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Man, 26, with ‘heart of gold’ stabbed to death defending girlfriend at station

Carpenter Cam Smith, 26, stepped in when a gang began abusing his girlfriend outside Seaford train station in Melbourne, before being stabbed with a broken bottle

Hungry boy, 3, orders £55 McDonald’s feast through app using mum’s mobile phone

Mum Raissa Andrade, 32, left her phone lying around when it was spotted by three-year-old son Tom who used it to order the huge takeaway

Dragon-like sea creature dubbed ‘most beautiful killer in sea’ spotted on beach

The blue dragons, which feed on other deadly marine animals, were discovered by a woman who was out walking on a beach in South Africa

Nearly 100 whales die in mass beach stranding with great white sharks circling

Experts believe great white sharks were stalking the waters near the Chatham Islands in New Zealand where nearly 100 exhausted pilot whales became stranded and had to be euthanised

Woman’s horror after finding deadly venomous snake hiding behind her toaster

The red-bellied black snake slithered into her home in Mount Nebo near Brisbane, Australia, as an expert warns there have been more regular sightings of serpents due to the warm weather

Huge tiger pictured launching astonishing attack on world’s ‘deadliest bear’

Naturalist Arpit Parekh captured the once in a lifetime face-off – which lasted 30 minutes – on his camera in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India

Man fined for lockdown breach left note he was off to ‘smash a guy’s face in’

The ‘drunk’ 39-year-old man declared in a written statement that he had a ‘good excuse’ to breach the coronavirus rules in Brittany, northwestern France

Car crashes into Angela Merkel’s office gate with “child killers” graffiti on it

The car was seen to have white “anti-globalisation” writing daubed all down both sides of its bodywork as police and firefighters surrounded the scene

Abandoned dog found tied to park bench with child’s heartbreaking note attached

An animal association came to the rescue of a nervous dog that had been abandoned and left tied to a bench in Mexico, with a note explaining the pet was being saved from abusive owners

Mum left son, 10, locked in their home with just rice to eat for eight days

Little Mikhail’s father died two years ago and despite being hungry he feared asking neighbours for help as he didn’t want to get his mum in trouble and end up in care