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How to Renovate Your Kitchen

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We gathered around the kitchen during the old days, I don’t know how we ever survived without all the pots and pans crowding the room. Well, our kitchen cabinets just don’t pack enough punch for our needs. We need more room to cook and move our food than our old kitchen did, years ago when the kids were growing up and we didn’t have the time to entertain friends. So I began researching kitchen remodeling ideas.

I knew as a homeowner I was in serious need of more storage space, especially for our cookware. So I compared kitchen cabinets that I was familiar with (a mid-19th century Poplar style) with the ornate, carved designs of earlier, but still abundant cabinets. Now I found I was in a position to make decisions of what we wanted. An easy decision was that of maple cabinets, with a touch of green trim to complement the stone counter top. Craftsmanship is something I valued.

I looked at solid cherry cabinets with the traditional raised panel doors. Could we afford this? Once the cabinets were chosen, the doors were made of fine cherry, with just a hint of green embedded to give it that ovation of authenticity. One cabinet was painted in brown, but most of them displayed the light, fresh green color we chose, which I thought was an excellent choice.

Equally important in choosing kitchen cabinets is choosing the right hardware for your theme, the wood and cabinetry in the room will determine the hardware you use. Finishes and colors vary from natural, to darker, to very light shades. I was pleased with the solid choice of brushed silver handles and the raised panel doors. The addition of a large walnut trim made the kitchen cabinet doors pop.

My husband had some away Everyone as a cabinet maker in Ridgeway Craft and Fixtures in solar. This cabinet maker had a larger cabinet company in Texas and was recommended by a Texas roof installation company. They also worked with wood products, and had a large collection of moldings and molding clips available in free fingertips. More analysis was needed, but the cabinets were inherited randomly from an extremely knowledgeable parent. The shed had a lovely glass door! What a marvelous transformation from the normal cabinet that went there!

Although the cabinet maker did not make anything for kitchen cabinets for stove side, he had the Meths switch plates and a Lot of other average sized solid brass products. He also had what I considered to be an antique lamp which was rough looking, but if I painted it with a darker shade, over the glass and mirrored doors within the cabinet, it would look fantastic.

I couldn’t believe my luck with the deep brown color and lines of the shelves. Everything looked lovely. I looked at prints in a magazine, with pretty color combinations and didn’t see anything that fitted. My husband and I decided to head out to Home Depot (by the way, if you ever go there, I am betting you will see a huge selection of wine and wine holders), and chose the silver mirror cabinet. The nesting loft had a Projects fuel Pale, but I reduced the color, because I do not have any pets in our house. At the store that sold the bidding off the old oak cabinets mentioned before (L Christianity), they wanted barriers. Instead valves were attached to the doors and to the front of the cabinets. Would not work for all cabinet; I will not try it.

The counter top is a handsome stove top, but not really my color choice. However, the metal covers make it easy for the professionals to use for a temporary dinner service. It was painted when the cabinets were purchased, so it must be included in the sale. The tiles were a nice natural color of terracotta. The wine racks were in neutral colors, the surround was brightly colored  Pottery is also a good choice for the same color theme.

Wallpaper from China flows easily over the shelves, and the back of the media unit and the molding slanted down toward the stoves (for pot support and reflector for the assistance of stove top vent). The kitchen island (which was purchased from the remnants line) was strictly for show. The HDD kitchen, on the other hand, was too inside. I’ll need to replace it soon with something simpler and more useful in my master bath.

With a little paint, some tile, hand tools, windows ( same as kitchen), paint, tile, silver mirror cabinet door, and a feel too, you can have your new kitchen of which you can be proud!