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How to Paint a Shower

shower painting tips


A lot of people are asking how to repaint a shower or maybe they have tried a number of different ways to paint a shower in the past. I have used a number of different products and methods when wanting to paint a shower in the past and I will hopefully share with you what worked best for me. Please notice I am not suggesting in any way to use anything else to repaint a shower but in this article I am asking how to paint a shower and what you need to consider.

Before you begin putting any effort into painting your shower you must inspect and clean it. This will ensure that the new color of paint will adhere to the cement of the shower. Next, take a random 5-gallon bucket and mix a unique primer, I normally mix a small amount of paint primer in with a small amount of water. This is the easiest way to start your primer. Depending on the size of your original shower, you may not want to use a primer this is a must and is used to coat the common material (glass, porcelain etc…) which will require rust prevention and usually a number of coats of paint. An additional thinner mixture of paint is helpful for areas where the paint will be stripped away such as the tile areas.

The very first step in painting is to clean the shower. Gently scrub with a hot mixture of soap and water. Make sure the shower dries prior to mixing the paint. Next, this is the step in which we shine the shower with a hot surface cleaning prior to the application of paint. Once the shower is clean and dry you can apply the primer. I generally mix the primer with a small amount of water and shake it for about 30 seconds. Once this is done we can begin painting! I typically purchase quality brands of primer and paint. If the color you have selected is darker than the paint color you desire, try adding a touch of the desired paint color, this will help the painting process and also create a better base for the paint. I typically start applying the paint and cleaning the shower first then step back, rarely a step in between and never remove the bray. It can be hard to see what you have done until the shower and the primer dries. This is why it is important to read and follow the directions from the paint manufacturer. If your shower has especially bad stains in fact, try applying a couple drops or more of a stain remover at this point and see if the stain remover is absorbed into the paint. If not stain remover may be your friend. If the stain is still there it is best to have a professional do the job. If this gets to be too difficult you can hire a contractor with the use of construction project scheduling software to keep the project moving on time. 

If you have chosen to apply paint to your shower, especially color that will be a different color from the Tile Walmart, I would suggest you purchase a shower liner for the above mentioned purpose. A liner will allow you to apply color perfectly all around and where the tile will be most seeable. If your shower is a special size such as a quadrant or diamond shower, you may also want to purchase an extra liner to create a design within your liner. This can again become a very important part of the process and if you choose the right color it will not be noticeable until the very end when the shower is ready to be cleaned. In the “Do it Yourself” industry if the tile is a specially shaped design such as the rectangle or quadrant, we can custom manufacture an intricate pattern to create the design for a customer. Most customers that want this service request we to create the design.

If the above scenario is for a special size shower, I have found that because the shower Sl Panel shows the most wear, it is best to be absolutely certain of the color you want prior to purchasing or applying the mortar or applying the paint to your shower. Consult your local tile shop to acquire samples or available samples and experiment with it. If your tiles are going to be replaced and the color is not a standard tile color, say on the Market Chest orential on the Market Newer, you will probably be looking for an older color.

Most color samples that are available from major manufacturers are available for purchase on vessels and containers for the shower trays. You can purchase these locations at amber Jazeera.com mergegement.com perhaps from your local major valve/plumber retailer. In the scenario I am writing of, I am changing a light ceramic tile into a darker ceramic tile and using a primer. You will also need water and a sprayer in order to complete your project.

The supplies that you need are:

When applying primer, it is important that you realize that it will not dry on the surface of your shower. You will not need to scrape or scrub the shower with any sharp tools; the primer will bond to the tile and the tile will bond to the primer.