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Looking at the Cadillac DTS

Cadillac DTS specs


In the effort to promote Cavalier in the United States, General Motors Corporation has incorporated numerous user-friendly Top Gear-like technologies into its Cadillac Fleet Promotes Safety initiative, the automaker announced last Monday. The advanced safety features were made available in the 2008 Cadillac DTS and creeping up in Cadillac brand models which are early adopters of such technologies.

The DTS is the newest model to participate in the automaker’s safety campaign. It is equipped with the latest forefront safety technologies. These technologies include latestword steering and brake-by-wire, four-wheel anti-lock brakes, traction control, and latest generation Electronic Stability Programme.

The DTS is also equipped with the Brake Assist mechanism that helps drivers in preventing accidents by braking suddenly. This feature works by reading the intended direction of the car threading in front of the driver. The technology is activated during the onset of a collision. To further decrease the possibility of crashes among the drivers, the technology also controls the car’s speed, turning at specific times, and controlling the ought brakes when the car enters braking mode.

The DTS is also equipped with the Distronic Plus electronic stability programme, ESP, and traction control. These features are there to increase the safety of the car and the occupants alike. The DTS is also equipped with the latest production safety features including the Park Pilot and Neutral Souvenir passenger detection, LATCH, the LATCH extending cab andhra favorable vehicle weight adjustment, and the Remote Keyless entry.

Aside from these, the DTS is also equipped with dynamic beam Correct headlamp hue and light proximity monitor and automatically adjusts high-beam brightness. The car’s tinted xenon headlights, available exclusively with dark blue and hot white Conversions, can be demoted at the driver’s request. The convertible models are also available with 20-inch rims, which add to the sporty looks of the convertibles. These features come in place of the previous hardtop models.

“Our new models continue GM’s mission to offer rewarding products with exceptional safety performance,” said John Cefali, the director of GM Road Safety Products. “Every GM vehicle includes numerous sophisticated safety systems and thousands of sensors to help ensure safety first. Like everything else that is personalized to your lifestyle and personality, these components work together with our processes and Priorities to provide cars with the right safety set – including prioritizations designed to keep you out of harm’s way during a crash.”

The 2008 Cadillac DTS is made more enticing with their on keyless entry and start system and can also be had with the optional StabiliTrak technology package. The service is made available with the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder fuel direct charger which is integrated to the Parental control switch. The starter will activated and the engine will quiet down when the right function is reached. A button on the center console will activate the starter if it is not lit. The Cadillac DTS is also equipped with GM’s OnStar vehicle safety and security features. It also offers the Vehicle Dynamic Control Personalization System (VDC PS).

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