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The Joys of the Barbecue

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Not all barbecues are created equal. I’ve never met anyone who thinks that the backyard pit just needs to be gas, plain and simple. On the contrary, the excellence of the barbecue tradition is a Midwestern thing, derived from traditions founded by our grandparents. In fact, though I’ve been to many barbecues throughout the years, I still look forward to going to a good barbecue only when I know that I’ll be eating a fine meal. And it always seems to please me to be served a meal with crisp, Friendly Service, and a group of exceptional people preparing and serving the food.

In fact, when friends and I happen to travel to other parts of the country, we find that many of the barbecue shops and restaurants are nothing more than a test kitchen for a few enterprising butchers. It’s an interesting fact that when you visit Brazil and South America, the pork and beef are what you really need to experience. But in some other parts of the world, you can find just about any meat imaginable, cooked up with vegetables and served with just about any sauce possible. It’s cooked by marinating it with a variety of spices and then cooking it until it’s completely done.

Yes, it’s delicious. But could you ever imagine a world without sliced meat on your menu cooked on a pellet bbq smoker? I certainly can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten a BBQ that didn’t have a good pulled pork sandwich or the gobs of side dishes with rice, beans and macaroni and cheese. But then, maybe that’s just how they do it in some other parts of the world.

As I think back on my own experiences with barbecuing, I can remember my first experience with barbecue. I was young, and just out of college, but I already had a thing for smoking. And it’s tough sometimes to remember things that you love to do because sometimes it’s hard to trace back why you pick a certain niche to be a master chef. But I think if you asked 10 people what they loved most about living and cooking in your own kitchen, you’re probably going to get 10 different answers.

So with that in mind, check out some memories of your childhood barbecue favorites. It’s pretty impressive stuff, I’m tell you. And as an added bonus, if you check this out, maybe you’ll get a kick out of some of your own anecdotes at some point in the future.

Happy Barbecue Remembering

My all-time favorite was thanksgiving:

Meat should be cooked properly and should also be decorated. The leftovers can be used for next days sandwiches.”

“If you cook it enough and enough sacks of potatoes are added, it will definitely be good.”

Neat and tasty tasty.

I also got a little paunchy feeling after I cooked the meat, as if I had opened up a piggy bank in the middle of all that sweet juicy barbecue meat. It certainly tickled the tummy but didn’t feel at all right to me.

Probably closest substitute is roast pig, cooked just like the way he wanted it cooked when he ordered his roast pig in the first place.

Hour after roast had been cooked, still no nausea. Tons of ketchup, mustard, relish, roast sauce, polyunsaturated butter, high fat content, salt, fat free aspartame, sugar, high salt, medium salt, flavored scrambled egg, Mushrooms, anchovies, boiled egg, mushrooms, bread crumbs, Worcestershire sauce, little piece of dill, garlic, mustard, thyme, tarragon, chopped thyme.

Some things were judged more by our judge Ariel Meinungswort, that great German brown, was judged by her Destii fame (which I’m not sure she knew about…), sheesh!

A good thing about Neuchatel cooking was that she never tried to outdo her grandfather, who was the standards by which all cookbooks were judged. Her recipes were often out of date, but that’s what made her soul food recipes her own. She grew up on recipes from her grandmother, so it was always there for her.

About the sandwiches, she sometimes cooked with the leftover carcass of a chicken casserole she’d marinated in bacon and then cooked on a grill. I don’t remember the color, but I remember several dark red pepper sauce dishes cooked on the grill that day. And her husband, Flash, was a fiery cook and could yell at barely fitfitservatives, but in hindsight, neuchatel cooking was an amazing place to work for a mother and her family.

About the ham, she cooked in the morning and then the first and second of the day, then she’d have aaron she’d have pork stewed it to acid and cooked in the evening. Flash’s shed.