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What is Active Marketing?

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“Active” – the interesting thing you learn when you learn with the coach is absolutely different from “extra-active.” There are no activities that have no marketing value. Any activity designed to lead you to a product or service isn’t a marketing activity if it’s not an actual method of bringing money into your business. Some coaches are more active than others and that’s OK. It means you have to know that they are actually devoting time and thought to what you cannot share with anyone else without their permission.

Strategic marketing moves beyond your weekly email marketing, which is an activity that we’ll talk about tomorrow. Let’s get clear about what you are getting or choosing to get from your marketing – and be able to head off any misunderstandings with what you really want.

Imagine that each Marketing activities “pays the interest of the cell phone” or your logo “pays for investment in your logo.” When you let your marketing determine what you will spend your fortune on…it keeps you safe and on target. Very valuable to know!

“Questions don’t have answers.”

More and more people get so mired in the tasks necessary to create “a marketing strategy” that they begin to lose sight of whether or not that strategy actually brings them money. If you find yourself there, I’ll challenge you to stop. And stop now. You are literally wasting your time.

I interact with a lot of coaches; most of whom have already harnessed this style, and some of whom haven’t. For example, those in the powerpro generators group, at the very least newsletter writing about generators and energy sources, article writing, video working, etc.. are struggling with this very same issue, so I’d love to see the advantage you are looking at gain from this style.

This means revisiting your marketing goals every 3-6 months. You have to have concrete goals as to when you’re supposed to be in the business for a client like my business does. I’ll help you create those – free. It’s the ONLY way that you’ll stay on track – no matter what’s going on – no matter your schedule.

I encourage you to take the time and energy to examine your marketing activities. Which are the actual ways you bring in money in your business?

Again…the key to knowing what your marketing activities are beneficial is that you need to see how they affect your top X # of clients. You have to see what that can mean for your business. What is in this format looks like? You’ll have these two elements in one place – “X Position” and a brings you money…

One of the most common marketing activities is chief thing and impact. These are measurable characteristics. You can just check these things off at the end of the month to see if you’ve hit your revenue goals – or not. I’ll help you begin to develop strategies to actually relates to the things you want to happen in your business.

territory you have to have a system of.

My free recorded workshops are posted on my website and on the pages of coachestates.com. It’s online, so you are not limiting what you can learn. Think of it as a feed into all the things you’re wanting in your business.

When you develop a strategy and a plan to implement that strategy, and integrate it into the rest of your brand, you’ll be able to see those things you have to have observable – and measurable – activities accomplish.

It’s time to do more than what you’ve been doing – now, in this step, you are going to do more than you’ve ever done before! You are going to measure what you have to measure!

I want you to know that you can join my community, I’ve been working hard to bring in all my best clients, and I want you to receive them by the way, and more importantly – I want you to share what you’ve learned.

Are you going to shine in your business? Or will you be scared of it as much as everyone else is?

That’s why I want to help as many people as I can to move forward…like the most successful people I know – and I hope you will want to USE alignment, and I want you to have access to that program. So – I’ve asked that you have a look at your marketing activities, and I’ll encourage you to take a look at them. If you’re not sure about any activity, let me know – I want to know the truth and it’s not always that satisfying to share that with someone who is uncomfortable in learning things.

Are you not changing marketing activities now?

And where is this activity leaving money on the table?