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The History of OSHA and the CDC

OSHA and the CDC History


OSHA hired the Centers for Disease Control director, John Callahan, in 1988 to serve as its first administrator. Originally, the CDC was tasked to study asbestos-related lung cancer in workers within the construction industry. However, under the direction of six epidemiologists and one epidemiologist, the issue of asbestos exposure in construction workers has shifted—by far.

Since June 2013, the CDC has been terribly busy—among many family projects, it has launched a massive public education campaign to combat the rapid spread of the Zika virus in the United States. In the past few months, the agency published a massive report, called Healthcare Disparities: United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands , which systematically tracked the financial issues faced by other countries’ pregnant women. This report was heavily criticized by anti-abortion organizations and Republican politicians for “pushing the abortion agenda.” The CDC’s announcement of Zika-related cuts to public clinics in Puerto Rico were revealed through the coverage of the report in conservative media outlets.

However, on July 6, Cultist published a Men’s Rights post, titled A Battle to the Benefits of Corporate Insurance Policies in Print , which and covered the CDC study in detail. The post claimed that the CDC’s decision to not include calls for the coverage of Zika-related measures in their report is an attempt by Democrats to “abolish the [Labor] Standards Act” via state-level insurance laws.

Later that same day, such articles as The Republican Media Narrative Goes Rogue and Joshua Klein Blasts Dr. Shangyong Song For Claiming That “People Must Stay Home Because of Zika” went live, written by the likes of Vox writer Matt Yglesias and Federalist’s Amanda Marcotte. None of the articles made mention of very important “downsides” of the CDC’s report.

American Enterprise Institute Board member Fred von Lohmann wrote on Facebook on July 8, Zika and Me: “I wonder if the CDC researchers are surprised that they reported on a small percentage of the total cases. Welcome to modern day automobile accidents. You can’t factor driver ignorance re Zika or any other reason into the survey. What would happen if they asked web host admins why they did that website or platform updates. More than likely, they would report on the dangers of social media, rowdy students and unsafe behaviors from cell phones.

“Does the CDC understand that lecturing people about the need to protect themselves from any and all risks, including those faced by Zika, is one of social justice’s greatest sins?” Von Lohmann’s post went on to explain how he hopes those “still working to make abortion illegal” are keeping tabs on these “leftist” points of view.

Later that same week, feminist writer Liz Peek wrote that she was excited to see the CDC report on Zika, in which she claimed that CDC regulations “are becoming the norm.” Peek writes of the CDC’s work on Zika:

But there is a large jihadi contingent of the Canadian population who consult the CDC reports when contemplating plans to join the jihad or terror-related civil war in Syria. When Canada’s residency application process includes information about any past exposure to Zika virus, the advice that “why go there and be part of a horrific global tragedy when tax dollars could be used to build more prisons and eliminate Canada’s social safety net instead?” becomes far more compelling than the words of the CDC epidemiologist. Meanwhile, our beloved news media is opting to ignore these so-called warnings instead of reporting them to their audiences.

A few days later, prominent Men’s Rights blogger Stefan Molyneux also commented on the CDC study, writing on July 9:

So the CDC is coming up with a new infectious disease and they are going up against the Social Justice Warriors (Vojtěch Čech, AKA Pussy Riot). I find it amazingly entertaining that they are freaking out about this Zika virus outbreak because they refuse to acknowledge a potential cause for their own disease! It is as if they are smug about their own well-documented disgraceful causes of death, disease, and deterioration. You can also find a big marijuana joke in one of their studies! Would you be surprised if your results are having a radically different effect?

“I have read through the entire text of the CDC report filed by an OSHA Safety Consulting Firm and it greatly confuses me,” wrote website editor Jordan B. Peterson. “Beyond the careless definition of 60 pages, I do not see how debates around a single Zika virus disease in humans could have the potential to produce “two sides” which can lead to a conclusion that is “less than optimal.”