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What Kinds of Designer Bags are Allowed into NFL Stadiums?

NFL Game Day Designer Bags

NFL Gameday Bag Basics

To increase the security of NFL games the league has decided to make changes as to what it allows to be carried into the arena. One such change has been what kind of bags are allowed to be carried into NFL stadiums. There might be some slight variations so fans should always visit the websites of their favorite team and learn more about this issue there. In this article, we will cover the most basic rules and bags that are allowed into an average NFL arena.

Firstly, the NFL as a league would prefer if fans would avoid bringing any type of bag altogether. But since that is very unlikely they have formed guidelines as to what is allowed and what not.

These are the types of bags that go against the basic NFL bag policy:

  1. Purses larger than a clutch bag
  2. briefcases
  3. backpacks
  4. fanny packs
  5. computer bags
  6. luggage of any size or sort

This is the description of what an allowed bag might be:

  1. Bags have to be clear, see through. The material has to be PVC, plastic, or vinyl. The maximum allowed size has to be 12 x 6 x 12 inches.
  2. The bags can have logos on them, but only on one side of the bag.
  3. No part of the bag can be hidden by any extra pocket.
  4. The league also allows for 1-gallon ziplock bags, but only those that can be reused
  5. In addition to a clear bag, you are also allowed to bring in one gameday designer bag, a clutch bag.
  6. The maximum allowed dimensions of said clutch bag can’t be more than 4.5 x 6.5 inches.
  7. Said clutch bags can be with our without a strap

What Prompted the NFL to change its Game Day Designer Bag policy?

The league reviews its safety protocols every year. They have reached a conclusion that limiting the type and size of allowed bags will have many advantages. For example, it will increase the safety of the fans. In addition to that, it will also help speed up tailgating, as well as the entry into your desired NFL arena.

In general, with these changes, you should be safer, and you can rest assured and know that waiting to get inside the arena will never be as quick as itis now.

Were there any events that forced the NFL to change its policies?

Sadly, the events of the Boston Marathon were a stark reminder to all of us that there is danger around us even in the most common things and most average-looking people. The NFL as a league always reviews its safety policy after every single season. The events of the Boston Marathon might only be a slight nudge towards this line of thinking and these changes, but they are not the sole influence upon these new rules. There was serious discussion throughout the NFL safety personnel about bag restrictions even before the tragic events of the Boston Marathon.

NFL Designer Bag

Is the Ban on Bags Something prevalent in Other Sports and Leagues?

They are less and less gameday designer bags in most sports. There are sporting events, such as games by the University of Michigan, Penn State, and Michigan State University. As you well know, to get into an NFL stadium, you need to pass a security check that usually entails, a metal detector and pat-downs. If we limit the size and types of allowed bags, that means that there will be fewer things to check and everyone will be able to enter the stadium at a faster rate than in previous years.

What are the concrete ways in which this will improve public safety?

This will lead to the creation of a secondary security perimeter around the arenas. This means that there will be security personnel dispersed around the said perimeter. They will check for any form or type of item that is against these new security guidelines. This will make everything easier for both fans and the security personnel

If everyone carries the designated clear bags, they will be easy to check even without a detailed inspection. A trained security professional will just inspect the bag with a couple of glances and you will be allowed entry into the tailgate area of the stadium. Another inspiration behind this new policy of almost exclusive allowance of transparent bags is the NFL’s cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security. They have a new initiative called “If you see something, say something”. This new NFL Policy is a way in which the NFL tries to help the Department of Homeland Security deal with easily recognizable threats.

Is this mostly a way for the NFL to increase revenue?

One could be cynical and conclude that. But it is not totally true. Fans are still allowed to bring in their own bags. What the NFL regulated was the size and material, as well as color, or the lack of. But for fans who wish to buy certified gear stuff, such as gameday designer bag, they will be able to buy those at specially designated areas around the NFL stadium of their favorite NFL team.

Is there a maximum number of bags that can be carried inside by one person?

Yes. With the instructions by the Department of Homeland Security, the NFL has reached the conclusion that the most one person can bring inside an NFL stadium is one bigger, see through bag and one clutch bag. If you want you can also bring in one ziplock bag that is not above one gallon in volume. And the ziplock bag has to be reusable and resealable.

All of these items are easy to purchase and they are even easier to search. This will help the fans move along and progress to their purchased seat much faster than in previous times. Everyone is a bit nervous before a game, players and fans alike. This is especially true if it is a playoff game or a game that decides if your team will have a postseason or not. With these new rules, you will blaze thought security and have more time to discuss the game before it starts with the people you are with or the people who sit next to you.

NFL Game Day Clutch Bag

Clutch bags – Your only Gameday designer bag option

While there was a time in the past when you could show off your style while in attendance of an NFL game, those times are now over. The only option for a flashy gameday designer bag is a clutch bag. For those unfamiliar. a clutch bag is simply a smaller designer bag without a handle. This means that the only way to hold it properly is to clutch it. While most clutch bags come without any form of support, some also come with a chain. The NFL allows both types of bags if they are 4.5 inches times 6.5 inches maximum.

While a lot of people might be unfamiliar with this fashion a time it is far from new. It was invented during the 1920s or as some like to call them the “Roaring 20s”. That era was a lot like the time that we are facing now, They also had a pandemic and people were a lot more open to social gatherings once the pandemic was all over. In a way, it is a fashion full circle for the NFL to allow the clutch bag as the only designer item in its games, around 100 years after it was first introduced into high society life.

Much like the NFL during the reign of its current commissioner, the clutch bag has had its ups and downs in the eyes of the public. But it has never ceased to stop being a staple of the fashion industry.

What are the standout brands that make clutch bags?

While there is a large discussion about tastes in fashion, there are still brands that manage to get the adoration of the vast majority of the global public, be it intuned with the fashion industry or be it just a random person who lives to look lavish whenever they leave the house.

When it comes to creating clutch bags, the biggest names most certainly are:

  1. Gucci
  2. Chloe
  3. Saint Laurent

Now, most adorers of those three mentioned above will argue that their brand reigns supreme, but let’s just all agree that supreme beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Are clutch bags too high end for an NFL game?

In this day and age, it is not. Although, there was a time when clutch bags were exclusively something you would wear while attending a fancy dinner or some sort of ceremony in a fancy nightdress. Evening clutch bags are still the norm that everyone needs to own, but you also need to add more diversity to your closet. There are more and more subtypes of clutch bags in this era. And if you want to visit an NFL Game you can combine the fancy with the casual. We would suggest that you set a minimum at one amazing evening and one trendy daytime clutch bag. What is the upper limit? That is for you to decide.

Best gameday designer bag money can buy

In this part of the article, we will look at some of the best and most sought clutch bags that can also pass as a gameday designer bag. Many of these are a clear designer bag.  The list includes:

  1. Gucci GG Marmont Clutch
  2. Black Prada Zipper Leather Clutch
  3. Valentino Garavani Rockstud Leather Clutch in Black
  4. Jimmy Cho Titania Jeweled Satin Clutch Bag In Blue

1 Gucci GG Marmont Clutch

You can not go wrong with a Gucci fashion item. For many decades now, Gucci is a staple for all those who like to be bold and stand out in their fashion choices. The Gucci GG Marmot clutch bag is not an exception. If you select this bag as your gameday designer bag you will definitely stand out as someone highly sophisticated and in touch with fashion. It can also double as both an evening or a high-end trendy daytime clutch bag.

This black leather on the outside and microfiber on the inside clutch bag was made in Italy by the greatest living leather workers and fashion designers.

2 Black Prada Zipper Leather Clutch

There probably is not a more classic combination than Prada and the color black. This high-end clutch bag is not an exception that that rule. One thing about this delightful, fancy clutch bag is that goes with almost every type of outfit or occasion. This is most likely to that formulaic Prada look that has been winning people’s hearts and emptying people’s wallets for decades. You can also use it in a wide variety of ways. Some use it as a makeup bag exclusively, while others like to use it as a wallet.

This clutching was made by the Saffiano leather, one of the best calf leathers available both in Italy and globally. It comes with a zip which is a lot more welcome than a magnetic clip that a lot of other brands tend to use.

3 Valentino Garavani Rockstud Leather Clutch in Black

This rock-studded clutch is those with a little bit of edge in their fashion sense. Much like the rest of the clutch bags that we covered in this article, it can also cover both as an evening or casual clutch. Another made in Italy clutch bag that is created by very fine calf-leather.

4 Jimmy Cho Titania Jeweled Satin Clutch Bag In Blue

If you gift one glance to this stunning clutch bag your heart will be won over in an instant. This Jimmy Cho clutch is the definition of style and elegance. Can you imagine anything more classy, elegant, and high-end that blue satin combined with a lovely jewel in the middle? Neither can we. If you want to attend an event looking like a Hollywood diva from the golden age of Hollywood, this Jimmy Cho clutch bag should be your first overall pick.

Jimmy Cho really went all out and included satin not just to the outside of the clutch but also the interior. In addition to all that fancy, it also has a very functional interior slip pocket.