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The Importance of Desk Setup Ergonomics

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Americans spend a lot of hours per week at their offices. The Balance Careers estimates that Americans spend an average of 34.4 hours per week. As a matter of fact, many employees spend more hours than that, with the need to pay bills, and the need to pay a mortgage. As an employer, you have to mind about the welfare of your employees. Think about the kind of desktop that your employees are going to use, and think about how it will impact on your health.

The US Department of Labor defines ergonomics as the process of fitting a person to a specific job. It is about availing certain tools and equipment that are going to facilitate a better working environment. Every company should provide an assessment of the interaction between the human beings, and the computers, and this is otherwise known as ergonomics.

In the modern working environment, working is regarded as a full time commitment, and very few people can afford to work part time. Unless someone has a solid inheritance, one must work. In terms of both physical and emotional health, people who work are far much better off than others. This is because working brings about the much needed professional and social networks, and at the same time, one is able to advance in career.

Now that the majority of the work is done through the computer, the body faces a lot of physical pressure, and the mind too could be affected. A study carried out by JAMA Internal Medicine found out that people who sit down for many hours have a higher likelihood of deteriorated health than those who sit for less hours in a day.

This article will guide you on the importance of desk setup ergonomics.

The Importance of Desk Setup Ergonomics

The desktop is the foundation of the entire related office processes. Most of the office tasks are now done through the computer. This is because the computer is easier to use than paperwork. Perhaps, the greatest advantage with the desktop is that data can be saved and then retrieved at the time of convenience. As employees prefer computers at the expense of paper, then the modern working environment is going to make more use of computers.

There are several advantages of desk setup ergonomics. To start with, desktop ergonomics ensures that the employee stays in a healthy and comfortable position when working. The demerits that have been associated with sitting for long hours can be compared to the demerits that come with smoking. The longer that one smokes, the higher the level of the health impact. Simply, the longer that one sits, the higher the negative impact on one’s health.

Sitting for prolonged hours leads to a sedentary lifestyle, which in turn, leads to diseases. Such diseases include heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Such medical conditions can be prevented well in advance if one employs the right intervention and the right and healthy lifestyle.

Office-related injuries are not uncommon. These office-related injuries include the following:

-pain at the lower back

-pain on the shoulder

-pain on the neck

-Decreased circulation of blood

There are a number of long-term issues that can emanate from office-related, and these include the following:

– nerve impingements

– joint subluxation

-changes in blood pressure

-changes in metabolism

By giving your employees better privileges, and a happier working environment, you are going to reduce the employee turnover, and this is going to translate to less expenses in training new employees. Companies which invest more in their employees retain such employees for a longer period of time. In addition to that, companies which invest in their employees are able to attract a higher pool of talent. This ensures that a company is able to stand out among the peers. New job applicants will feel more confident if they work in an environment that is not only comfortable, but also safe.

Perhaps, the most pronounced advantage of ergonomics is that it improves the productivity of the employees. It is estimated that ergonomics improves the productivity of a company by 10 to 15 %. Thus, the employees are able to work in a pain-free and highly productive environment. This is achieved by designing a working environment which allows the right posture and fewer motions in the course of working.

Through ergonomics, the employees are able to have a higher level of engagement with other employees. This is because, with ergonomics, the employee is not overly tired through the day and is not fatigued. This makes the working environment more fun, and more enjoyable, and this is good for employee engagement and team work.

Whereas it is not illegal not to provide desktop set up ergonometric, not providing a conducive working environment is a matter of law and you could be taken to court. The US is a place of many cases of litigation, and you do not want to be stuck in a court case. An employee could suffer from an illness, blame it on your office, and proceed to take you to court. In order to avoid all that, the best thing to do is to ensure that you do things right, and that the working environment is comfortable. Many employers have been stuck in court cases which could have been prevented in the first place.

How to do Desk Setup Ergonomics

You need to carefully do desk setup ergonomics. The first thing that you should check in Desk Setup Ergonomics is the height. In connection to this, think about choosing a standing desk or a traditional desk. An ergonometric workspace planner can help you in setting up the right measurement for you.

In connection to this, the height of the desk should match the upright posture. In addition to that, the desk should be high enough in a way that the chair can be pulled without knocking the knees to the furniture. In addition to that, you should be in a position to adjust your screen so that you do not strain. Similarly, the height of your computer screen should accommodate an upright posture.

So, why do you position the keyboard as well as the mouse? They should be placed in a way that the elbows allow an extension of 90 degrees. The wrists as well as the fingers should be as neutral as possible. This ensures that you have the best comfort possible.

The armrest matters a lot when it comes to ensuring that an employee gets as enough rest as possible in the course of the working day. This is more so when one is not busy typing. If your work requires that you type throughout the day, then you need to be very careful. Typing can be very straining to the fingers, the hands, and the back.

A standard chair may not be healthy for your working needs. Why not consider investing in an ergonomic chair? You can make your search on online platforms such as Amazon. The keywords that you can use include the following: reclining chairs, ergonometric chairs, and executive chairs.

In some cases, the chair might be too high, and you might not be able to rest your foot on the floor. In addition to that, the height of the desk may warrant you to raise the height of the chair. In such cases, then, you might consider to use a footrest. If this option is not available, the best thing to do is to use a small stool, or else, place a pile of books on the floor.

You need to check what is under the desk. There should be a clearance for the knees, the feet, and the knees. If the desk is too low you can use blocks or sturdy boards. If the desk is too high, and it cannot be adjusted, use the chair instead. It is advisable that you refrain from storing things under your desk.

As an employer, encourage your employees to take breaks in between their working hours. The human body is not prepared for such a pro-longed sitting and sitting for long can be very tiring to the body. Thus, the employees can try to do the following:

-Change the working position at least once in a while

-Develop a working regimen, let it be strict, and stick to it as much as you can

-After every few minutes, make sure that you do stretch and stand

-Some employers can allow a muscle-building exercise. Some of the tasks that you can carry out include shoulder shrugs, squats, pushups, and jumping jacks.

-If your company has a gym, then take advantage of it and be attending the gym for physical exercise

Desk Setup Ergonometric

The educational environment has changed a lot in the recent years. Today, a desktop or any technological gadget is as well a part and parcel of learning. Other parents want to train their children to prepare for future career through learning computer skills and soft skills.

Whereas children ergonometric are a new phenomenon, it exists all the same, and parents can do an internet search on the same. This will help the children to effectively use the desktop and achieve their objectives. It is also worth checking a toddler activity table.

People of Determination

The modern working environment tries to be as fair as possible to every applicant. You may find yourself hiring a person of determination. In such a case, then, the ergonomics tools come in handy in helping the said person to fit well in the job and to achieve optimal performance.

When you are choosing an office computer for a person of determination, you need to seek the opinion of his or her doctor. One’s personal doctor is best placed to suggest the best equipment or computer that can be used. Thereby, one is going to make an informed decision that will be beneficial for both the employer and the employee.

Hiring an ergonomics experts

Perhaps you are too busy to carry out a good research on the ergonomics model to employ in your office. Or perhaps you do not have the right knowledge on the same. Why not consider hiring an ergonomics expert? Such a professional is going to help you make informed decisions.

Ergonomics experts observe how the human beings interact with machines and computers. Upon this observation, the experts suggest how this experience can be optimized, and how the computer user can achieve health objective in both the short and the long run.

It is not expensive to hire ergonomics services. As a matter of fact, it is better to invest in such services, rather than waiting to pay off for injuries that take place at the place of work. An ergonomics expert is going to roll out an occupational health and training. He or she is going to help you establish the minimum safety standards. If your company establishes a culture of safety, then new employees will follow suit. Such measures can be a very good path to certification.

Now that you are responsible for the welfare of your employees, you need to ensure that extreme cases are handled in the best way possible. For instance, if a certain employee keeps on complaining about back aches, then you can advise the employee to consult an orthopaedic specialist. This is going to ensure that if there is a problem, then, it is identified early in advance. If such a problem is not arrested early in advance, then it can lead to long-term complications.


The value of employees in an organization cannot be underestimated. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that the employees are comfortable and happy in the workplace. The satisfaction and health of your employees will play a critical role in ensuring the productivity of your company in a viable and sustainable way. Overall, desk setup ergonomics goes a long way in giving your employees optimal health, optimal comfort, and optimal performance.