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The History of Aluminum

The History of Aluminum

Aluminum, one of the most complex and strangely compelling ores in the history of the united states, the history of the world actually, if you really consider everything that it was able to touch and effect in its time. There is a lot of things that can be talked about when it comes to aluminum, there are so many things that happened and so many things that aluminum was used for and affected since its discovery.


Lots of things that can be learned from the history that aluminum bring, like what not to do, and what to consider precious in our day to day lives, and lots of lessons that can help the average, and not so average person run their lifestyle. These kinds of things well cover as we go through this incredible element’s history.


There is honestly not many things that you cant do with aluminum ore, when it really comes down to it I mean. There are so many applications and things that you can do with it, that it almost takes a step into the reality of insanity. I mean, even in our reality, in this modern world that you and I live in, the place that everyone in the universe live in, all use aluminum in some form or capacity every moment of our lives.


Try to consider all the way that we use aluminum, try and recognize at the very least how and when you use aluminum, and trust me, you will definitely be as shocked as we were when we found out how much we actually use and learn how much we actually really on this amazing ore. A little bit of a heads up for all you readers, there are tons and tons of different things that are commonly used with aluminum.


The history of aluminum is actually much more interesting and fascinating than the modern applications that we use it for today. Its growth as a tool and reliable part of humanity is just so interesting and amazing to see as we go through the years, discovering how it’s used by the people of the past and the way that it was discovered, and the ways it can be used is discovered is even more interesting.


I mean, think of it as modern technology, you get this brand-new invention that makes your lives a hundred thousand times easier, and when you just think that it’s done surprising you, done discovering everything new that it can do, you are shocked to discover that it does in fact have dozens of more tricks up its sleeve, ready to be used.


Honestly, it really just was so much fun for everyone to discover and learn about this amazing element, and we certainly hope that you will have just as much discovering and learning about Aluminum. Hopefully you also have some fun as you learn and hopefully you have tons of information ready to use next time you need to use or talk about aluminum and its fascinating history. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a convenient list and analyze of the history of aluminum.

A Quick Look at Aluminum’s History


If you want to be really honest with when you think about aluminum, you have to realize that its history actually begins a little over a hundred years ago. Looking a little further though, a time and cost-effective way of refining aluminum from mines and such only really began in the very early 1990’s though, but it was used, as we said much earlier than that.


As you can probably come to figure out, or imagine at the very least, aluminum was considered very precious and rare at that time because of its difficulty of being mined. In fact, aluminum at the time was considered even more precious than gold and silver, which is something that is extremely fascinating. Aluminum was rare than gold, that something to think about, its more precious than a woman’s wedding ring. It was that precious for most of the early 1900’s, which is even pretty cool to think about as the progression of mining ores grew so quickly.


We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves though, before that, around the late 1800’s, the very first bit of the fantastic ore was extracted. It was found by a Danish chemist Hans-Christian, which is also extremely fascinating, who in the world beyond that could have found that ore? It really could have been a number of people, billions upon billions could have been the ones to discover it ay any other time in history.


Anyways, since then, from them, till now up in the modern era, aluminum has been so incredibly important to our modern infrastructure that it would all collapse without it. It is a lightweight metal, easily loaded and transported, and possibly the best thing about it is that it is completely one hundred recyclables for many more uses beyond what its currently be used or formed into.


It’s since been used for things like packaging, energy construction, such as solar panels, cars, and other vehicles, other forms of transportation, basic constructions, such as buildings, skyscrapers even, aerospace technologies, such as fighter jets and satellites, defense applications, such as missiles, and guns, medical applications, such as medical equipment. The uses that we have for aluminum is so amazing and lucratively used in today’s modern life is insane, historians and the future of humanity may one day look back on us and say this was the time of aluminum. Though that would have to be if aluminum is ever stopped being used, which we really don’t see happening any time soon.


Aluminums Big Moments in History


So, as we said, in the 1800’s, aluminum was just starting to get popular, it’s around the time that it started getting seen and accepted in society. In that bit of time when it was getting super popular, and its escalation was getting really good at its uses, it had some really big moments. It had some moments that where really interesting, and where really just fascinating.


They had a lot of things that really advanced the uses of aluminum and they made things a lot smoother for society as they started what it was used to push the ore in the spotlight. It was kind of a time of discovery and it was something that was used to feel out the possibilities of what aluminum could do for the world and the people living in it at large. So, let’s dive right into the discovery period of the ore aluminum.


About the time of the 1860’s, an author named Jules Verne wrote a novel called Journey to the Moon, which was a science fiction genre. In the book there was a really advanced space rocket that was described as made of aluminum. So, aluminum by its very first beginning had some really good representation and hype, making it a lot easier for people to understand and accept this brand-new ore to have put into their daily lives.


The next bit of amazing progress that aluminum had was later down the line, in the 1880’s. As you probably know, college students are always trying to advance the world, and try to make it a better place with there studies. The same still holds true even decades ago, as aluminum began making developments due to a college student named Charles Hall, and an engineer named Paul Heroult began using aluminum for their advances and experiments, which they credited heavily towards.


After that, a few more scientists and discovers figure out how to use aluminum to our advantage. They created interesting and new ways to use it, and to mine it more easily, which comes way later due to world war one and two. It really pushed things into the modern days that we live in, it was something that was necessary for us to advance as a society. All of which is incredibly important not for just aluminums progress, but for our own as humanities progression in our advances.

The After Effect of World War Two


So, by the time war world two ended, a backlash of progression, and good things began to happen, and consumer products because of that began to rise considerably, which honestly just makes a ton of sense with everything considering. Washers and dryers began to be built with aluminum for example, which made a ton of people happy, because it made everything more efficient and cleaner.


Aluminum cans began to be a thing, which was cost effective and gave us today’s modern soda can, which is extremely hard to imagine not having in our lives today, wouldn’t it be crazy to have something else as for soda cans, more durable paper cups possibly? Or how about some form of other metal, maybe a heavier one, or maybe a less durable one? Space shuttles of course began to launch with aluminum plating and wiring, making the process easier and safer, and of course more cost friendly all around.


Of course, every other invention has most likely included aluminum in some way if it involves metal. Especially if it involves a ton of metal, cars for example, planes, of course space shuttles as we already talked about, all every good examples of aluminums uses.


It’s kind of ironic if you think about it, it has a certain hilarity to it that can’t just be missed. IF you didn’t know, when Edison made the very first electrical transmission network, sort of like the modern wire, he didn’t use any aluminum in it because it was too expensive, it was more expensive than gold in financial terms. Because of that it was not used very often, it was just too darn expensive for the average person to use for their own projects and such.


The irony of it is that in our time, in the modern world of technology and innovation, it’s the exact opposite. It has tons of uses and being used considerably by the vast majority of people around the world, and the price of it has gone down even further than gas, it is extremely cheap and easy to use for any sort of thing that could ever possibly be needed. I suppose you could say that the price financially may have gone down, but the price in usability went way up. Which of course something that is extremely good for everyone present, because you may not be able to drink that soda from where you are right now otherwise.


The Conclusion


Thank you very much for taking some of your precious time out of your extremely busy schedule to come and read this absolutely fascinating history of one of the absolute most incredible ores on the very planet that we live on. It really just the biggest boon that we humans can have discovering some of the earth’s most plentiful and useful resources that we could ever really discover in the next hundred lifetimes.


It’s something that is really just the absolute most special when you think about it, a lot of the things that you have are due to aluminum and it’s something that you really should consider a lot more in your day to day life, appreciate it more is what I mean, just maybe give it a little quite shout out the next time you use your car, or your fridge, or your computer, or carrying an aluminum case, or literally anything else as in some form aluminum helped create the thing you are using.


So, thank you again for taking the time to come and read a little more about this amazing thing that has helped the earth and its inhabitants in so many different and special ways. Hopefully you’ve had some fun, hopefully you’ve had a lot of fun. We here know how much fun we had learning and writing about this amazing topic. So, again thank you, this was the history and short timeline of the amazing metal, aluminum.