ways to do them without previous experience, in the case of foundation repair, it is always better to go to a construction professional, to avoid losing money and even the home over time.

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Some Great DIY Home Remodeling Ideas

Home remodeling in Washington

Are you planning to give your home a complete makeover? With a little bit of work, there are many do-it-yourself projects that you can undertake to transform your space. The key to choosing the perfect home remodeling task is considering how much time you’re willing to spend on it. Also, you should ensure you get the most value for your dollar. In this post, we’ll discuss some home remodeling ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, and even the entire house. Let’s jump right in!

glass frameless shower

Install a glass frameless shower

A glass shower enclosure gives your bathroom a luxury spa-like look. If you want something that creates a timeless look, you can install a semi-frame glass shower. But like any other home remodeling project, you should choose a style that satisfies your aesthetic appetite. Furthermore, you can create any type of shape you want.

Install a dimmer in your bedroom

Do you have too much light in your bedroom? Well, you can install a dimmer to reduce the overhead glare. It should be well-placed to reduce the light without overloading the senses. If you use low-voltage lighting, you may require a special type of dimmers. Other than that, check the rating of the dimmer you use as some can only handle limited watts of power. You can also install a lampshade to give your bedroom an instant facelift.

Paint the walls with a new color

You should choose a color scheme that complements your décor. If you want to use neutral paint, you can try white or cream. They make the rooms appear larger and brighter. Still, you can add some interest in the room by painting some walls with an accent color. Alternatively, you can create a farmhouse theme using yellow or blue. The idea in this home remodeling project is to find a color that creates a cozy and warm ambiance.

After painting the bedroom, you should ensure the color scheme matches with duvets, pillow covers, and quilt. You can also use a blanket to see how it pulls everything together. If the color doesn’t work, you can try a new paint over it.

Hang some artwork

Art can be uniquely displayed to reflect your passion and interests. You can print special photos in black and white or frame those special cards. As you select the frames, you should go for a style like ornate gold vintage or just simple black. It gets better if you find a collection that is easy to hang and display as well. You can ask for ideas before you embark on this home remodeling project.

multifunctional furniture
multifunctional furniture

Use multifunctional furniture in the bedroom

Do you need that furniture in your bedroom? What is the point of having a nightstand that just holds a lamp when you can get a bedside table to hold everything you need? If you have a few chairs in the corner of a bedroom, you can install a single plush chair with built-in storage and footrests. You could also have storage containers that go under the bed. Finally, make sure you get rid of all bedroom clutter to give it a fresh look.

Install kitchen cabinet rollouts

Rollouts are designed to bring everything tucked out of your sight into your fingertips. They help turn wasted space into accessible storage space. While you can order for rollouts online, you can also make your own. As you take the measurements, you should account for the hinges, doors, and any other obstructions. Why not install new kitchen rollouts in your next home remodeling project?

closet organizer
closet organizer

Get a closet organizer

Have you ever rifled endlessly in your closet trying to find the right outfit for your date night only to find your kids toy in your mess of clothes? And no matter how hard you try to keep the closet under control, it always becomes cluttered. Well, a closet organizer will help you maximize your space and keep everything in order.

You should install a closet organizer with clothing dividers. Also, make sure you print divider tags so that you can sort different sizes of clothing. This will make it easy to find everything you’re searching for.

If you have a walk-in closet, you can add a built-in hamper to keep the clothes free from linens. Another great tip is using shower rings to create holders for your collection. Once you install a closet system, you should fill the available space with hooks. A closet organizer will not only increase the storage space but also simplifies your cleaning.

Install a new faucet

This is arguably a must-have in your home remodeling project. A new faucet will inject elegance into your home. You should make sure the configuration matches the sink or you may end up replacing it too. You may have to customize the number of holes before you install the new faucet.

Wallpaper one wall

It helps to create an instant character in those plain walls. Before you head to the store to buy a one, you should take the measurements of your room. Perhaps, you can ask someone to help you choose the option that complements well with your existing finishing. If you’re a novice paperhanger, you may want to look at the instructions. Of course, you can slide the paper to tighten the seams. This is something you must consider in your next home remodeling project.

screened canopy

Install a screened canopy

If you want elements that make a great backyard retreat, you can install a screened canopy. You can place it on any flat surface for sun protection and to keep those irritating insects at bay. After you choose the canopy style and size, you can decide on the size of the patio to use. While a glass floor on the canopy can be inviting, you can as well build a paver patio for the floor. And you don’t need to hire skilled people to do the job for you – this is a small home remodeling project you can complete over the weekend, however a canopy can get expensive.

Add curb appeal

This is where you pay attention to the sidewalk or driveway. Are you tired of uninspiring front entry in your home? Well, you can make a few changes to make it more pleasant for people to come to. This is a simple home remodeling project that doesn’t require any prior experience. If you have a plain concrete driveway, you can add pavers or a simple border of bricks. Next, you should direct your attention to the front gate. You can use a strong color that differentiates your home from the others in the neighborhood.

Get smart

If you’re looking for a home remodeling project that incorporates technology, you should install smart devices. You can install camera-enabled doorbells and self-programmable thermostats that integrate seamlessly with the existing wiring systems. Those with smart home features will offer a major transformation in terms of design and energy efficiency.

In every home remodeling project, you should not settle for less. Make sure you look for something that conforms to the latest décor trends.

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Reasons Why Drain Cleaning is Essential Home Maintenance

drain cleaning


Think about what goes down the drain when taking a shower or washing the dishes. If drains are not kept clean, all the buildup can wreak havoc the pipes and sewer lines. To minimize future problems, you should schedule drain cleaning regularly.

Sadly, some homeowners don’t understand the importance of drain cleaning. Some won’t call a plumber until they spot a problem. So, why is drain cleaning essential? Read on and learn more!

Prevents clogs

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with clogged sinks in the morning. Some can be tough for the homeowner to handle. When you clear the pipes, you’ll even notice faster draining. If your sink is draining slowly, you should fix the problem immediately.

If the bathroom sink won’t drain, it will get hard to get ready for work in the morning. You expect things like hair, soap, and toothpaste to clog the drainage. Similarly, without a kitchen sink, it can be tough to wash the dishes when bits of food accumulate with time.

Prevents odor

Are you experiencing a foul smell from your bathroom? Well, that could be a problem in your drainage system.

If there is a plumbing problem in your home, it can be hard to remove the odors. While there’s a lot you can do to keep the smell at bay, the best thing is to prevent it in the first place. Generally, odors occur when bacteria feed on the debris. The foul smell can be likened to that of rotten eggs. Also, when running water eventually stops draining, it starts to pool in the sink.

Sometimes, the pipes may leak due to missing vents or traps. This may cause an odor in the drain as well. If untreated, the smell could be hazardous to your health. And because the primary gas in sewage is methane, it can lead to suffocation or loss of consciousness. While there’re many ways of getting rid of the smell, bigger issues may require the services of an experienced plumber.

drain repair

Keep expensive repairs at bay

If you don’t do drain cleaning regularly, it may be expensive to repair the whole system. It could even get worse if the shower or bathroom drain back up and you can’t identify the root cause of the problem. Drain cleaning can help you eliminate future plumbing costs such as a drain cleaning scam. Some of the common issues that arise when you don’t take care of your drain include:

  • Higher water bills
  • Corroded drainage systems
  • Burst pipes
  • Water contamination

Over time, debris and other obstructions can intensify into overflows or full-blown clogs. To prevent bigger problems, you should get in touch with a professional to inspect the sewer lines for any potential damage. If there’s a leak, this is the right time to spot them.

If there’s a flooding problem, it can be daunting to replace the damaged furnishings. Why allow yourself to go through those unbudgeted expenses just because of simple maintenance. A technician will help you deal with expensive repairs that may require you to install new pipes.

Prevents noisy pipes

As your home ages, so does your plumbing. Just like the joints in our bodies, the pipes may get noisy and can even scare you a little. But did you know these noises are a sign of a plumbing problem? If left untreated, this drainage issue can be disastrous with time.

So, what causes noisy pipes? Most of the pipes live behind walls and have to be hung with fasteners. When they become loose, they may sway as water moves through them. This is a common problem with water pipes, especially when the water temperature is too high. Drain cleaning will help you get rid of the squeaking and cracking noises.

Protects the pipes

Drain cleaning makes your drainage system working at its best. Furthermore, it protects the pipes from damage caused by corrosion. Let’s face it: plumbing problems can use enormous damage in your home. The problem can even be bigger when the sewage is unknowingly left to sit for a long time. If you’re not careful, poor drainage can damage the pipes causing flooding. When you clean your drain, you can find any uncovered issue before it gets out of hand.

emergency plumber

Helps avoid inconvenient emergency calls

While most drain problems are convenient, major problems like flooding can occur when you least expect. Some will happen during the most inopportune times, such as holidays and weekends. And nothing spoils the enjoyment faster than discovering there’s a leak in your drain during a vacation.

Think about it – some toilets and showers cannot wait for regular cleaning. Drain cleaning will help you prevent all these ill-timed scenarios. Why not catch the problems before they start? But rather than dump down harsh chemicals, you should pull out the gunk manually.

If you have a large home drainage problem, the roots can block the passageway. Such kind of cleaning should be done by a professional. While there will be leaks and clogs no matter what you do, regular cleaning will prevent future problems.

Prevents unnecessary flooding

Regular drain cleaning prevents flooding that can result in a plumbing emergency. Some drain leaks may be because of corrosion of pipes or the seals may have gone bad. As long as you keep checking the pipes to ensure they are fixed properly, you don’t expect leaks with time. The sewer lines can deteriorate with time and may require some kind of repair.

Keeps the outdoor clean and safe

If you don’t clean the drains, you may experience some outdoor problems. A blocked drain will lead to slippery surfaces, soil erosion, and can be a breeding area for mosquitos. So, if you notice standing water in your home, you may be having a blocked drain. Of course, you’ll eliminate the sewer from entering your home keeping it at risk. The good news is that you don’t have to do this yourself. You can call an expert to help you keep the plumbing system functioning properly.

Final thoughts

Drain cleaning will help you say goodbye to clogs, floods, and smells. Not to mention, it’s an added bonus to lower water bills. How often you clean the drain will depend on many factors like how much you use it, the size of your household, and more. While drain cleaning can be on an `as-needed basis’, other times you may require the services of a professional.  For example, if you decided you needed drain cleaning in Leesburg, Florida you would need to do a Google search for drain cleaning Leesburg FL.  I hope this helps.